Monday, March 31, 2014

DWTS season 18: week 3

James. It was decent but he wasn't finishing things. His arms at times, other times his feet. Overly praised from the Judges. Over scored.

Billy Dee. It's probably a good thing he can't dance tonight.

Nene. Better than her other two dances. But her hip swivels looked awkward. There was no other hip action. The leg action was wrong too. I don't know if part of it was due to being barefoot. Over scored. No 8s, 7s at best.

Cody. Felt more lyrical hip hop than jazz. And it seemed one level to me. 8s at best, not 9s.

Danica. I liked it. It flowed nicely. For the first time tonight, the Judges weren't obey praising. I'll give them the scores.

Drew. I liked the dance but he looked heavy, the rise and fall was not smooth. He could've been smoother throughout the whole dance. Can I have Cheryl's dress? I'll agree with the scores.

Meryl. Beautiful foxtrot. There's bit much I can pick on. I'll agree with the scores.

Amy. Beautiful. I'll agree with the scores.

Charlie. I think his outfit looks stupid. I like her dress though. I enjoyed the dance. But at times his feet looked a bit off during the kicks and flicks. Maybe it was the pants/shoes. I'll agree with the scores.

Candace. There actually wasn't a lot of Jive. What was there was a bit lackluster, sloppy, and stationary. She was better in the stylized parts. I like her dress. I want a beaded fringe dress between hers and Danica's last week. I'll give them the scores but maybe a bit high. 

Continuing with the over scoring tonight. Next week, new partners! For one night anyway.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

So close

I'm getting there. I spent more time stitching this week. If you recall, this was last week's progress.

I managed to finish outlining the dragon. But was this the end of my backstitching? Nope.

The dragon needed gold scales and the background needed some cross-hatching. Two different colors. The second went a little quicker because I had a reference in front of me rather than having to refer to the backstitch chart. Yes, there are an extra four pages just for backstitching placement.

Now, that that's over with, onto the beads! I essentially have to put four around the spots where the blue hatching cross, and also in the blank spot in the blue of the border. This may take me all week.

Also, Camp NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday. I've decided on a story that's been playing around in my midn for a while and was a choice for November. I have the beginning, the premise, and a general idea of where I want it to go. Then again, November went almost off the tracks, so we'll see how this one goes. There is one difference that may be of interest between November and the 'Camp'. I get to set my own word count. I've lowered it to 20k rather than 50k just for my sanity.

I've also included in this post a picture of Onyx, in one of the oddest positions I've ever seen.

I own a strange cat.

Friday, March 28, 2014

SFS2014 - March

My monthly update. It hasn't really changed much. I stitched on Celestial Dragon and Insanity.

I've done more than this picture shows but I'm saving that for my regular blog post. I may be able to get the dragon done by the end of the month.

And  I've spent nothing. Well on cross-stitch stash anyway. I did buy materials to make a pair of jeans, which I will do soon, I just need to make sure the pattern is right and that means making a pair of shorts in muslin, or maybe broadcloth. Either way, I haven't really had the time to sew, too busy trying to finish the dragon and getting involved in a game.

Monday, March 24, 2014

DWTS season 18: week 2

First off, much better opening than last week.

Drew. Entertaining but sloppy. Latin is going to be challenging for him through the rest of his season. Don't think it good enough for 7s.

Danica. No bounce, knees were bent the entire time and she needed to finish her arms. Carrie ann was watching a student dance than me. I like her dress. Better than Drew's Jive but I don't know if it was 8s.

Billy Dee. He did more than last week but looked liked he was marking it. Too minimal, Emma and the girls were doing so much more than him. He's sweating more than he should be given the effort I saw.

Meryl. Very jitter bug. But definitely swing.  I enjoyed it. I'll agree with the scores but could've been a bit higher.

Diana. That is why she went home. Not good and zero fan base.

Candace. I didn't like it. No hips, bent knees, abs looking like she was tip toeing. Rumba should be fluid. That wasn't. Also that song almost sounded like a Viennese Waltz rather than a rumba. Too high.

Amy. Nor bad. But like last week, it was in hold so Derek could help her get through the dance. Her top looked a little low and could possibly fall off. I'll give them the scores.

James. Feet looked frantic on the basics and no hip action there either. I think Peta's trying to see how little clothing she can get away with. Not worth a 9. 8s may be pushing it a little as well.

Charlie. Not bad. He kept his frame. But they're supposed to be doing international, not American. But that's on Sharna. And she's going for most amount of skin showing while still being clothed. I don't know if I'd give him 9s. Definitely 8s if he hasn't broken hold.

Nene. The sneakers look stupid with that dress. It also made her land heavy. There wasn't a lot of Jive. Sloppy and weak. Too high.

Sean. Not bad but something just seemed off to me. Maybe it was the outfit. Maybe it was the beginning of the song reminded me of a famous samba. I'll give it to them. 

Cody. He was too loose so his frame suffered. The stuff was weird. I guess I'll let them have the scores.

I figured Sean was going home. He just wasn't connecting to the audience. Next to go home should be Billy Dee but his fanbase may keep him around a bit longer.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Closer yet not

I have finished all outlines. Does this mean I'm finished? Not by a long shot.

Although the backstitching is a time when I find I've missed stitches. Espeically quarter stitches. I have to put in at least 10. And also move a toe over because it would've messed up something I still have yet to stitch.

My new game has taken up more time that I probably would like, although I'm not going to quit it just yet. I also was not chosen to sing the national anthem at graduation. I'm also still hearing crickets in regards to my job search.

Monday, March 17, 2014

DWTS season 18: week 1

I didn't like the opening. Too much focus on Jason Derulo and not enough actual dancing by the pros.

NeNe. 2/3 of the dance was not dancing. Saw very little cha cha and wasn't well executed. She performed but I don't know if her personality will endear most of America. Scored too high based on what I saw.

Jason. Very choppy. No smooth connection between steps. A little high but more worthy than NeNe.

Danica. Not bad. Once I got past the music choice. I liked it better then Jason's. I'll agree based on previous performances.

Sean. Karina was pretty but it felt a bit flat. Hmm... lowest score for now.

Billy Dee. Uh. I could barely pick out the steps. 5s are being nice.

Meryl. Clean, good lock steps. Need to straighten her knees a bit more. Best cha cha of the night. I'll agree.

Candace. Interesting but a bit one note with the choreography. Not that it wasn't well done. Don't think it deserved a 9.

Cody. Pretty good. He needs to watch his feet. Pigeon toed and a bit sloppy. But he actually moved his hips. I'll agree on the scores based on where they fit on the scoreboard.

Drew. Smoother than Jason. I enjoyed it. He has possibility to improve but Latin may be worse for him. I'll give the the scores.

Amy. Not bad. A bit repetitive bit Derek only had so many moves to work with. It was also the most closed hold, so he could help, if any cha cha. Don't know if it was 8s.

Diana. Very sleepy in hold. Seemed more animated it of hold. Her frame needs work. Latin will most likely be uncomfortable for her. I think it went that much worse than Billy Dee.

Charlie. Pretty good but I knew he'd be good with lifts. And this time he didn't have to do it on ice.  Don't know if it was the best of the night by a 2 point margin. 

First dances done. Most likely Diana's going home next week as Billy Dee may have a slightly bigger fanbase. Those two should be the first to go. Top dancers so far and most likely the finale group are Danica, Meryl, Candace, and Charlie. I'll have a better idea once they perform a few other dances.

Just as a note, I'm taking dance lessons myself on Mondays lately so my posts will be late as was the case last season. My partner is out of town so I got to watch the show live this week.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

One color

I didn't get quite as far I had hoped to with the backstitching. Still on the first color, but it's probably the most used.

Stitching time was reduced as well as I had to go out during several times during the week and other activities which kept me away from my stitching. which included the following activities:
  • auditioned to sing the national anthem at my graduation ceremony
  • met with a teacher to redo my resume
  • actually redid my resume
  • wrote a cover letter
  • discovered a new game
Maybe my new resume will get me a few more responses. Back to stitching for the day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Late again

I'm late on my update again. I have a really good reason though.
I spent Sunday finishing up my tailoring on my fringe dress and then made a shirt. I'm having trouble with the hem on the top otherwise I'd have a picture of it. I may make bias binding and finish it that way.
On Thursday, I finished the over 2 stitching of my dragon. I then started on the over 1 Chinese characters.

By the end of Saturday I had a little over one to finish so I decided to wait, thinking I could finish it up after I got back from the competition the next day.

We made top 24 and the quarter-finals for silver latin. But given the amount of entries and how long it was between the heats, they were running in level order rather than finishing up newcomer/bronze before starting silver/gold, I didn't get home as early as I thought. Therefore, I had to finish the characters today.

Now onto the backstitching!

I did buy more fabric, but it was one piece of denim as I'm going to attempt to make a pair of jeans.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DWTS season 18 cast

It's that time again. Dancing with the Stars has announced their new cast. Time for my opinions and predictions.

Sean Avery and Karina: I don't follow hockey so I have no idea who he is. When I watched the cast announcement I didn't feel like he had much of a personality. The only little bit was when he spun Karina at the end. He's the sports player for the season but I don't know how far he'll go.

Candance Cameron-Bure and Mark: I used to love Full House. That being said I don't know how big the fanbase for her will be so hopefully she can dance and Mark doesn't do odd choreography again.

Drew Carey and Cheryl: He's lost a lot of weight. If I hadn't seen the announcement, I would've put him in the 'not going to be able to move' category. Now I'm not sure. He is funny and it will probably keep him around for a while.

Meryl Davis and Maks: She has ballroom training. Derek choreographed the short dance for her and Charlie. That being said, she's probably the biggest ringer on the show. And Maks is back! Yay!

NeNe Leakes and Tony: She may be able to dance, but I don't know how well her fanbase will be willing to vote. I know her from her guest appearances on Glee and she seems to have the same personality as that character minus the mean streak which may be a bit hard to take after a while. At least Tony will hopefully have an easier time this season.

James Maslow and Peta: Big Time Rush=Disney kid. He's hot, which will keep him around but he may split the teenage girl vote with Cody. We shall see how that turns out.

Danica McKellar and Val: I never really watched The Wonder Years. That being said, I'm impressed with her academic accomplishments. She can move which can translate into performance if not technical prowress.

Diana Nyad and Henry: No clue where to rank her. She probably has the stamina and endurance for the dances but I don't know about perfomance and ballroom proficiency. Glad Henry is finally a pro but I don't know how long he'll stick around.

Amy Purdy and Derek: We all remember Heather Mills surprised us with her ability to dance with one prostetic leg, Amy I believe has two. It will be interesting to see how she gets by. I know from experience a lot of these dances require flexibility in the ankles and being able to feel the floor. Derek may have his work cut out for him this time.

Cody Simpson and Witney: He didn't show much personality although I'm certain he's capable of it. I'll chalk it up to not being a morning person. As I said before he'll probably split the teen girl vote with James. He'll probably do better in the latin.

Charlie White and Sharna: Pretty much the same thing with Meryl. He'll excel at the few dances where lifts are allowed due to his prior experience lifting Meryl.

Billy Dee Williams and Emma: If they hadn't introduced him as Lando I wouldn't have known who he was. Due to his age, he most likely will be better with the ballroom rather than the latin. If he can dance he could stick around for a bit.

Of course it all comes down to who's able to actually dance but the unknowns better be able to otherwise they will be the first to fall. I'll predict Meryl and Charlie will make it to the finale which under any other season will give Maks a good shot for his first mirrorball but the 'switch up' will probably take that away, unless they give the prize to both pros who danced with the winner.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Last page

I have reached page 4 of Celestial Dragon. Tada! A better picture than the last few weeks. And this time you may actually see a hint of sparkle on the dragon.

Hopefully won't be too long before this page is done and I can go on to complete the over 1 sections.

But then comes the backstitching. That alone will take me over a week. Not to mention the beads.

Last night my Mom wanted me to sew something so I pulled out all my patterns. As we were going through them, I found out a few things.
  1. I need a bigger box, or at least a secondary box.
  2. I have more patterns for woven fabrics than stretch fabrics despite it being the opposite for what's actually in my stash.
  3. I need a better organization.
Although in light of that, I believe I have finally matched a pattern to a piece of fabric from my stash.

The pink being the main fabric with the gold and the other two colors being the wrong side of this fabric (visible on bottom right corner). What do you think?

Now, I think I've mentioned the turkeys that live near me, my dad took this in the morning.

Cute huh?

Tomorrow is finishing up my tailoring on my fringe dress as I'm wearing that for my next comp on the 9th and possible making something easy and summery before tackling my pink dress. Either a shirt or maybe the jumpsuit.