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2015 in review

Now, my goals from next year.

Find a full-time job.Improve my stamina.Finish 2 cross-stitch projects and 2 pages of a GK/HAED.
And the results.

Almost?Yeah. Didn't happen. Will this year just from not being able to sit all day, hopefully.Finished 10 cross stitch pieces and 29 ornaments for a total of 39, 16 crochet projects, 4 other craft projects, and 4 pages of In the Garden (not a GK/HAED but I'll take it). I think I counted correctly. Maybe I should set my goals a little higher? Completed 2/3 although managed to go way beyond number 3.

Goals for 2016.

Turn yarn/fabric stash into finished projects. I figure I should cut down my stash in my closet. Yarn/fabric is bulkier and heavier than my cross stitch so I may concentrate on those.Get back to dancing. Which should help improve my unmet goal (2) from last year.I will get back to insanity. But the height of my bed plus my new lamp hasn't made working on GK's easy to use the magnifying glass.Learn to knit.

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I didn't get any new stash for Christmas. But I did get money with the instructions to spend it on 'string'. Close enough. Plus my birthday is coming up.

The last of the ornaments for this year.

 I've been working on this one since July during downtime at work.

 Just finished this one today.

And I got him for Christmas. I love Garfield.

Also discovered a Tilton Crafts. Now I have another wishlist...

Christmas finishes

I apparently got a lot done. Some pieces from scratch, others were partially completed. Finn and Violet are complete.

Peppermint manta was put together. I had spent some time prior to this week doing all the sequins. I may get around to the snowman.

 I put these ornaments in the frames.

And the reindeer was completed as well after working on it on and off.

Not as much as I had hoped

Well, today in New York it was almost 70 degrees in the middle of December. Very strange.

I didn't get much crafting done. An interview (didn't get the job), and putting up the tree, along with facebook being a distraction, made for very little done this week.

But I can show you something I finished last week.

 Isn't it cute?

Next owl is almost done.

And speaking of the tree, look who I found under it.


Oh, forgot last week (almost forgot this week too) I won threads from a contest tiffstitch held. Aren't they pretty?


Snowman afghan is finished.

And so is Kiwi the owl ornament.

Also made a cute Christmas present today that I will post a photo of at a later date.