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Garnet fairy started

My latest fairy and my first Mirabilia has been started.

I did not use my "ready to go" spreadsheet with a random number to choose this one. I had wanted to start it for a while but at the time didn't have the specialty threads. For the moment, the large gaps on the wing is one particular variegated thread which I'll fill in later. I'd rather do them all at once so I can remember which end of the thread I'm supposed to match. As for the smaller gaps, those will be filled in later with beads.

I went to a social dance on Wednesday night. Despite not being very active the past 6 months, I actually wasn't as out of shape as I thought. I had fun and the place was less than 15 minutes from my house.

I finished one of my summer courses. Well, at least physically going to class. I have my research paper to turn in by July 5th, but I'm hoping to have it done before the 4th.

If anyone would like to give me a random number between 1 and 31, I will use those fo…

Done with tango

No backstitching means quicker finish. I ran out of a red thread, but as usual I had it in my stash. Onto my next project: Garnet Fairy. As I finally have all of the specialty threads.

A little steamier

The position anyway, especially with only the hint of legs. Hehe.

I'm getting close to the end of one of my summer courses. Then I have that blasted 15 page paper to write. Topic is "Women in action/adventure". If anyone would like to fill out a survey I created to help me, please feel free. This is the link to the survey. Other than that my life is pretty quiet. I did spend a day with insanity and got another 5 rows finished.

Street Tango

Or as it's actually called on the kit, Tempting Tango.
It's turning out to be a fairly quick stitch, but the design is bottom heavy. The fabric has the street printed on it and there was an + where I was supposed to start to make sure it lined up correctly. The bracelets and part of the flower are metallic threads. You can sort of see the shine.

Last purchase and insanity

I swear before all of you that this will be my final purchase of the year (someone else paying for it is another thing though). I spent Wednesday re-organizing my cross stitch. With the addition of the dance kits, and various other projects strewn around the closet, I needed to go through them. I had purchased fabric for some, others had floss sorted but no indication of the project. Anyway, I have enough kitted to last me several years, not to mention the charts that I have not started to acquire materials for. My final purchase includes the specialty fibers for garnet fairy, dragon carousel, and three other charts I had everything else for. And one store didn't have a color I needed so I went to the other and ordered a clearance chart (Tocatta) just to make the price of the items be more than the shipping cost. 
The beads for these projects I'll purchase when I finally need them. I had initially planned to use the old fabric from insanity for three TW designs but wasn't…