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SFS2015 - October

Month: October
Spent: 34.27
Earned: 47

Ha! I earned more than I spent this month. At least on cross-stitch/needlework.

My finishes for the month. I finished the tree right before I created this entry.

And now for my stash...

From Herrschners, which recently changed it's website and photo locations...

Also, Annie's had a sale. I keep meaning to get into quilting and buy things, but nothing's been made so far.

And the downloaded patterns.

But I was good and didn't purchase anything on 'I love yarn day'.

DWTS Season 21: Week 7

This is Halloween...
Nick. Different song for argentine tango. I felt something was missing. And his butt was out too much at times. I agree with the scores.
Hayes. Nice but too much up and not much down. He looks much older with the beard. A little high for me.
Alexa. I'm torn. Parts were good. Others were a bit off for me. And the dancing shrubbery put me off. A little high for me.
Tamar. That was a good foxtrot. I didn't notice the out of sync as much as she judges. A little low for me.
Loved the cha cha interlude.
Andy. I liked the choreography but his technique was lacking. He was too straight when he was supposed to be shaped, his legs were awkward at others. This song has a bit of a jive beat. Too high for me.
Bindi. I liked it. A few times I felt Derek was pulling her around. I'll give her the scores.
Alek. It was better but his frame didn't hold when he wasn't in hold. It was hard to see his feet with all the smoke. I'll give him the scores.…

Side by side

A little different update. I was going to post Saturday so I took a picture before going to bed on Friday. Didn't quite get around to posting, so I took another one last night. Amazing what I can do in half a day of stitching.

I've refrained from buying more needlepoint stash (but there is a stash of yarn in my car that I haven't snuck into the house yet. Shh.) But I did a doubletake on this new HAED pattern. I know they've done steampunk lately but...
 Anyone else notice what I did?

DWTS Season 21: week 6

I love that opening. I also love Leah's dress.

Hayes. Pretty good. There were places he looked uncomfortable. I did have a bit of trouble feeling John Travolta, Hayes is a little too young still. I'll give him the scores.

Andy. That was fun. I strangely haven't seen Singing in the Rain. I really should. I don't know if it was worth 10s but I'll give him the scores.

Alexa. For one thing, pythons don't bite. They're constrictors. As for the dance, that looked more samba than cha cha. I agree with the scores.

Bindi. That was mostly mambo once the beat kicked in. And the 'rumba' portion was mostly spinning and tricks. I could see Derek shaking during the lift. She wasn't arched enough to make that easy on him. I'll give her the scores for re-creation purposes, not for the rumba.

Paula. Ugh. The best part of that was the boys in shorts. Too high.

Carlos. Yummy routine. Not too much rumba, but I did see a basic at the end. A bit too high for me fo…

Return of the Craft Closet of Doom

Well. I spent Friday completely overhauling my closet. Which required me to take everything out from here.
And it became this:

The back side of the bed.

I also left 4 large drawers full of fabric completely intact as I knew I wouldn't be able to redo them.

So, phase 1 complete. Phase 2a was to wind the partial skeins which became the following.

And to start putting things back in drawers.

The rest of my stash from early in the year.

Jeans, bottom weights and some remnants

The left drawer cabinet.

Majority of my cotton/silk stash

Yarn to make funky scarves or other small items.

Quilting supplies and a few other remnants(still have a bit of room)

cotton yarns

Combination of yarn. Can't quite remember where I got the blues on top. Found them in a random bag in what used to be my 'catchall' drawer.

Fabric for two projects. A Halloween quilt and a Santa door wreath.

Plus a few other smaller drawers holding the partials. 
Which left me with this. Better, but I still couldn&#…

Next! Uh oh.

The unicorn is finished. The backstitching makes a world of difference.

So onto the next piece. Christmas Tree V with lots of expensive threads.

Also, Annie's had a sale. I keep meaning to get into quilting and buy things, but nothing's been made so far.

And the downloaded patterns.

But I was good and didn't purchase anything on 'I love yarn day'.

But while putting things away in my closet...

I think I need another overhaul. I did get rid of several bags from the middle by putting those sewing patterns in a box. Which reminds me, I need a better way to organize those patterns.

And here's Onyx looking cute.

And the turkeys showed up again. There are 6 of them.