Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DWTS season 15: week 10 performances night 2

I'm kind of sad. It's the last episode off the season. What am I going to do until March/April? At least during the summer I have SYTYCD as a replacement. Guess I'll have more time to work on items for my etsy shop.

Yay! Everyone's back in the ballroom!

Hey. Derek copped out on the flips at the end. Bad Derek.

The outfits on dance center keep getting odder each season.

Bristol. I still don't think the choreography matched the song.

Pamela. Weird outfit. I like the song but I'd do a different routine. (hi Serge)

Helio. The quickstep was better then the salsa.

Drew. Cute kid. Drew looked a bit rusty at times.

The confessionals were funny. He he.

Gangnam style. Still hilariously bad.

Joey. I figured he'd do something funny like that. The kids are pretty good, but apparently past him didn't take the advice.

Sabrina. She danced like she usually does but I think she managed to be softer despite the choreography.

Call me maybe. Still a cute routine.

Kirstie. Why is the song so slow?

Gilles. Still a messy routine.

Apolo. This was one of his best routines.

Emmitt. Eh. Typical of him.

Dance center is silly. It gets sillier each season.

Instant dance time.

Kelly. Not bad for an hour. I still think her basic needs work. I'll give it to them.

Melissa. That was slower than they've previously played it. Hard to do samba like that. I think the judges are gong to score everything the same.

Shawn. Lots of spins, grapevines and a trick or two. I didn't see much basic cha cha. I should have known about the scores. Oh well.

3rd place. Val and Kelly. I'm not that surprised.

Yes! The mirror ball finally comes to Dance With Me! Congratulations to Tony and Melissa! Excuse me while I dance around my room.

Monday, November 26, 2012

DWTS season 15: week 10 performances night 1

It's the finals! Just two more nights until my commentary ends until season 16. I may have some post relating to Maks, Val, and/or Tony during the off season. Most likely I will see them this weekend. So follow me on twitter if you're not already doing so @khascat , or subscribe to my blog for updates. On with the show!

Favorite dance round.

Kelly. They lost the handhold but it could happen to anyone. I think she was better in control of it this time. Maybe a little high but I'm sure the judges are going to make themselves irrelevant tonight. As usual.

Melissa. The samba rolls were better but the footwork could have been a bit better during that step. Ok. I'll give them the scores.

Shawn. Can I really say anything new about this routine? Hmmm. They docked them, interesting. Possibly inciting the fans to vote for them more?


Kelly. As it's own piece it was good. The problem is, everyone will compare it to the movie. I felt it was missing something, I can't quite put my finger on it. She could have had a better position for that last lift. I think the scores may have been high.

Melissa. Very pretty, I can't really judge contemporary technique but it made use of her legs. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn. Lots of tricks. Some dancing. And one strange bouncing segment. I'm torn on this one. I'll give them the scores but just barely.

Tomorrow night, one last dance and the return of all the contestants.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

50k and more scarves

First off, I hit 50,000 words today on my story and have officially won NaNoWriMo 2012. Yay! It was hard the last several days as I had finished the story and was writing fillers and trying to flesh out scenes. I wrote my last 800 about a riding lesson. Boring and most likely will be taken out completely upon editing. But it got me my word count.

So while writing, I also managed to finish my first order of scarves.

As a treat to myself, and also a small break, I made some of the ornaments I bought last week. So I have three finishes too.

I then started to crochet some of my newer yarns just to see how they worked up. This one is really pretty although it takes a lot longer than the others since I'm working with thin thread that can get lost within all the folds the yarn creates. I included a close up.

This one took me less than a minute and I used my hand. Quick and funky.
This would be Onyx in a very strange position, even for her.

Monday, November 19, 2012

DWTS season 15: week 9 performances

Semi finals are here! I like pro numbers, have I mentioned that before?

Themed dances

Melissa. What was that song? Odd. It was a fun routine. turning in bare feet is not easy. I'll agree with the scores, but may be a little high depending on the rest of the performances.

Shawn. I may have to agree that the producers were on something when picking these. Didn't quite get why the theme went with that song... Much better than Gilles Bollywood. Some positions looked weird on Derek, probably because of the skinny pants. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Apolo. The lofts were impressive, but that was just an odd dance. Didn't quite get it. Eh, I'll give it to them.

Emmitt. He moved more then he had been. But he seemed to land flat footed and heavy a lot. Lindy hip is light. High.

Kelly. I can't help but laugh at the last part. Val is brave for dancing in just a speedo. At least it looked like a dance, but Kelly did look a little odd. I'll give them the scores.

MJ time.

Melissa. Danced well but she have been more smoulder-y. I'll where with the scores.
Shawn. I normally don't think of that song as an Argentine tango. It's hard to compare the two dances because the music was so different. I think Shawn's face stayed a little too neutral. I like her dress. Hm. I have navy blue stretch lace in my stash. I'll agree with the scores.

Apolo. Could've used his hips more consistently. Other than that not bad at all. I'll give them the scores if only because when he did use his hips, it was done well.

Emmitt. First off, that song is a more a jive, not a tango, well maybe east coast swing from the speed. It was not a good tango. It's supposed to be smooth when moving with sharp stops. It looked jerky. I've been working on my own tango this week. Little high.

Kelly. Not bad, it wasn't just tricks and spins and poses. She actually danced some basic rumba. I'll agree with the scores.

I have no idea who's going home tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Etsy shop open

My cross-stitching will have to be put on hold a little bit, but you can see what I was able to do this week.

A friend of my mom's order 17 scarves as Christmas present for her co-workers so I'll be busy making those this week. I had three of the colors she wanted done already. I managed to make two more so far. I spent most of today making a scarf, and taking pictures for my etsy shop. It's still a work in progress but it's open. The one type of scarf not listed is the fun fur because I haven't managed to figure out a good standard for them.


The dress I finished last weekend.It looks a little funny because it's meant to be off the shoulder and my dress form doesn't have arms to hold it up. I nicknamed this the puzzle dress. The pictures also don't capture the color right. It's a jade.

I went yarn shopping yesterday to pick up more yarn for my crocheting business since there were some good sales with one store having a 20% off coupon. I managed to pick up some small cross-stitch ornament kits to sell.

Picked up some more cross-stitch and patterns stash too.

Design Works' Mystical Wizard:
Deisgn Works: White Tigers
Design Works: Tree silverware holders (I have penguins already)
Janlynn's Queenie
Dimensions: Tiger
Felt stocking by Bucilla: Knit Sweater
I figure I can use this to make Belle's ballgown from Beauty and the Beast eventually.
A coat and I have a top similar to the shorter one in 2369.

If you've managed to make it this far on this blog post congratulations, you get to read about my NaNoWriMo endeavors. At the time of this posting I am at 35,119 words. I am 3 days ahead of schedule with an average of ~2000 words a day. I was writing some sad scenes today as I killed off a character I didn't think I would when I started writing this. I have just under 15,000 remaining to write and thankfully I still have some scenes that came to me after the killing of aforementioned character although I'm not sure how they're to play out yet.

Monday, November 12, 2012

DWTS season 15: week 8 performances

3 more weeks left. Double elimination for the next two weeks.

I think someone's getting fired from production. I had a countdown clock and audio levels showing in my screen. Then the wide shot with no audio or close up of tom. Can I have their job for next season?
Ballroom round.

Shawn. That was a short song even by DWTS standards. Very pretty, a little too much standing in one place though. In competition, you don't ever stop moving. A little high. She danced it well but there wasn't much of the song to dance to.

Apolo. Fast and furious. I prefer paso to that song rather then tango. I think he could have had his hope under him a little more. I'll give them the scores.

Kirstie. Simple, basic, perfect. She can still work on her arms a bit. She could perform that routine in a competition. Good scores for the routine.

Kelly. Interesting choreography. But never put floats on a dress that will be used in a smooth routine. It does remind me of belle's from beauty and the beast a little bit. Once again, they never stopped spinning. I'll give them the scores.

Gilles. Odd song for a quickstep and I didn't really like the choreography. Larger it was the outfits throwing it off. He also looked down in an odd place. Too high.

Emmitt. I think his weight was too far back. Rise and fall was a bit too sharp. What's with the short songs? I liked her dress. Maybe a little high with the scores but I'll give it to them.

Melissa. Cute and fun. The pantsuit worked for the theme. Well deserved scores.

Trio dances.

Shawn. Interesting routine. The sands I saw wasn't bad but none of the steps used the bounce. I see where the scores came from.

Apolo. He danced it well but you could see the difference with the kicks and flicks between him and Sasha. They matched otherwise. I agree with the scores.

Kirstie. Strangely, her dress/robe was a little distracting. I can't say it was bad, but I can't say it was good either... I guess the scores are ok.

Kelly. Her kicks were better than her basic. I'll give them the scores.

Gilles. His feet when partnering them, if they moved at all, were sloppy. The solo stuff turned me off rather then on. Too high.

Emmitt. Ugly color combo. That song is usually a cha cha. They changed the arrangement. Didn't get particularly excited by it. Too high.

Melissa. Another song I usually dance cha cha to. Very good execution. I'll agree with the scores.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Horrible week

This has been a horrible week for my cross-stitching. The picture below was the progress I made on Sunday. I didn't have time for anything else.

I spent most of Monday working on a dress rather than stitching. I'll have a separate post on that later. I have to snip a few threads and check the fit, but it looked good on my dress form while I was checking placement of the straps. I used my emerald fabric I picked up in September. Wednesday was horrible. Work decided not to turn the heat on or something because it was cold enough that I had gloves on all day. The snow storm here screwed up my plans for the day. I was hoping to get back to dancing as after Sandy the studio didn't have any power. They were teaching at another location but given the gas situation, I didn't want to drive if I didn't have to. Needless to say, I had to cancel my lessons as I was just going to head home due to the snow. I stopped for gas, at a station I try not to go to as they're busy and slow. For whatever reason, my car decided not to start. Someone helped push my car out of the way of the pumps and said he'd come back to help me after he got his gas but he just took off. A NJ state trooper stopped by and said he'd call a tow truck to help jump my car. My parents being the worry warts they are were going to come get me anyway. They hit a lot of traffic. It was an hour, I had no luck getting through to AAA and I was starting to shiver. I got out of my car and thankfully someone who had just filled up helped jump my car. I sat waiting for my parents who took another half hour to get there and they refused to let me drive my car home. I usually get home around 6:15, I got home at 9:30. I also had something to do on Friday evening so that also scrapped my crafting time.

I've taken to always having a ball of yarn with me for a scarf so that's the only things I managed to do all week.

The yarn color on the left is called Tango, the one on the right is metallic fun fur.
I really like how this one came out. The yarn keeps the same pattern but changes colors. I don't know what's going to be used next. It's a soft bucle.

This is a new yarn I picked up called Pom Pom. It's really soft and fuzzy.

I'm in the process of setting up an etsy shop to sell these. I'm also going to sell them at my mom's work one day. They allow people to set up a table in their lobby.

Time for a NaNoWriMo update. I'm currently at 20,423. I need about 500 left for the day which I will finish after completing this blog. The yellow on Monday was the only day I finished beneath my word count. It's not red because I was still ahead of the minimum daily word count. I am a full day ahead.

Monday, November 5, 2012

DWTS season 15: week 7 performances

I love pro numbers.

Fusion. Interesting little twist. Nothing I haven't done before.

Apolo. Cha cha/paso doble. Not bad. More split then fusion. I'm not fond of Karina's dress. It may have been the jacket but his arm position in the beginning of the paso looked odd. His foot work was pretty good. I little too much Karina dancing around him considering how well he can dance. I'll age with the scores

Emmitt. Samba/rumba. Interesting choreography, but it felt a bit one level. Other than the steps, I couldn't tell them apart too much, upper body didn't change. Too much pink. Too high.
What the heck was that teaser with Kirstie and Maks?

Kirstie. Quickstep/samba. I think she did the quickstep better than the samba. Not enough bounce and I think she messed up a few times in the samba. I'll give them the scores.

Kelly. Foxtrot/cha cha. The song fit better with the foxtrot than the cha cha. She did well. I'll agree with the scores.

Melissa. Tango/cha cha. More cha cha than tango. Bit if an off song though. I'm shrouded she's erasing so little. Very un-melissa. I'll agree with the scores.

Shawn. Tango/paso doble. These are the two dances that are usually paired together as their energies are very similar. That said, that's why it fused so well. She danced it well. I'll agree with the scores.

Gilles. Argentine tango/samba. Due to the instrumentation of the song, the argentine tango didn't work very well. I liked the choreography, but maybe to a slightly different song. As for Gilles, he does argentine tango well, but samba could always be improved. Tad high, but I'll give it to them.

Utah dancers. The lights detected from being able to see what exactly they were doing at times. Seemed too hectic.

Swing dance. I hate plaid. Just a personal preference. I also still need a pair of fringe pants. That was fun. Part of the order I was expecting, others not so much.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's november already?

I can't believe it's November. As seen below I have finished page 2 of In the Garden and started on page 3. Although due to this coming during Hurricane Sandy (which I got through remarkably well although I feel like I'm living on small well lit island at times), I just couldn't take stitching in purely greys and black. So I switched projects.

I failed to mention picking this one up a few weeks ago and it's one of the few I have that the only black, is in the back-stitching. Mostly beige/white. Care to take a guess at the final result?

It's also the 3rd day of NaNoWriMo. As of this post I have written 6116 words, leaving me with 340 more for the day (below is a graph showing my current progress). I am also nearing the end of my plotted scenes. They need a lot of work and I may spend tomorrow filling in details. I realize the point of NaNoWriMo is to turn off your inner editor and just write, but I'm not deleting anything and this method has worked for me the past two years. I usually write my scenes and plots during the week and fill in the cracks that I glazed over the first time during the weekend.

For those interested, I have added pictures for most of the kits/charts in my stash of needleworks. I have also added to my wishlist. Both can be found by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of my blog.