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DWTS Season 23: Week 8

Welcome to the spookiest theme night of the year.
Cute opening.
Terra. The song isn't really a cha cha. Very slow. I found it hard to concentrate on the dance. She tried to keep her knees straight. A little high for me.
Laurie. I had a smile on the entire time. Very nice. Lost a tiny bit of body contact but they were moving quickly. I agree with the scores.
Marilu. Clearly missed some connections and footwork. She seems to be going downhill. Too high for me.
Calvin. He didn't hunch over this time. But he kept his knees bent to compensate for the height difference. It was a fun dance. I'll give him the scores.
Ryan. Well, he had to move. He walked rather than straddles through the dance. His shoulders were forward. Who keeps coring for him? Too high.
Jana. Well danced, but other than the flower shop, didn't invoke little shop of horrors to me. Didn't feel like jazz either. A little high but I'll give it to her.
James. I liked it. But I think h…

Missing thread

I seem to have run out of two colors. I have more of them, but they're all at my apartment. Somewhere.

I bought stash this week. I stayed away from Herrschners sale, but I got some of the ones I was looking at on better sale from 123 stitch.

My cute, festive, kitty.

DWTS Season 23: week 7

Take a trip through the decades. And a second (team) dance
Laurie. They lost some of the body contact I usually see from them in hold. But it was fun and entertaining. A little low.
Ryan. She danced around him. Why were promenade runs and viennese crosses involved? It didn't match the music. I saw no rumba or hips. Way too high. 5s is generous, 7s are blatant overscoring.
Marilu. She couldn't match his energy level at the beginning and it just got worse the farther it went. Too high. But she still did more then Ryan.
Calvin. Pretty good. I saw some basic jive steps. Technique wasn't perfect but it was fun. I'll give him the scores.
Maureen. That dance felt too slow and soft for the song. Also last time they used that song I think it was a paso. Too high.
Terra. Cute. The dress made it difficult to see her footwork and lines. I agree with the scores.
Jana. Fun. But her footwork was sloppy during the actual samba steps. A little high for me.
James. Cute. You …

Close, yet not.

Inching closer on to the finish line on this piece.

Still haven't moved in. Final major pieces are the kitchen counters and the blinds. Spent the afternoon putting my TV stand and desk together. Had a headache so stopped before getting the drawers in the desk. I did however put my storage drawers in my closet to prepare for putting my stash away.

Herrschners buy 3 get one free cross stitch kit sale is tempting me. I just need to cull my list and figure out how to maximize the savings. My initial 27 was costing me 800+. Oh boy...

DWTS Season 23: Week 6

Latin night. Let's see who can bring the sexy.
Ryan. He could've used a lot more hips and he was too straight. I don't think it was that impressive. Too high.
Terra. Didn't feel the anger too much. Hard to see her stomping on the floor. A little high.
Amber. Her leg action was a bit off. Locksteps were odd. Could've used her hips more. Too careful. I'll give her the scores.
James. I saw nothing rumba relayed from him. No hips, no basic steps. He ran or hopped between poses. What were the judges looking at? Too high.
Marilu. Still felt careful and proper to me. Once again locksteps were odd. Not enough hips. Too high for me.
Jana. That was interesting. The heavy downbeat in the song wasn't really Argentine tango. It was sexy. A bit high for me but I'll give her the scores.
Maureen. Where were the hips? Where was the bounce? Ana Artem was taking more steps than her in parallel step patterns. Too high.
Calvin. Another odd song choice for Arg…


Finished another page.

I moved the majority of my boxes into my apartment. But couldn't really unpack anything as it's still a construction zone. I've been assured the kitchen and everything else will be done by Friday. Hopefully that's the case and then I can give it a thorough scrubbing.

DWTS Season 23: Week 5

Two of the right people went home last week.
Now, prepare to cry, for it's 'most memorable year' night.
The entire orchestra was in ballgowns and tuxes?
Maureen. She looked to be leaning forward when in hold. Also didn't look much like a foxtrot, too much on one level. It was pretty, but not what I was expecting from a foxtrot. A little too high for me.
Calvin. Cute. Sometimes he bent over to partner Lindsay. The lifts sometimes made me think she was going to end up on the ground. A little high for me.
Jana. Cute kid. I liked it. I'll give her the scores.
Ryan. Kinda the same thing over and over. Dance by the numbers. Too high for me.
Laurie. Intense but not stiff. I liked it. She had a little trouble with some of the turns at the beginning. I agree with the scores
Marilu. Very pretty, simple. I like the dress. I'll give her the scores.
Amber. No hips, no bounce, barely a samba. Too high for me.
James. First off, ouch. I liked it, but he looked hunch…

Corners and boxes

I've reached the bottom left corner of In the Garden.

I also have managed to pack 90% of what I'm taking with me.

90% of these boxes are craft supplies. I still have a few things upstairs, including the majority of my cross-stitch and the storage drawers most of this will go in. It will all be moved Saturday to my new place.

DWTS Season 23: Week 4

The correct person went home last week. Now onto Cirque Du Soleil night.
Calvin. That was fun. They didn't always match. There were some pauses to make sure he didn't stop her. Props to the steampunk theme. I'll give him the scores.
Maureen. The bird was distracting. It felt too careful for me. She looked like she was concentrating in the steps to much rather than dancing with Artem. I don't know what the judges were seeing. Too high.
Jana. Pretty. A little lacking for me. I guess I'll give her the scores but a tad high. But still better then Maureen for me.
Marilu. She didn't have the posture in the hips correct. A bit too paso by the numbers for me. Too high.
Amber. That's the most comfortable I've seen her. It was also a connected argentine tango. I agree with the scores.
Ryan. Probably his best dance. But his feet still need work. Posture slumped a bit at times. Viennese waltz is very simple so it's easy to work on other elements. …

Last row

Final row for Into the Garden.

Didn't have much time to stitch this week. Too busy getting new clothes for work and putting my bed together in my new apartment. I'd show you a picture, but it's not quite finished. And the rest of my apartment is a bit of a construction zone. ;)

Fun fact, I started this 4 years ago. My first post about this piece came up in my facebook memories.