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DWTS Season 25: Week 2 Latin night

Hot opening.
Nikki. No bounce, no hips. Very basic samba but not executed well. Too high. 

Victoria. I didn't see much rumba. Tricks and pauses. Too high. 
Derek. Paso by the numbers. It fell flat for me. Too high. 
Sasha. Tiny bit of bounce. Almost no hips. Too high. 
Nick. Odd song choice. He walked through it. A bit soft in execution. How does Peta have abs like that? Tad too high. 
Jordan. Probably one of the best male sambas I've seen on the show especially for week 2. Some technique was a little off (probably due to the shoes he practiced in). I agree with the scores. 
Drew. Bent knees and no hips. She danced around him. Too high. 
Debbie. I didn't feel the passion. Felt dance by numbers on her part. Too high for me. 
Vanessa. Not bad. It was clean and she used her hips for the majority of the dance. The pants were odd. I agree with the scores. 
Terrell. No hips. Flat footed. Not very good. Too high. 
Lindsey. Fun. Could've used a bit more hip movement during the…

DWTS Season 25: Week 2 Ballroom night

I like that everyone is doing ballroom one night and Latin another. Takes me back to earlier seasons. 
Debbie. She had no frame. A bit of being pulled along. Too high. 

Nikki. I didn't see any waltz. No rise and fall. Too much posing. Too high. 
Lindsey. Cute. Should've been in hold more but that's Mark not her. A little low as I think that will be one of the better dances. 
Barbara. A basic tango but very beginner. I think she forgot a few things. Left hand wasn't in the right position. Knees should've been bent. Too high. 
Nick. Much better than his Latin. A bit one note and mellow in performance. I'll give him the scores but a tad high. 
Drew. Not too sure why they did that high stepping move so much. His energy didn't match the energy of the song. Too high. 
Vanessa. A little off balance at the end. A few odd leg placements. I'll agree with the scores. Tad high. 
Frankie. That was way too fast for a tango. I think his legs were a bit too far apart a…

Page 2 complete

Yay! Now to do something else for a bit.

DWTS Season 25: Week 1

Cute opening. Welcome to season 25. 

Terrell. Good when he's not doing cha cha. I saw heel leads and technique was almost non existent. I'll give him the scores for the entertainment factor. 
Debbie. Pretty. Her frame needs some work. I don't know how she'll handle Latin. I'll give her the scores
Sasha. She seemed to get behind or forget the steps at the beginning. Not much cha cha. A bit careful. A little high. 
Drew. A bit fast for a foxtrot and his footwork was messy. He tried. Height difference is going to be a problem. Ill give him the scores. On par with the other dancers so far.
Barbara. Too many stops. Too careful. No hips. Too high? 
Jordan. First potential finalist I've seen. Might be a bit too hyper. Hopefully he can pull off Latin. I agree with the scores. 
Nick. Knees were bent the entire time. Wasn't very good. I'll give him the scores but a tad high. 
Vanessa. Much better than her husband. Weight was a bit back on the new Yorkers but not …

A head!

The top of one anyway.

Finally something interesting has appeared.

And I have created an Instagram account for Clyde.

half of page 2

I'm slightly more than halfway through page 2, but I still have 15 more rows before anything interesting appears. Although there was one row that had 7 stitches of the same color in a row (gasp!)

I had a very busy week that included 2 interviews. It was capped off by being out of town this weekend for a wedding and was unable to stitch for 2 days. It was in the foothills of the Catskills and I was calling it the boondocks as I saw lots of corn, cows, and deer. And my hotel had no cell reception. Thankfully it had WiFi so I wasn't completely cut off from the outside world.

And here's a pretty picture of Clyde who was tired from chasing the red dot.

DWTS Season 25: Cast

The cast has been revealed for season 25.

25? Ack.

Shark Tank entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran with Keo Motsepe
The last shark that came on the show was not good, but he ended up marrying his partner so I think that was the better prize. I don't think that will happen this season. Hopefully she'll surprise me with her dancing, but I'm not holding my breath.

’80s icon Debbie Gibson with Alan Bersten
Congrats to Alan for being made a pro. I know of Debbie, but she was before my time for me to really know anything about her.

NBA player Derek Fisher with Sharna Burgess
No clue who he is, but I assume he's tall and will have trouble with the frame due to height differences. Thankfully Sharna is one of the taller pros (although she's probably still shorter than me)

Property Brothers star Drew Scott with Emma Slater
Drew should be likable even if he can't dance. But at 6'6", he's another tall guy who may have trouble with the height difference in frame.

Actor Fra…

Still background

Still nothing very interesting happening yet. Pretty, but not very interesting.

So I leave you with Clyde. I'm thinking of making an instagram account for him or a facebook page. Clyde 'crazy kitty' with the tagline "Cats are supposed to sleep at least 14 hours a day. He didn't get the memo."