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1/2 + 1/3 = ?

Actually it equals the following:

I'm halfway done with Twilight Silhouette, and I've made 1 out of 3 amigurumi.

I've also decided I'm on a stash diet. I need to get used to not having the extra cash around to buy things once I finally get a place of my own. Working on it though, the place, not the stash diet.

Not nearly enough time

My weekend was taken up with apartment hunting and a delayed Valentine's day so I barely got any crafting done. And I'm 2-3 weeks behind on my TV. So thankful I got the larger capacity DVR.

I have some crochet orders to get done so I don't know if I'll get back to this in the next week.


Worked on Twilight Silhouette again this week. Spent all of Saturday in bed because of the weather.

It got down to -2 with a windchill of -19. Apartment hunting was suspended due to the extreme cold.

I did however buy some stash.
I figured I might as well buy things now because I'm not going to have much extra cash lying around after I move.

Suggestions for storage and/or moving of current storage systems would be welcome.

Only a picture

Only worked on Twilight Silhouette, and probably not as much time as I would have liked for various reasons. But I'm onto page 2, officially.

Tad late

So, I couldn't quite get everything together to write this yesterday. Went looking at apartments.

My progress on my stitching. The wings look pretty cool now that I'm not on top of it.

I finished this lapghan. I had made it once before in a darker color. It needs some blocking though. Which reminds me, I need to looking into blocking boards.

 And my new afghan/crochet project.

And I'll leave you with a good picture of Onyx.