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Getting close

I really shouldn't take pictures when my pieces are draped over my knees but I was lazy. Other than the beads and the sparkly fibers, the fairy herself is complete. Now to finish the final two leaves and the border.

Last page

I've reached the last page of Dew Drop Fairy. Once I complete the cross-stitches on this page (which is smaller than the others) I get to eek out every last bit of my purple metallic thread (praying it's enough) and proceed to the beads.

Earlier this week I went to Joanne's to pick up an organizer for my sewing thread. Currently I'm still using the old cookie tins my grandmother used. But it's really hard to find what I need and they're overflowing a bit. Either way I picked up a stretch hot pink zebra fabric and a black jersey with diagonal stripes of silver dots and stars. I'll get a picture up later in the week. Also picked up a pack of cheap floss to make friendship bracelets. I found some cool patterns and as soon as I get around to making them I'll post pictures.

She has feet

Sorry the picture's a little wavy. I had it draped over my knees. Anyway, her feet and legs are done and the flower is nearing completion. I'm pretty far down on this page then it's only the last page before I start the back-stitching and the beading. I have white beading thread left over from the chatelaine I did a few years ago. I'm still hoping I won't run out of sparkly purple otherwise I'll have to order it.

Update on my fairy

Latest picture of Dew Drop Fairy. As you can see, the majority of her dress is finished along with the left most petal of the flower she's standing on.

This week wasn't too good for me personally, if you read my other blog or follow me on facebook you'll know why. Also, I know I just started my new job at the end of February, but it's not what I was expecting it to be. May start looking, maybe a complete career change and go into something other than engineering.

Beginning of June

I got more stitching done between the three day weekend and the lack of DWTS to keep me from it. I completed the 4th page and have started on the 5th.
If you remember, I was making a leather catsuit for a showcase. I actually had the video last week but forgot to post it. Sorry it's a little dark, but the lights were down and we're both wearing black.