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More (alternative) reality

Not quite as much done as last week, but I did take a bit of time to make a scarf. Almost 30 rows on page 2.

Back to (Alternative) Reality

So to pick my project, I pulled out my drawer of WIPs, closed my eyes, waved my hand and then dropped it. Whatever project it landed on, I would work on. Turns out it's Alternative Reality. Got 16 rows done this week (only upside to still being out of work).

Also had this little guy land on my project yesterday. I had it on my hand, went to get my phone and just as I was about to take the photo it flew off. Finally landed on my couch where I snapped the photo. Got it back on my hand and somehow managed to open my window and screen and get it to fly away. Not sure how it got in in the first place.

And Clyde likes to jump in open cabinets. Silly cat.

Quick Finish

And my wintery stitch is finished. Lots of random ivory french knots.

And here's Clyde looking cute. Actually he's looking at my dad.

Very energetic, is usually tearing around the house and not getting enough traction on the turns.

Random number generator didn't like me

I decided to go back to a random number generator to pick my next cross-stitch project (with the help of my WIP/UFO list.) So I put my latch hook away...

And it picked out White Tigers.

Which I only worked on for two days due to the monochrome and the hard to read chart.

So I rolled again and Beauty of the Deep. Didn't feel like doing stamped and searching for my hoop. So I rolled again and got Peacock Majesty. Which I knew I had to start off by frogging (which is why it's been put away for over a decade)
So I rolled again and it gave me Dance me Out. Which turns out I had never started, which is fine, except I didn't have a working copy of the chart and I don't have a copier/printer. (I use my parents).
So I rolled again and it gave me Winter Friends (actually called Snowman & Reindeer). Which was my at work project at News 12 (I had downtime between broadcasts)

And remember the scared little black cat from last week? I think he's settled into being an only c…