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My peacock is coming along nicely. Not too much more.

I finally closed on my apartment! It's all mine.

Say hello to my new craft closet.

Oops, late

I started the last page of my peacocks.

I'm late on this post due to being out catching Pokemon last night. I found a pidgey on top of Onyx earlier in the week. She doesn't' seem to care.

Also seem to have a new resident to the local wildlife. Was there last night. Was there when I left for a pokemon hunt tonight and was still there when I got back. 

Peacock and Onyx

Almost to the bottom of the design on the left side

And Onyx looking cute, but her paw (and claws) are too close to my thread...

Another page bites the dust

Done with page 2. Half way complete.

And here's Onyx being cute.

She's weird. We had thunderstorms on Friday and she was hiding under the bed. Today we have fireworks and she's not.