I tried

I only got four rows done. I had planned to do 10, but I was getting tired of the dark colors. The pommel of the sword and the top of her belt appeared though...

So I switched to a crochet project that's been in my closet for a while.

And I (re)discovered ebay. These plus 2 not pictured, plus 3 more charts on the way of carousel horses.

Not a good stitching week

I don't feel like I made much progress. I know there were days I didn't stitch. Somehow I managed to finish page 1 of Dragon Carousel (minus some long things on the border that I'll work on during subsequent pages). Photo really doesn't show how sparkly it is. Most of the gold has kreinik of some kind blending with it.

 And here's a photo I took during the snow storm.

It was not a good stitching week, but it was a good week for new stash. I think I need to hide my credit card...

New schedule

So I finished page 3 of the Triptych.

Pulled this one out next. Didn't get very far. I seem to have down with a cold, which is impairing my concentration. (Ending up starting a plastic canvas tissue box holder today as it seemed an appropriate item and concentration level.)

Picture does not do the sparkly-ness from all the Kreinik justice.

And I may have to change my blog update day as my new schedule for the foreseeable future is Wed-Sun. Thus this post on Monday.

 Currently debating whether to press purchase on my current Herrschners cart.

I had good intentions

I made all the parts for the cat afghan and meant to sew them on this weekend so I went ahead with the next rotation piece. Timing didn't work out for the cat as I was out most of Saturday and today was just not in the mood to work on it.

Next days off I'll sew it together. In the meantime, I hope to manage a page finish on the Triptych before all the beige drives me nuts.


Started a shaped afghan. I need to outline one of the legs, sew both down, then make the eyes, nose, heart, bow, and tail and sew those to it along with mouth a whiskers.

Oh and here's the finished page of Black Stallion.

Still purple

Cameras hate the color for some reason. It never shows up right. 83/98 rows complete. The entire first row is going to look like this.

I think you can kind of tell there are 4 main colors on this page. 155 and 340 are so close together I had to be careful when working on the rows where they overlapped.

No new stash this week. I was good. So I leave you with Clyde.

Finish and purple

So I finished the shawl with minimal visits from the frog. Still needs blocking.

And so I started on The Black Stallion. I had only 17 rows done on the page, now I'm at 40. With the exception of 3 stitches, it's all 2 colors.

I also caved to HAED's sale.

The first one is now retired and I bought the hard copy. Just in case I ever decide I really don't ever want to stitch it.