The start of Christmas presents

So I just realized I have a little over a month until Christmas. And I have a lot of presents and gifts to make, mostly crochet. So while the squares are complete for the afghan, sewing them together will have to wait. Also wasn't looking forward to it. Maybe I'll block them while working on other things.

Such as this baby blanket that was requested. I'm over halfway through the yarn I bought so maybe another day or two?

Also bought 6 kits during Lion Brand's sale. I got a box of yarn in return. Still have to make sure everything is in there, but I've been putting it off.

And Clyde doesn't like the flash on the phone.

DWTS Season 27: Week 8

Semi finals.

Dedication dance round. 
Bobby. Awkward movement, not much salsa. His suit is the same color as her hair... Too high.
Alexis. Looked and felt like a viennese waltz. It was also danced in one spot instead of traveling. Too high.
Joe. Points for the lifts but he barely did anything. Too high.
Juan Pablo. Finally a dance with content that was done well. I agree with the scores. 
Evanna. I liked it. A little repetitive in the movements at the beginning. I agree with the scores. 
Milo. I liked it. Danced well. I agree with the scores.
Judges choice round. 
Bobby. All over the place and while the kicks and flicks were decent at the beginning, they got wilder as the dance went on. Too high.
Alexis. She seemed to run out of steam at the end. A little high.
Joe. Well, it was better than week 1... Too high.
Juan Pablo. Could've used more hips. Foot placement was a little wiggly at times. I'll give him the scores.
Evanna. Still fast for a foxtrot. Left elbow in frame looks a b…

c2c squares

So I've been making squares this week.

So far I have 12 solid white, 4 solid red, 16 red/white and 4 green/white. 12 more green/white and 16 red/white to go. Might have to block them before sewing them all together and putting a border around the whole thing. It'll be pretty, but I also wish I could've done a join as you go method. Anyway, back to the squares.

DWTS Season 27: Week 7

Country night

John. Not sure how that was jazz, but it was fun. Too high.
Evanna. No hips. Too much spinning and posing. Her hands were expressive but I'm not really sure what the judges saw. Not 10s.
Ah, pretty pro interlude.
Juan Pablo. Country Charleston? Odd. He had some trouble with the side flicks. Jeans too tight? Little high.
Joe. That just looked awkward. Way too high.
Milo. Not bad. A bit fast for a foxtrot. Suit fabric is a bit odd. Little high but i'll give him the scores.
Ooh, hot shirtless men. 
Demarcus. Pretty good. Very pretty. I'll give him the scores. 
Alexis. No hips. Some bounce, but it looked odd. Too high. 
Bobby. Posture wasn't good. Seemed rushed and off time the entire dance. Too high. 
Team dances. 
Team hay now. Cute, fun. I'll give them the scores.
Team Joe down. Cute. Could tell how was the weak link of the group. I guess I'll give them the scores.
Going home are Demarcus and John. 
Still waiting for Joe and Bobby to leave.

A little bit of Christmas

and a change of plans.

Going to crochet and try and reduce the number of kits I have in my closet interspersed with more ornaments.
Also had an impromptu photo shoot with Clyde. All photos taken in under a minute.

DWTS Season 27: Week 6

Halloween night.

Milo. Appropriately creepy. I agree with the scores.
John. Music did not fit the dance. I could see the steps but had issues feeling the paso. Felt too regal in posture. Little high but i'll agree with the scores.
Demarcus. Uh, no hips. Best part was the lifts. Not sure what the judges were looking at. Too high. 
Evanna. Not bad. I think she could've embraced the character more. Seemed to be cat lite. My mind wandered back to my cha cha routine to that song. A little high.
Bobby. Not really Argentine tango. And he seemed to not do much. Cute shoes on Sharna. I prefer the original version of the song. Too high.
Mary Lou. Felt a bit one note. Everything was on one beat and little was syncopated. Too high.
Ooh, hot shirtless guys dancing. Kinda needed that tonight.
Alexis. Seemed a bit like a jive which she did before. Music seemed a bit off time near the end... too high.
Joe. Lots of lifts, not much tango. She danced around him. Footwork was clunky. Too high.

So many beads

The ghost took way too long to finish. Spent a good portion of two days working on just that. I finished the ornament in far less time.

The shawl is on hold for the moment. Just ripped out 4 rows and don't want to be frustrated on my vacation. So off to make more ornaments.