Lots of things

I continued to work on Sassy Cat. Coincidentally my throat started feeling odd. I don't know if it was the sudden cold weather or the fact that I was working with wool yarn that shed when I separated the strands. I'm allergic to wool, but can work with it. Assuming I don't inhale it apparently.

So I put Sassy away. And made a wreath. The snowman glows. So did not realize it did that when I bought the kit.

And yesterday since I was somewhat brain dead and needed something somewhat mindless (but not quite as mindless as repetitive crochet rows) I pulled this guy out of my closet. Managed to finish the half stitches. Now to backstitch with metallic thread. 

My extra ball of yarn came to finish the tree skirt. And somehow I've been slowly catching up to where I should be for NaNoWriMo.

Excuse me while I go write. The first 20 chapters (as of the initial posting of this blog) can be found here.

DWTS Season 25: Week 9

Semi finals.

Dancers pick. Pro picks song that represents celebrity.

Drew. Very hoppy and stompy. A lot of things went wrong with this dance. Too high.

Victoria. I kept seeing on Twitter that we were going to cry during this. Didn't get there for me. I'll give her the scores but a little high for me.

Jordan. It was danced well but that song was not an argentine tango for me and detracted from the dance. Not a 10.

Lindsey. I connected to that contemporary dance more than Victoria's. A few odd stops where I felt it just went flat. I agree with the scores.

Frankie. That was mostly hip hop and the salsa sucked. No hips. Too high.

Yay for pro dances.

Iconic dance round. Redoing really good dances from previous seasons.

Drew. Jazz by Corbin Bleu. Lift was cool but the dance didn't fit him well. Either too small or uncontrolled. Too high.

Victoria. Charleston by Amber Riley. Not bad. Twisting motion is still hit and miss with her feet. A little high for me.

Jordan. Jive by Paig…

Tree skirt had a slight setback

So I got this far on the tree skirt. 12 motifs and the beginning of the edging.

Realized I didn't have enough gold yarn to complete the 2nd stripe. Thankfully the company is sending me another one. In the meantime, I'm working on Sassy Cat.

I actually was going to pull out a Christmas kitten kit I had, but this one jumped out of the drawer when I opened it. Literally. So I took it as a sign and started stitching after sorting the wool.

DWTS Season 25: Week 8

I liked that opening.

Terrell. I liked the song but I don't feel he danced it well. His toes were not pointed when I felt they should've been. The flicks were off too. Not sure what the judges saw. Too high for me.

Drew. I think he had more rise and fall during his viennese waltz. It was pretty. But I think Emma danced more than him. A bit high for me.

Victoria. She didn't do too many steps. Steps weren't as sharp as she could do. A bit high for me.

Lindsey. Not bad. She looked a bit hoppy. Samba is a down bounce. A few places were iffy. Were her shoes fuzzy? I agree with the scores.

Frankie. Not bad. A few spots were a little off for me. I'm somewhere between Carrie Ann and Len. Too high for me.

Jordan. I liked it but it was also a bit odd. I agree with the scores.

Trio round.

Terrell. With Kelly Monaco. He really didn't do much. The girls danced around him as he pretty much stood in place. Nice abs though. Too high.

Drew. With Rashad Jennings. Rashad was bette…

2/7 complete

I've completed the next row of pages on The Accolade. I stayed up really late to do it too. 131 rows are now complete.

So, back to crochet for a while and my new tree skirt.

Also got a new phone, so pictures are going to look a bit different again.

and it's November, which means it's time for NaNoWriMo again. As you can see below, I'm a bit behind with this year. I had a busy weekend and my muse has been distracted. So I'm not as 'in' this story as with other years. I am however writing something each day. Once I get to a section I know better I should be able to catch up. I'm also posting on Tablo should anyone feel like reading my very rough draft.

DWTS Season 25: Week 7

Halloween comes early for DWTS. Prepare for spooky and scary routines and the team dances.

Victoria. Pretty. Simple. I'll give her the score.

Jordan. I liked it but I didn't see his hips forward. I'll give him the scores.

Nikki. Not very good. Mostly tricks and the jive content wasn't good. Felt like she walked through it. Too high for me.

Vanessa. It felt stiff to me. Maybe because it was zombies? I'll give her the scores.

Terrell. Not bad. Frame wasn't bad but I think he needed to tuck his butt under more. A little high.

Lindsey. Pretty good considering the pain she must be in. I agree with the scores.

Frankie. Interesting concept I don't think he really did anything. Too high for me.

Drew. Cute. A little high for me.

Team round

Team monster mash. Cute. Nikki still can't jive. It was a bit hectic. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Team phantom of the ballroom. I love this play and the dance captured it. I agree with the scores.

And going home is …

An oldie

So I finished the peacock. Still have to finish sewing the body to the tail but it's done.

And I pulled out a really old UFO. The Accolade.

Something funny; after working on HAED's and Insanity, I could almost have done this like I normally do. I'm getting spoiled by the number of stitches of the same color next to each other. I am kicking myself for going across all six pages at once though. Makes it take a really long time for anything to appear as it takes me about 1.5 hours for each row.

That being said, I have six rows until the end of the 2nd row of pages. So almost have 12 pages complete out of 42.