Finishes and stash

So I have another page finish. Page 6 of the Arab Tent, but it was already halfway done. I probably stopped there because I was tired of all the dark colors. Which is why I won't be going onto the next page just yet.

Made a baby blanket a friend commissioned.

And decided to try again for the Special Day Cardigan from Annie's catalog again. Still don't know how to get 13 sc to be 4" using a G but the height and back width seem to be coming out to the other measurements listed for the pattern.

I also went a little crazy at Mary Maxim's. First they had a BOGO on downloadable patterns.

Slightly less pink.

Although I am stitching another tree. At least it's a pink tree... 90/98 rows. I didn't have quite as much stitching time this week otherwise I probably would've finished the page.

I've been thinking of doing flosstube videos. Would anyone be interested in something like this from me? Something you'd like to see? What is the crochet equivalent of flosstube? Yarntube?

These are the afghan books I ordered. all for the price of the kit of the stained glass tree one. Cuts down on my having to buy the kits as there are a few that I'm not totally in love with the colors for.

And Clyde is weird and doesn't know what to do about snow crab. Looked at it, sniffed it, then finally batted at it. But didn't eat it.


Very pink.

I started this 11pm New Year's Eve and have completed 50 rows. Slightly over half the page. This is far less confetti that Alternative Reality so that might explain why it's going so fast.

By the way, this is the fabric. 29x36 including margins. Why did I choose one of the largest HAEDs?

Got this one as my Loyalty chart from HAED, Lackadaisy Affinity.

Also purchased a lot of afghan patterns from Herrschners with my birthday coupon. I'll take a photo of them when they arrive. Also won a knitting book from a contest I entered.
And Clyde didn't quite know what to do with the crab.

2017 in review

Overall, not the greatest year I've had.

 2017 goals were:
Work on a GK/HAED.Finish some kits in my closet that can be displayed in my apartment.Learn to knit.Attempt to be less sedentary. And I achieved: Yup. Lots, including Insanity.Also yup, although most are not displayed.Started.Went to the gym for the later half of the year until mid-december when holidays and freezing temperatures kept my butt inside. I finished 3 cross-stitch (including one ornament), 9 crochet projects, and 1 in the other category. Somehow I finished more last year despite working...
2018 goals: Work on my rotation. Other than the one new start I'm allowing myself, no new cross-stitch.Knit an item.Edit one of my stories.

Happy New Year!

I finished the afghan. Row 43 gave me trouble because it wasn't written correctly.

Also started knitting. I think I did pretty well and am ready to read a pattern.

And here are my new dragons that I got for Christmas.

Now to finish preparing for my New Year start of Dragon Dancer (cut the fabric and serge it). I already put my rotation in order and am going to tidy up some of my stash piles.