I don't feel like I accomplished much this week. Ended up playing on my phone more than working on this:

Started something new and so far that's held my attention.

Clyde's dealing with the kitchen construction and getting ready for Halloween.

A finish, some progress, and an idea

I finished the Study of Planet Earth CAL. Yay! Another project done.

However I did buy the yarn this year. After putting my last bit of stash in my craft closet (of doom) I'm pretty sure I have more than I started the year with. Oh well. Plenty of time to catch up on some things before the end of the year with the way my job search is going.

And this is progress on my friend's afghan.

However the temp climbed up and this one is getting a bit large so back to cross stitching.

So, I made a facebook page for my Lilla Rose business. I've been thinking, they make good shawl pins. Use one to keep your shawl on at a wedding, then when you warm up from dancing, pin your hair up. Hehe.

No nibbles on the job front quite yet, despite the increased views on my LinkedIn. Might start looking for places to be a vendor, assuming they don't have a big upfront cost.

Last hurrah?

So, started off the week knitting.

Then it got cool enough that I wouldn't overheat with this on my legs.

Might have to go back to knitting for a few days even though I'm on the 2nd to last part of the CAL.

And I made one last purchase of stash. Not that I didn't have enough to keep me occupied through potential unemployment, but they were just so pretty, and on sale, and you have no idea how much I didn't buy...


So this is all I got to for Waterfall Dragons before developing a crick in my neck for a few days.

Which led to going back to this until it started getting a little too warm.

And then starting this which is a wedding present for a former co-worker. She chose the yarn and pattern. I was worried the pattern would get lost in the yarn, but it's turning into a nice gradient.

So, not sure what Clyde was looking at here.

But I did get him on TV for Black Cat Appreciation day.

Speaking of work, I will no longer have a job by the middle of November. A contract was not renewed so my services (along with about 150 other people) will no longer be required. The closure many people, including governors in two states, weighing in as a local TV news outlet will be disappearing.

That being said, I've started job hunting again. Any help would be appreciated and I will really have to stick to my "no stash buying" rule I tried to implement earlier this month...

I did sign up to be …

That didn't last long

So I finally started the Study of Planet Earth CAL because it was cool enough to have my window open at night for a few days. In the middle of week 3, but not sure if/when I'll pick it up again. I don't want to get overheated working on it.

And participated in the 24 hour challenge. Tried to stitch for 24 hours over a 48 hour period. Got to 22.5. Would've made the 24 if I didn't have something to do Tuesday. Ate into my stitching time.

So before...

...and after. 36 rows, 2,880 stitches.

As for the title of this post, remember last week when I said I would try to not buy anything for a while? So that lasted like a day.

And these are not helping reduce what's in my craft closet (of doom)

Milestones complete

So I finished part 2 of the Under the Sea SAL.

And managed to finish my coastline for the M.A.P.

Have started a river since the pic was taken, might add one or 2 more.

No stash. I'm going to try and be really good this month. I went a little overboard last month.

Vacation catch-up

So, lots to see as I was on vacation in Asheville, NC during my normal posting date. First up, my itty-bitty start on Waterfall Dragons for "E" of the 24 hour acrostic challenge.

Followed by what I got done on vacation, Spirit of the Black Leopard. It's missing a chunk from the center to the corner as I was really tired the first night and used the wrong color. Oddly enough, I double checked because it looked weird and still thought I had the right symbol.

As I was adding up my times, I realized I was missing two hours from "U" so I started the 2nd part of the Under the Sea SAL. Challenge complete.

The bit of crochet I did in the car before I lost my hook...

Now to the stash portion:
I think I have enough hand-dyed fabrics to last me a while. Need to stay off the flash sales on the weekend.

Found a yarn shop. The owner dyes yarns in a fantasy themed. I love that the colors are Demon Hunter and Dungeon Master. Also have a line of Doctor Who themed yarns as wel…