Some updates

So, as I said, my HAED challenge piece has a very uninteresting first page (or two, three, seven...)

However it did get cool for a few days so I did some crochet. Started this one.

And restarted this one. Still can't get gauge, but I don't care. Maybe it'll stretch out with weight/rounds.

Some new stash I mentioned. This was a mystery pack of an alpaca/silk blend from Expression Fiber Arts. I like the colors. Also came in the cute (matching) owl envelope behind it.

And new fabrics. No clue what I'm putting on them. Maybe the MAP mystery from Ink Circles on the top right?

More stash in the mail.

A finish

Baby blanket complete. A little wavy, not sure it's my tension or the pattern, possibly a combination of both.

It's getting warmer here, to the point where I don't want to have blankets draping on my legs, even with AC.
I started participating in the latest HAED challenge with a new start on Secret Carousel MC. Would post, but it's 18 lines of the same color. In fact the first two pages are all one color, so picture a small rectangle of DMC 939.

Done, sort of

On the final parts for this CAL

I did finish the top as directed, but as you can see, it's a little short on me. I'm not surprised. Now to figure out the best way to lengthen without completely screwing up the pattern. Also may have to widen it a bit so it doesn't bunch up around my hips... (I hate selfies)

 And here's Clyde exploring a box.

New projects

I've gotten a bit ambitious with the CAL. Started the top on Friday and have managed to make a part a day.

And started the dress on Tuesday and am through part 3. Probably should've worked on it Monday rather than the baby blanket.

Speaking of which, I have about 20 rows left.

And here's Clyde looking cute in his tree while watching the rain hit the leaves of a bush.

slow going, but nearing the end

Knit a baby blanket, it won't take that long and you can practice your knitting. That's what I thought 2 weeks ago. Now I'm on the 3rd skein of yarn, but on the last page of instructions.

At least I can call myself an intermediate knitter.

Kinda of looks like a bag right now...

So, I managed to make it to the 2nd length of circulars. I was going to switch again with the last increase, but now the stitches are gliding better and I still have some room.

Also, not sure why I bought more yarn, I'm trying to reduce my stash, but I found this really pretty CAL on ravalry, and it's only free until May when the last part comes out... And I need to show my progress to the designer... So between that and needing to get a new K hook, I started putting things in my cart. Then I figure, I might as well make the shipment worth my while. So several pdf files of recently acquired patterns later, I had 13 different yarns for 8 projects... Oops. And let's not get into the shoes...

Another afghan

So, I finished the Annie's Lace throw tonight. Tada!

And as my hands/wrists were starting to bother me, I switched crafts. Say hello to my new knitting project. Starting out with DPNs and using a cable needle... Still not enough stitches to transfer to my circulars...

Anyway, thought this was cool while working on the throw. I know it was standing up, but I got pretty close to the end before the tunnel collapsed.

And here are the other two kits from HAED. Soul Mate (aka Clyde) and It's Only Forever SSMC (aka Labyrinth). I love the little bag on the left and the green threader is my favorite of the three.

Still haven't located my K hook....