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Tiny update

I've finished row 50 of page 4.

I was looking through the pattern and I discovered that pages 6-16 are pretty much all sky and large clumps of about 3 colors. They should go real quick once I get to them.

DWTS Season 24: Week 6

Maks is back! And one of my original crushes, Nick Carter. Hehe. 

Simone. Pretty good. I felt it was hopping rather than bounce. The combat boots didn't help with me wondering what she was doing with her foot placement. Why was she practicing in heels if she wasn't going to wear them? I agree with Nick. 
Bonner.  Odd arrangement of the song at the beginning. Sound mix issues? But Bonner didn't move from his bent knees legs spread position. Rumba needs straight knees. Sharna danced around him completely. Too high. 
Nancy. It got better towards the end but she didn't seem confident at the beginning. Especially when they had just shown Mel Bs version. Too high. 
Nick. Better than I thought he'd do. Chasses were planted a bit wide. Technique is weak as usual. I'll give him the scores but too high.
Normani. I thought there was just too many underarm spins. There are a lot of different spins in salsa but I really only saw the same 3. I would've given 9s.
David. H…

Still Insane

So I'm slightly more than halfway through the page. In another 10 rows I'll have some blue.

I was getting annoyed with the extra fabric so I decided to roll it from the bottom. Of course that required me to unfold the entire piece of fabric. I forgot how big this was. I think I ordered 55x55?

I fell prey to the HAED sale...

The last two are Maxine Gadd who's work is retiring.

And a cute photo of Onyx from today. She once fell through those bars and has since learned to brace herself with her back feet. She also spent the next month after falling, hugging the back wall whenever she came into or out of my room.

DWTS Season 24: Week 5

That was an elaborate opening. 

Rashad. Pretty good. A few strange spots. I agree with the scores except for the 9.
Nick. That was interesting. Silly. A little high. 
Erika. She was looking down at the beginning. It helped when she had Gleb to focus on. Basic in hold looked a bit odd for me. I would've given 7s.
Heather. That was fun. Very Anna. I agree with the scores. 
Bonner. Cute. Missed a few heel leads. Was a bit blank in his face in hold. I'll give him the scores but a tad high. 
Normani. That was good. I agree with the scores. 
David. That wasn't good. It looked disjointed and unless he was doing a kick, his feet didn't leave the ground. Too high.
Nancy. One of her best dances. It just happens to not be a ballroom style. I'll give her the scores. 
Simone. Nice. You can really see how strong she is without the help of the spring floor. I agree with the scores. 
And going home is Erika.

Finish, and it's back.

I finished the circle afghan. Only took 13.5 hours. Go me.

And look what I pulled out. Insanity is back.

And just for fun, a bonus picture of Onyx.

DWTS Season 24: Week 4

Most memorable year night. Aka have your tissues ready night. 

Normani. There weren't many rumba steps. Lots of spins. But no hips either. Too high for me.
Nick. He didn't move much. His hips were static too. Too high. 
Nancy. It was cute. But a lot of spins. Still too high for me. 
Mr. T. Better but still far from good. Way too high. 
Heather. Clean and sharp. Tiny bit repetitive with the choreography. I agree with the scores. 
David. He was leaning forward in good and was hopping. Viennese waltz is smooth. Too high. 
Rashad. It was good. But he could've pointed his toes to make those lines better. I'll give him the scores. 
Erika. Felt very tiny. She also went ahead of the choreography a few times and clearly didn't match the other dancers. No hips. Too high. 
Simone. I felt she was being pulled through the dance by Sasha. I'll give her the scores. 
Bonner. Not bad. Was lacking a bit of the gentle rise and fall. I'll give him the scores. 
And the person w…

The circle grows

I basically started over on Saturday because I realized I switched the blues around. Oh well.

My progress on my Monday piece.

And say hello to my 'bag of floss'. Joann's had a sale on DMC floss. 431 skeins. I picked another 61 up at Michael's later on. So 492 skeins in total and I'm still shy on a few. But those are ones I have a lot of and will probably buy a cone of eventually.

I kitted up 20 patterns. Almost all HAED. Tocatta, Dragon Riders, Gift of the Unicorn King, Celestial Dragon (non-head), Secret Door, After the Secret Door, Train of Dreams, Space Traveler, Waterfall Dragons, SSMC Treasure Hunt, SSMC Secret Garden, SSMC A Stitch in Time, Water Dragon, Blue Dragon, Chase, Dragon Dancer, 4 Heavenly Beasts, Dead of Winter, Realm of Enchantment, and Tempest.

Now to find a bolt of 25 ct or 28 ct evenweave and a new way to store my set. I know the bags on the double binder rings is not going to work for my longer.

DWTS Season 24: Week 3

That was a very busy but well done opening. 

Nick. Hold was better, but I still get the feeling he's leaning forward too much. I agree with the scores. 
Mr. T. He walked through it. Too high. 
Bonner. I didn't like it. Felt too small for the music. I'll give him the scores. But a bit high probably. 
Heather. Very good. They had body contact and it wasn't all one speed. I agree with the scores. 
Charo. That is a really puffy dress. I could barely see her feet. She looked like she actually did what she was suppose to rather than what she wanted to. Too high for me. 
Simone. Pretty good. But her posture was off to me. I think she had her back arched and her head didn't seem to be in the wrong position. Not worth a 9.
Nancy. Not enough hips during the actual samba steps. Didn't see a good bounce either. Seemed soft. Too high. 7s at best for me. 
David. Okay... Too high. 
Erika. Very careful. Technique was not very good. Too high for me. 
Rashad. I saw hints of hips…

New projects

So this is what I've deemed my "Monday project" as it's very easy to pick up during commercial breaks for DWTS.

I tried starting the Silver Medallion Throw. The first 9 rounds ended up being an inch smaller than the gauge, but I just went with it. Unfortunately, that's causing a waving issue with the next few rounds. I may have to start over and try and make it bigger. Possibly chain looser? I had the same issue with my turkey afghan.

Therefore, I worked on this today and this same 9 rounds took far less time than the other.

If you look at the top of the blog, I've made a new page listing all my WIPs. I will eventually put pictures with the list, but any suggestions on what cross-stitch I pick up next would be helpful.