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First week done

Well, I changed projects again. As I only added one more row to The Accolade, there's no reason to take a new picture. I did start this one again. I'm pretty near the end but I didn't have much time to work on it this week.

I got through the first week of classes. My classes, although detracting time from my crafting, don't seem too bad, certainly easier than my undergraduate degree. I have scriptwriting, post-production management, a television studio class where I get to learn all the equipment and jobs to run a live TV show, and then how to use After Effects and video editing using Final Cut Pro 7. Of course NY decided to be freezing this week and caused me not to explore the neighborhood around my school too much just because I didn't want to freeze. I did however come across a candy shop across the street which I will check out later.

To new beginnings

Well, maybe not new on the cross-stitch front. Still working on The Accolade. I finished 11 more rows this past week. The sleeve has a lot of color changes. I now have 109 rows completed out of 425 making me about 25% complete on this piece. Another 3289 stitches completed and an estimated 380 hours of work so far. I don't know how much longer I'll keep working on this piece. The dark background is starting to get to me but at least by going across all 6 pages it's kept my attention. There are way too many pure background pages with nothing interesting going on in them in this piece.

I went dancing for four hours last Sunday. Ended up not being able to move well until Thursday when the muscles around my hips/butt stopped hurting. I realize they end up being sore when I'm not using proper technique or am dancing on bent knees for a while. I may end up going to this party while I'm going to school unless I can find a practice partner.

Tuesday is the start of classes…

The accolade

I pulled out The Accolade from GK this week. I managed to complete 10 rows this week. 2,990 stitches. And I didn't even work on it Friday. I've managed to nearly complete the cuff on her arm and another face over to the right. I'll be happy when I get rid of that dark background but that won't be for a while yet. I probably could have taken a better picture.

A week from Tuesday I start classes for my masters degree so I'll have a bit less time for my crafts. I got my books Friday and then went to see Newsies on Broadway. It made me wish I was singing and dancing on the stage myself. I miss that.

First finish of 2013

I finished Sebastian with Roses. Isn't he cute?

I had my first and final dance lesson of the year the other day. At least for a while. Between going back to school and no income, it's hard to pay for dance lessons. I'm going to miss it but I will be trying to find some way to keep dancing, even if I'm not taking lessons. I came home to find Onyx on my computer chair. If I hadn't turned on the light, I might have sat on her.

This morning I found her sleeping on the floor vent of my parents room. Silly kitty.

I was crocheting a small order of scarves today. I should be finished with them later tonight.
I put some more thought into my stitching goals for the year. I've decided to work on The Accolade (I noticed GK released a new version that is lighter and includes the upper window) and my insanity piece. I'm also going to try to finish Peacock Tapestry but I have to be in the right mindset to start that one again due to have to frog almost all the 'r'…

Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year! And a happy birthday to me.

I have been crocheting afghans all week. I bought my missing yarn for the one I had been working on and picked up what was needed for one I saw earlier.

My circular afghan in Barrington, Tudor, Regency, and Mixed Berries. It is really soft, and really large. I haven't measured it but the pattern said it's about 54" across.

Then there's this hexagonal pinwheel-ish afghan in Quartz. It's considerably smaller and is more a lapghan than and afghan.

Both are made with Homespun.

Onyx was really looking cute the other day as she lay next to me. (Please ignore my messy bed)

Today (ok, it was 11pm on new year's eve) I started Sebastian with Roses. I need to choose which GK WIP I'll work on through the year. I have a choice of mainly browns, or blue/green. Or I could always go back to In the Garden but that's almost all gray/black. I may start a new TW, or I could fix what I did wrong and try and finish Peacock Tapest…