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DWTS Season 20: Week 3

Loved the opening.
Rumer. Fun but more disco than salsa. I'll agree with the scores.
Charlotte. Don't pick up your feet in rumba. She didn't do much. Too high.
Michael. He looked stiff. I didn't see any hips. Too high but he did more than Charlotte.
Riker. Most salsa content I've seen so far. I agree with the scores.
Suzanne. It was careful. Steps were very small. Hips were not really there. Too high.
Chris. He barely took 5 steps. And they looked odd. Lifts were good, but Witney did all the work. Way too high.
Robert. Hip movement disappeared after the first few steps. He tried but it seemed jerky. Not worth an 8.
Patti. Such a good song but I saw no cha cha. And I didn't get what she was doing in the luggage cart. Although I prefer what she's wearing tonight rather than in rehearsal. Too high.
Willow. I felt like she got lost a bit and couldn't finish some movements at other times. I'll give her the scores but a little high.
Noah. The li…

Another page finish

I finished another page of Int eht Garden. Page 7 this time.

Also finished part 6/7 of the CAL.

The joining method is cool but time consuming.

In addition, I had bought some crochet kits and made this little guy in about 5 hours.

SFS2015 - March

Month: March
Spent: 20.84
Earned: 11.56

I finished Peacocks. But due to the 6 month rule, I can't claim it until May.

But I finished a page of something else!

Granted it was a bit of rough start after finding my next project after Peacocks.

Both of these ended up missing a blending filament I thought I had.

But I bought them at ABCstitch's sale. Along with a few other things to make shipping worthwhile.

Also worked on the CAL and another project.

DWTS Season 20: Week 2

Chris. Not good. Bent knees, heel leads, off timing, no hips. It looked disjointed.
I'll give him the scores.
Suzanne. Very basic but more shaking than actual Jive. Feet needed to come together more, they stayed too far apart the entire time. Also her knees were too bent during the flicks. Too high.
Robert. He looked slightly hunched and the facial expression got annoying. I'll give him props for getting the choreography. I'll give him the scores.
Charlotte. I don't think she did one step properly. You don't pick your knees up in cha cha. Too high.
Michael. He walked through it and he needs to tuck his butt under. Little too high.
Rumer. New Yorkers need a little work and her spins looked choppy. I didn't see much hip action. I agree with the scores.
Redfoo. Fun but wild and messy. Too high.
Willow. Nice but there were a few hiccups with transitions. A little high but I'll give it to her.
Noah. More country than samba. Eh, I'll give it to him. B…

A page

I finished a page! I forgot how quick a stitch this is. I kept putting it down due to the immense blocks of similar colors.

I didn't work on the CAL this week. One, the part was actually 2 together. And two, I just haven't felt like making smaller balls to work with as the joining method requires not working from the skein.

I have been rummaging around in my sewing patterns and fabric trying to match them up. I realize I need to get some lining fabrics, mainly stretchy ones.

DWTS Season 20: Week 1

Yay. I liked the opening video. 
Willow. Some parts were good. Others were sloppy. Knees were bent to much. Too much swiveling to take up time. I'll agree with the scores.
Robert. He surprised me with how enthusiastic he was. But he was too on his toes and no hips. He was sharp though. Can I have her dress? Scores are a little high.
Riker. Energy, yes. Not much Jive and the parts that were I couldn't see his feet. 7s not 8s.
Charlotte. Not much bounce and she seemed to forget half the routine. At least she did better than keo's last partner. I'll agree with the scores.
Patti. She walked through it. She's going to have trouble with the Latin dances. The song is more a cha cha than foxtrot. I'll give her the scores.
Chris. He did better than i thought he would. He needed to point his feet. I'll give him the scores.
Michael. Stance was a bit wide, knees needed to be straight, footwork needs work. I'll give him the scores.
Nastia. I felt it was frenet…

Case of the missing stash

I'm losing stash. I went to rescan Stroke of Midnight and can't find the pattern book. I can find volume 2, but have no clue where volume 1 went. I looked in all the obvious places. I gave up after a while and started Best Friends.

Unfortunately, I'm missing a blending filiment I thought I had, turns out it's a #4 braid that was in my stash. So onto another one. Dragon Carousel.

Turns out I can't find my 002HL blending filament. At this point in the night, I don't feel like starting a new one, so I pick up one I've already started. Remember this one?

I did manage to find something I had been looking for. The instructions for the crocheted snowman. Although the body and scarf are in one location and the other accessories are somewhere else. I think with some yarn.

Anyway, here's the next part of the mystery CAL afghan.

And I worked on this during my overnight shift. My headache from the impending rain was too bad for me to cross-stitch.

And on a slightly…

Little progress

I didn't do much crafting this week. Monday and Tuesday were spent on job hunting. Wednesday I went to an event at NYIT in the evening. Thursday I managed to get a good # of the squares done for the CAL. Friday was a wash because I was busy. Saturday I finished the squares and pulled out 2 cross-stitch to start, but one I didn't have the floss cards made and the other I had missed a few rows when I made a working copy of the chart. Now, I can't find the book the pattern was in.

I did however, finish sorting and rearranging my floss.
I still may need a 5th set of rings.

Look what I finished

Peacocks is complete!

Also worked on part 3 of the CAL

I should probably start weaving in some ends.

But now to choose my next project. hehe.