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New projects

I've gotten a bit ambitious with the CAL. Started the top on Friday and have managed to make a part a day.

And started the dress on Tuesday and am through part 3. Probably should've worked on it Monday rather than the baby blanket.

Speaking of which, I have about 20 rows left.

And here's Clyde looking cute in his tree while watching the rain hit the leaves of a bush.

slow going, but nearing the end

Knit a baby blanket, it won't take that long and you can practice your knitting. That's what I thought 2 weeks ago. Now I'm on the 3rd skein of yarn, but on the last page of instructions.

At least I can call myself an intermediate knitter.

Kinda of looks like a bag right now...

So, I managed to make it to the 2nd length of circulars. I was going to switch again with the last increase, but now the stitches are gliding better and I still have some room.

Also, not sure why I bought more yarn, I'm trying to reduce my stash, but I found this really pretty CAL on ravalry, and it's only free until May when the last part comes out... And I need to show my progress to the designer... So between that and needing to get a new K hook, I started putting things in my cart. Then I figure, I might as well make the shipment worth my while. So several pdf files of recently acquired patterns later, I had 13 different yarns for 8 projects... Oops. And let's not get into the shoes...

Another afghan

So, I finished the Annie's Lace throw tonight. Tada!

And as my hands/wrists were starting to bother me, I switched crafts. Say hello to my new knitting project. Starting out with DPNs and using a cable needle... Still not enough stitches to transfer to my circulars...

Anyway, thought this was cool while working on the throw. I know it was standing up, but I got pretty close to the end before the tunnel collapsed.

And here are the other two kits from HAED. Soul Mate (aka Clyde) and It's Only Forever SSMC (aka Labyrinth). I love the little bag on the left and the green threader is my favorite of the three.

Still haven't located my K hook....