Monday, January 26, 2015

SFS2015 - January

Month: January
Spent: 0
Earned: 0

First log-in post in 2015. Yay! I've mainly been working on peacocks.

But I also made this guy.

Also just bought a lot of out-of-print sewing patterns from McCalls/Butterick/Vogue/Kwik Sew. I have the worst time with their site when this sale comes up. Several patterns I wanted were out of stock by the time I managed to get my browser to not crash while perusing the patterns. Managed to cut my original # in half.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm free!

We reached our verdict on Thursday afternoon. Jury duty is over and I'm free!

Finished PG3a, onto PG4. The tail has started to emerge.

Also back to the job hunt now that I am reachable within normal business hours.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Little progress

I didn't make as much progress as the last few weeks because I've been at jury duty all week.

I've been exhausted. It took until Friday night for me to feel mentally able to stitch. But pg3 is complete.

Of course writing is also put on hold until this case is finished. There is no way my muse can work when I'm listening to lawyers all week.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Finishes

I finished pages 2, 2a, and have most of 3 completed on Peacocks.

If this looks familiar it's because it is. I finally finished my redo of my Chrysanthemum shawl. It now matches the finished size from the pattern, but I didn't use the 4th ball of yarn

Also finished this little guy although I'm going to reattach his limbs so he's a little floppier. Right now he doesn't sit up on his own. Also going to add a mane.

Also accomplished this week is forcing myself to write. I bought a course a few year ago and am going to make it through it to the end this time. I bundled the first 3 weeks of lessons together so at the moment, I'm letting my muse fly around and find me new ideas. So far it likes to bring them to me when I'm trying to go to sleep.

I'm also back on the job hunt. I've had a freelance job since October and while that gave me peace of mind to take a rest from applying for a while, it's only once or twice a week now that training is over. So back to trying to find a full-time job, or at least some more freelance work. Looking at some different venues as well as thinking of applying to jobs out of the NYC metro area. At least ones that don't involve me moving some place that's even colder than where I am now. 14 degrees as of my writing this blog.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New year

Welcome to 2015. I'm still working on a project from 2014, but at least now you can see why it's named Peacocks.

I've finished pg1a and am almost complete with pg2 with pg2a soon to follow. The reason for the a's is the original chart was on a very large sheet of paper and I had to split it to make a working copy.

Earlier this week I replaced what my mother had termed the 'leaning tower of pisa' 

With a new version. It was hard to find comparable drawer sizes. And despite the shorter size, I actually have more room with these new ones.

And this was my birthday companion. Never left my bed. Actually she's been on my bed all day today as well...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

SFS2015A - set up

Welcome to another year of Stitch from Stash. Some rules have changed. First, there is no exemption month. So no crazy November spending spree without a gift card. Second, You add money to the budget when you complete something. Those are the two that are most important to me.

I have way too many projects as it is. Therefore, to not be picking from a list of over 50. I've narrowed it down to try and work on projects that didn't give me exact-ish floss usage to better gauge what I need to buy next time I go on a DMC raid at Joann's. This gets rid of all kits that I've bought and Golden Kites. HAED's are iffy because they give me stitch counts and I've estimated them on my spreadsheet. I've been left with the following:

  1. In the garden
  2. Fantasy Triptych
  3. black stallion
  4. stargazer lily
  5. Romeo and Juliet (TW)
  6. Cinderellas prince
  7. horses of the apocalypse
  8. legend of spellcasters
  9. legend of dragons
  10. stroke of midnight 
  11. dragon carousel 
  12. best friend
  13. fairy spell
  14. fairy melody
  15. princess and dragon
  16. minstrel
  17. blue dragon fairy
  18. sleepy hollow
  19. midnight waltz
  20. Cinderellas coach
1-6 and already started, the rest are ready to go. There are always exceptions as I'm still working on Peacocks and I will be stitching at least one GK.