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Halloween is coming

So, it's still a bit early, but I made this in anticipation of one of my favorite holidays.

Now back to my cross stitch.

Page finish!

2 weeks and page 6 is done, and I've officially gone through my 11 piece rotation.

Also picked this figurine up for my collection.

Now onto some crochet.

This is going quickly

So I'm a little over halfway done with page 6 on Insanity.

It was helpful that the first 13 rows were the same color. Although now I've run into a snag. I'm missing 367 from my master set so I'll have to steal from another project until I can get a new one.

Spring Blossom Afghan

The only plant that will stay alive in my apartment. ;) The center was a bit annoying to do.

Also fed Clyde while parents were on vacation. First day he just wanted attention. But 2nd day he actually started eating as soon as I put food down. So I got this silly photo.

Back to Insanity now. Luckily most of the page seems to be sky which should go somewhat quick.

Page 3 is complete.

3 down, I forget how many left to go.

So onto a bit of crochet. I didn't feel like dealing with my two clothing wips/redos or something too simplistic. So I picked an afghan kit out of the closet (of doom). I did have to frog half of the first part because I added a stitch, but I'll remember not to do that for the next 3 petals.

I didn't buy more stash this week. (My credit card thanks me) but I did get the backordered ornaments. On the other hand my Mary Maxim order hasn't shipped yet. Maybe something ended up backordered?

Anyway, I really should reorganize my cross stitch. It's gotten a little all over the place and I started using my linen closet for storage just so it wouldn't be in a pile on the floor. May tackle the closet again.