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Goodbye November

So this week wasn't so much a 'create' week as an 'organize week.

Oh, someone on Ravelry wanted to use my photo of my Sun Blossom Mandala Doily for the patterns' page.

I finish my lapghan which I had frogged the outer part because the pattern was wrong and corner wasn't in the right place.
My minimal progress on Insanity.

And now for the organizing part. While my list for Black Friday purchases grew longer, I pulled out my bolt of aida, since I knew I was getting low on it to find this:

I ran out! I probably ran out last year but didn't realize it. But I bought the bolt almost 10 years ago so I think I got my money's worth. Had to order another one. I have enough for Leopard in Grass which is a really tiny GK. but the max width from any new pattern is either 8" or 11" depending on what size I cut from. I don't do small patterns that often.

Now for my Black Friday purchases, more stash.

From ABCstitch, which has 20% off the entire site, I b…

SFS2014 - November

First off, I'm calling exemption. I started off the month with a plan to use some money I received as a gift with the instructions "use it for something fun" and it quickly went beyond that. Oops.
So here's where I am with the projects I worked on this month.

I've managed to attach all my heptagons to the afghan and work a row of black around the whole thing. I also started making half circles on top. It's been so long I forget if I did the original one with a 4.00 or 4.25 hook. I'm using 4.25 this time around but think I may go down. I'm also using two strands so I don't know if it'll really make that much of a difference. We'll see when I pick it up next.

I finished my second whirl lapghan. Frogged the outer part as I realized the pattern was written incorrectly and the corners were placed wrong.

I finished two pages of Fantasy Triptych, minus special stitches, over ones, and beads. 

I picked up Insanity again. Although while going thr…