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DWTS Season 24: Week 2

Nancy. Not bad. It felt soft. Too many swivels. I'll give her the scores. 

Erika. Better than last week. Some steps looked a bit timid when she was didn't have to go too far. I'll give her the scores. 
Charo. She got lost in her own choreography and didn't quite remember when she was supposed to stop stomping. She's still annoying. Too high.
Nick. Got lost a tiny bit. He was leaning to far forward in hold. A bit flappy in arm movement and foot placement. Can I have her dress? I'll give him the scores but 7s are a little high. 
Heather. Poor Maks. But as for the dance, yay! The kicks and flicks were're a little off, but I could blame part of that on the shoes.  I disagree with Len. 
Bonner. I liked it, but it was small. His footwork looked a bit suspect, not closing his feet probably. I don't know if I'd give it 8s.
Simone. Sharp and her new yorker had the correct position. Upper body was a bit one note, possibly from not enough hips. I'll give h…

Challenge #4 completed

It's done. Page 1 of Alternative Reality.

Now to pick up something else. I'm probably going back to crochet for a bit. Preferably something I've already started.

DWTS Season 24: Week 1

Cute opening. 

400 episodes? Sheesh.
Normani. Cute dance. Not enough body contact in hold, her butt was too far out. Can I have her dress? She has potential to last but I'm not surprised. I'll agree with the scores. 
Nancy. Very pretty. Decent hold. A bit hoppy. I want her dress too. I'll give her the scores. 
Chris. I know his character from that movie was not a good dancer but that was pretty bad in the cha cha... I agree with the scores but may be high for the night. 
Bonner. He has potential but nerves definitely got to him. Could've been sharper. Better then the previous bull rider (sorry Ty). I agree with the scores. 
Charo. time in the beginning. She annoying me already. Too high. 
Nick. Better then I thought he'd be. But I saw heel leads and his feet need to be cleaned up. I agree with the scores. 
Heather. I love Maks. Yay! to the dance. Too low. 
David. A bit slow for a Quickstep. Not bad but he may have trouble with Latin. It was cute. A littl…

91 + stash

91/98 rows on the page.

And I caved and bought stash. There were sales and I saw one afghan was on clearance with only 3 left. Which caused me to buy from 2 different sites (Mary Maxim had 17% off, Herrschners had .17 shipping)

Why am I drawn to afghan's so much?

I have a square

I officially have 80 x 80 stitches done. And you can see the top of the castle-like structure in the background.

And of course I had to include a photo of Onyx. She's kind of mad at me because I cut her claws. And I won't let her out. It's cold and there's snow on the porch. Plus she wouldn't stay outside long anyway even if I did open the door. She just thinks she wants to go out.

70 rows

10 more rows and I'll have a square.

I didn't get as much stitching in this weekend as I would've liked but I didn't do too bad.

DWTS Season 24: cast

Whoo hoo! DWTS is coming back on. We're really in season 24? How long have I been watching this show? Sheesh. Onto my opinions

Bonner Bolton with Sharna Burgess. 2nd bull rider ever on the show. I'm probably one of the few people who he is. Like Ty Murray (the previous bull rider) he's most likely going to be likeable enough to stick around for a few weeks even if he can't dance.
Charo with Keo Motsepe. The old lady of the group. I've heard she has some latin experience, but I think she'll tend more toward comedic routine rather than high quality dancing.
Chris Kattan with Witney Carson. I vaugely recall him from SNL. I think he was on in the 90s. I have no clue what to expect from him,
David Ross with Lindsay Arnold. Baseball player. No clue how he'll do.
Erika Jayne with Gleb Savchenko. Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Also no clue, but based on the other housewives that have been on the show. Abrasive personality and not so great dancing.
Heather Morris with M…