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DWTS Season 22: Week 6

Cute opening
Kim. Entertaining but the flicks were out rather than down (on purpose?)  She was overshadowed by everyone else around her. Too high for me.
Von. He didn't own the dance. He didn't feel like he went all out. Too high for me.
Jodie. It was mostly lifts and not much dancing. Bit the emotion was there. 8s maybe, not a 9.
Paige. Cute. Very groovy baby. I agree with the scores.
Nyle. I liked it. Better than the previous Quickstep to that song... *cough*  a few timing issues and he could've had a better frame. He wasn't standing up straight. I'll give him the scores.
Ginger. Hehe. Sharp and precise. Didn't get swallowed by the pros. I'll give her the scores. Maybe a little low.
Doug. Clearly could tell the difference between him and the pros. Too high.
Wanya. What can I say? He's good. I agree with the scores.
Antonio. His footwork was sloppy, especially at the end. Too high for me.
And we say goodbye to Doug. Finally.
Although why w…

All black

Somewhat mindless work as I had a good 10 rows of complete black to fill in. Full cross stitches anyway. I'm at least on to the last bit of the piece.

And just for the heck of it, Onyx looking cute.

DWTS Season 22: week 5

Switch up time! With Maks as a judge!
Wanya. He looked hunched over a bit. I know tango requires bent knees but he looked bow legged. Watch the posture in hold. I'll give him the scores.
Kim. It took a while for her to start to dance. But there wasn't much basic steps. Not worth 8s.
Doug. His frame was bad. Bent over and butt out. Not worth 7s for me.
Ginger. A little too much shimmying. But she kept the fringe moving. I agree with the scores.
Antonio. Fun but the cha cha was rough. Too high.
Paige. I liked it but she needed more hips. But not much syllabus steps. I'll give her the scores.
Von. His footwork was horrible. Very flat footed. Too high.
Nyle. Not bad. It did expose a few technical weaknesses. I don't know if it was worth 10s.
Jodie. That song made it hard for me to see paso. I'll give her the scores. 
No elimination as they don't make someone go home based solely on the switch up scores. That being said, Doug needs to go home followed by An…

Approaching infinite black

Alright, not quite infinite, but I have a boatload of black to do now.

DWTS Season 22: Week 4

Disney night, happiest night of the season.
Antonio. Cute. But still felt a bit dance by numbers. It could've been a smoother jazz. Too high.
Marla. The arrangement of the song had me distracted. It was hard to hear the timing. A few odd parts. I'll give her the scores.
Nyle. Cute and fun. Technique was rough, but most samba's are. I'll give him the scores, but a little high.
Doug. He couldn't keep up with Karina or the choreography. Too high.
Kim. I liked it but for some reason I found her shoes distracting because they were so thick. I'll give her the scores.
Jodie. Needed more hips and to straighten her legs. A few mistakes. I'll give her the scores.
Von. Not bad. Much better for him. Pretty basic but this dance is supposed to be. I'll give him the scores.
Ginger. I think that was my favorite dance so far. I agree with the scores.
Wayna. Techno remix? Promenade runs looked a bit funky. Pretty good elsewhere. I agree with the scores.
Paige. Cute, …


I'm done with page 3.

Because my computer didn't get fixed until Friday, I had lots of time to spend stitching. I also decided to be lazy and stay in bed all weekend.

DWTS Season 22: Week 3

Grab the tissues.

Ginger. It was cute. A bit staccato. I'll give her the scores.
Doug. Footwork was atrocious and overall jerky. Good partnering though. Too high.
Kim. Not bad. Frame could be better but the foxtrot was just above walking through it. A little high for me.
Von. Meh. Not very fluid, a bit dance by numbers. Too high.
Marla. Hello Stamford DWM. Footwork was muddy. Kicks and flicks needed to be sharper. A little high but I'll give it to her.
Antonio. He kept rushing a bit. Other parts were too sharp. I saw hopping. Overall it was inconsistent but nothing was excellent. Too high.
Paige. I liked it. It did deviate from paso from it worked for her. I agree with the scores.
Jodie. Probably should've been a contemporary piece rather than a foxtrot. But it was good. Her head was in the correct position for a while. I agree with the scores.
Mischa. I don't think I would've known it was samba without the little tag. She may have been having more fun but it …

progress and a set back

Saturday night we had a severe thunderstorm. Shaking the house type of storm. Unfortunately, my computer wouldn't boot up Sunday morning. I'm currently on my Dad's to type this. Of course this 'forced' me to stay in bed and stitch all day.

Getting close to finishing page 3 of this.

Also noteworthy, I have gone one entire month without buying stash. Any, over all my crafts. Yay?