A bit of ADD

I seem to be a bit all over the place this week. Let me walk you through it.

Sunday, I have declared this day to be for 'insanity'. I shall try and keep this up. So Monday, I picked up a new cross-stitch, Mystical Wizard. More on that later but here are the colors.

Wednesday, I decided to work on one of my sewing projects. A 17.5" stuffed Christmas tree. I was going to make the 12" one but I had enough fabric if I ignored the included cutting diagram and got away with 1/8" less.

But come Thursday, I was tired of my cross stitch. There's only so much I could take of stitching blue on blue, and mainly two colors of blue. Of course the upper left is the least interesting part color-wise of this piece.

So I switched to The Accolade. I'll include the last photo I took of it (with my old phone) because I didn't get that many rows finished. But not bad for only two days.


And as today is Sunday, I worked on Insanity again. And I finished page 2 (of 153). Yay!

This Friday will be my first competition as part of an amateur couple. I have to start at 9:30am.

Now off to start page 3.


  1. Wow.. congrats on working on so much this week and good luck at the competition!


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