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Patterns galore!

But first, I finished my dress.
As I was putting in the zipper, I realized it was way too big on my dress form and apparently, I need to adjust the bust on it because I'm a tad smaller than it was set to. But it's done and wearable. Of course it made me buy the craftsy course on fitting.

Next bit of craft updating is my cross-stitch. The disembodied heads now have bodies. But I'm still not even 1/4 done with the design.
But now for the patterns. Joann's labor day sale included Butterick, Mccall and Vogue patterns on sale. So I stocked up.

I accidentally bought another of these. Patterns of not returnable so I'll sell it if someone wants it.


But first my cross-stitching update. I got tired of the white, black, and gray of the tigers so I got a random number and it became the Grand Ball.

Which at the moment is part of a balcony and some floating heads.
But I went fabric shopping. First up, a pink lace and poplin. Picked for a dress with a peplum.
These next two cotton fabrics are for a jumpsuit.

 I loved this glittery ombre. I think it's chiffon. Definitely a mesh.
I also picked up a plum stretch for a few tops, a royal blue jersey for another dress, and a couple of lining fabrics.

I will get back to the purple dress. I just didn't feel like ironing this week.

All over the place

That's where I was with my crafts this week. I continued with the doily but this latest row I'm doing isn't going very fast. I'm doing a split dtr cluster that attach three rows down and cross each other. You can see what that looks like on the upper right of the doily.
That was two days of work for 1/4 of the way around. My brain just wasn't into it so it was going even slower. So I made another ruffle scarf just for something mindless.

Then I decided to make a new dress. I'd have taken a picture but all I've done is cut all the pieces and stitch a few together. Nothing really to show. That was Thursday.

Then I had a need to cross-stitch. I couldn't do the purple block that was the black stallion HEAD so #15 on my list it was. Ended up being the white tigers.
There's some stitching that's hard to see as it's white on white.

I may need to take tomorrow to do some reorganizing of my craft closet again. It's gotten a bit messy and I may…

More Crochet

This is as far as I've gotten on my sweater. It's the Frou Frou pattern from the Stitch 'N Bitch book. Sorry it's a little blurry.
Between being a little foggy on Thursday and the ambiguity of the patter at one point  I stopped working on this and went back to my doily. The instructions are to move left stitch marker up one and to the left and right stitch marker up one and to the right. I'm not sure if this is supposed to keep the increases in between the previous inc, always to the outside, or something in between. Anyway, this is my doily, I still have several rounds to go.

Caught a bug

A crochet bug. While I did start a new cross-stitch, I didn't get very far so there's no point in showing it.

I did finish a shawl, with flowers and fringe.

I got far on a doily too, but had to stop due to having run out of thread briefly.

Started a sweater too, but haven't gotten that far on it. Next week I should have enough to show you.