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Plugging along

Progress after starting the 4th repeat of the pattern. You can see Clyde above who has finally decided he likes laying on my bed with me.

This is going to take a while...

So my bathroom is finally getting redone, but that means I'm temporarily back at my parents. I left my lamp so photo lighting is going to be a bit subpar for a while. Also scratched a cuticle and broke several nails during the move...
So, I knew knitting something would take longer than the equivalent crochet, but didn't think it would be this slow. Thankfully the 2nd repeat seems to have taken less time. But I still have 9 more to go.

Good news, lots more Clyde photos. I've been here two days and he's still unsure of what to make of me being in his house this long.

So far he's only on my bed (on the afghan that I have repeatedly said was not his) when I'm not home.

Change of project

So I was on the 2nd to last row of the previous project and realized I messed up 2 rows down. Not something I could fudge, so I put it away because I'm still undecided about buying a new ball, or starting over with a smaller hook...
So I turned to knitting. This afghan kit has been in my possession since 2015. It's rated intermediate and is working up with only a few bumps in the road. (And if I mess up a knit/purl I can always flip with with a hook rather than completely frog.)

I was sitting on the floor putting something together for my parents so Clyde was watching me from the chair. At the time, he was looking at my mom during a moment of distraction.

And latest dragon.

Going to play yarn chicken next week

So a little late with this post because I thought I might get farther on this afghan. It took me 2 hours to do one row at this point. I have 2 more to go and am probably going to lose at yarn chicken. I will then put this away until I get the skein, but I'll wait until I know I need more than 1 item from Mary Maxim. I usually have more yarn leftover on projects. My gauge was just a hair larger than suggested so I didn't go down a hook. Did that extra 1/8" snowball that badly?

Clyde claims all boxes, even those that have not been opened yet.

Happy New Year!

So I may nickname 2019 the year of the afghans. As one of my goals for the year is to reduce the kits in my closet that consist mainly of afghans

Above is my final 2018 finish, below is my start of 2019.

Bonus, Clyde wondering why I'm taking his picture again on New Year's Eve.