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1/3 of the way through page 3

That's a lot of three's.

Got some more stash. I swear this should be the last of it for a while. (Must resist HAED sale...) The majority of the cross stitch was because I was ordering from Sew and So and had the need to make shipping worthwhile.

 Saw Clyde yesterday. These two photos were taken seconds apart. (Mom was getting his attention for me)

And had some visitors. Mom and 5 babies (2 were under the porch at the time of photo)

Where did those lights come from?

Almost 20 rows completed on page 3 of this. This is one of those pieces that your so on top of, it takes a photo to realize something appeared.

So I went to another Yankee game yesterday, didn't get burnt this time, but I'm still slightly red from Memorial Day.

By the way, the two guys on the left are 5'11" and 6'2". Aaron Judge (#99) is a very large human being who will make me feel tiny if I ever meet him. (I'm 5'10" for reference)

And here's Clyde looking cute. He somehow found a hole in the pillows to have his own little fort.

Trouble with wearable items

So my fit issues with crochet items I want to wear continues. Initially went with a larger size due to pattern 'bust size'. My gauge was a little larger than required, but figured it would give me a bit more room to possibly wear a bra under it. Nope. turned out way too big. Kept hook and went down a size. The band fits better but now I'm worried about coverage. I know there's a border, but still worried.

So, taking a break while I figure out if I keep going or modify the top. So back to Alternative Reality.

The prince appears

I have finished page 1 as well.

 Some more stash arrived.

And here's Clyde lying in front of "his" closet.

Onto crochet!