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A little bit of Christmas

and a change of plans.

Going to crochet and try and reduce the number of kits I have in my closet interspersed with more ornaments.
Also had an impromptu photo shoot with Clyde. All photos taken in under a minute.

DWTS Season 27: Week 6

Halloween night.

Milo. Appropriately creepy. I agree with the scores.
John. Music did not fit the dance. I could see the steps but had issues feeling the paso. Felt too regal in posture. Little high but i'll agree with the scores.
Demarcus. Uh, no hips. Best part was the lifts. Not sure what the judges were looking at. Too high. 
Evanna. Not bad. I think she could've embraced the character more. Seemed to be cat lite. My mind wandered back to my cha cha routine to that song. A little high.
Bobby. Not really Argentine tango. And he seemed to not do much. Cute shoes on Sharna. I prefer the original version of the song. Too high.
Mary Lou. Felt a bit one note. Everything was on one beat and little was syncopated. Too high.
Ooh, hot shirtless guys dancing. Kinda needed that tonight.
Alexis. Seemed a bit like a jive which she did before. Music seemed a bit off time near the end... too high.
Joe. Lots of lifts, not much tango. She danced around him. Footwork was clunky. Too high.

So many beads

The ghost took way too long to finish. Spent a good portion of two days working on just that. I finished the ornament in far less time.

The shawl is on hold for the moment. Just ripped out 4 rows and don't want to be frustrated on my vacation. So off to make more ornaments.

DWTS Season 27: Week 5

Disney night! Happiest night of the year.

Cute opening. Over the top, but cute. 
Alexis. Nice classic foxtrot. I saw connecting through the hips at points. Don't think her upper body was leaving far enough back. Don't know if it was 10s but I'll give her the scores.
Juan Pablo. Cute. He definitely got into it. Few footwork issues. Not 10s, but i'll give him the scores.
Demarcus. Lifts were great. Actual Charleston, not so much. Too high.
Evanna. Seemed a bit messy. Saw some missed connections. Too high.
Joe. Off time, looked lost, too much jumping up and down. I don't know what Carrie Ann was looking at. Too high.
Mary Lou. I felt it was a lot of moving through poses. Too high.
John. Not bad. I agree with the scores.
Bobby. Seemed more viennese than slow waltz. Didn't see much rise and fall or waltz. Too high.
Milo. His head was too far forward and he kept looking down at her. I think Whitney was standing too upright. No body contact. Too high.
In jeopardy, Dem…

Page 7 complete

1.1 pages left for the row. But onto something else for a bit.

I started knitting this shawl. Why did I choose such a thin yarn for my 2nd knitting project? Frogged a lot. Finally put in that brown size 10 thread as a "lifeline". Oddly, I haven't royally messed up since I did so...

Got a case for my double pointed needles. Not really built for some of the larger ones but I'm making it work.

DWTS Season 27: Week 4

It's trio night. Should be fun.

Juan Pablo w/ Melissa Rycroft. Hot, but not much cha cha to that dance. His knees were bent during the cha cha. Too high.

Tinashe w/ Amy Purdy. Too open but full frame would've looked odd with the three person tango. But that song wasn't a good choice for tango. Too high.
John w/ Joey Fatone. Interesting, but not really feeling the Argentine tango from John. Joey's eyebrows helped. Too high.
Evanna w/ Scarlett Byrne. That wasn't very good from either of them. No hips. I liked the song but didn't feel salsa. Too high.
Demarcus w/ Rashad Jennings. Neither has their hips forward properly, but Rashad carried the rest of his body better. Demarcus looked too bowed over. Too high.
Mary Lou w/ Nastia Liukin. Cute. Best part was probably that balance lift with both ladies. Too high.
Milo w/ Riker Lynch. They matched. Could've used more hips in places and I think the shoes made them look very flat footed. A bit high, but i'll give t…

Arab Tent progress

Progress on the Arab Tent. Should be able to finish this page by next week.

And I thought it got to be cold enough to start working on afghans, but this week it went back into the 70s. So may do a knit shawl project with "it's a wrap". Need to refresh my knitting skills before tackling one of the blankets I bought.

Also ordered yarn for the crochet crowd summer CAL and a potential knit hoodie. And a case for my double pointed needles so they're not sliding around on a shelf.

Vacation is coming up at the end of the month, hopefully I can get some cleaning/organizing done.

DWTS Season 27: Week 3

It's most memorable year night. Get the tissues ready.

Mary Lou. Not bad. Had a bit too much posing at the beginning. Head in hold didn't seem like it was always in the right direction. A little high. I would've given 7s.
Milo. Not very sharp, still had the loose quality from his first dance that I was worried about. I was entertained, I also love that song. I'll give him the scores but to high.
Nancy. No hips. Very much step, pose, turn. I didn't see what Carrie Ann was talking about. Too high.
Alexis. It was pretty. Good lifts. I'll give her the scores.
Evanna. Not bad, but body contact was lacking that would make that dance easier. I'll give her the scores.
Joe. Footwork was messy. He looked like he was shuffling along on his toes the entire time and knees were entirely too bent. Too high.
Juan Pablo. Was expecting more hips from him. Not bad for a guy, but few places looked a bit odd. Don't know if it was worth a perfect score.
John. Not bad. The ri…


Aren't they cute?

Working on the Arab Tent now. This page, one more and a partial left to finish the row.

And I couldn't resist the HAED sale. If anyone knows where I can get a cone of 938 and 939 that'd be great.

DWTS Season 27: Week 2 - Night 2

Time for some gambling, Vegas night is here.

Juan Pablo. I liked it. They did some swing. His rise and fall was a bit hoppy but so was the music. I'll give him 8s.
Milo. Back was curved, possibly because of the height difference since his knees looked too bent. 8s for the posture but it was a good dance. 
Danielle. Not much Quickstep. She looked more lost than usual. Too high.
Alexis. No hips during basic salsa. Too high.
John. He walked through it, didn't see much jive. Cute routine, but not a jive. too high.
Demarcus. Song was an odd choice. His left arm seemed to be too high. Something was off. Too high.
Joe. He seemed behind on everything except the trick with the glasses at the beginning. Really obvious next to 3 professionals. Too high.
Evanna. She tried but things were just a bit off through the whole routine. Either too much or not enough. Too high.
Bobby. I was too distracted by what was going on behind them to really pay attention. But I have a feeling it was not ver…

DWTS Season 27: Week 2

Cute opening. Although I miss pure ballroom openings.

Demarcus. A bit fast for a foxtrot. I think he had his arms /shoulders too high in hold. It was decent, but something was a bit off for me. A bit high but may end up being one of the better of the night.
Danielle. Not very good. I know she can't see, but technique was non existent. Too high. 
John. Felt more Broadway than Charleston. The Charleston parts were off. The rest was cute at least. Too high. Barely 7s for me.
Nancy. I saw heel leads, bent knees, not closing her feet on the chasses, and not actually moving during chasses and lock steps. Not very good. Too high.
Alexis. A few hiccups surrounding the skirt and I think she should be able to point her toes better. Didn't really feel like an Argentine tango. Too high.
Joe. Better than last week, but he also had far fewer steps. And the few he did felt like dance by numbers. Too high given he didn't do anything.
Tinashe. I liked it. The tricks were good and it felt l…