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End of august

It's really the end of August already? Sheesh. Anyway, spent a bit more time this week on my cross stitch.

Finished a shawl. It's currently being blocked.

The rest of my yarn came. The patterns, the needles and the pink yarn on the left was a free gift due to a promotion when I ordered the rest of the stuff.

And I started something new. Well, two new things but one ended up having mistakes in the pattern so I'm waiting on a response from the company.

This cute little kitten was hanging around the location I was filming at last Sunday. Bit skittish but I got it to bump it's nose against my finger. There was another cat, that I assume was it's mother, who was much more friendly.

SFS2014 - August

I have done well on not spending on cross-stitch stash. Yarn, not so much again this month.

I switched cross-stitch projects. This:

To this:

Then this was my stash for the month. Yarn and sewing patterns.

And I started a lot of crochet projects.

But I finished a lot too.

Overall I think it was a productive month.

Finish and stash

Not much more done with the cross-stitch. But I only work on it a day or two.

I finished two things. First is the Sun Blossom Mandala Doily.

And I just finished this one about 10 minutes ago, 'Yes, Yes Shawl' made with Red Heart's Unforgettable in Tidal.

Still working on this shawl. Got a little stuck because of an error. Will have to redo the last 3 rows.

Then here's part 1 of the stash I ordered Sunday. All cotton except for the blue cashmere/linen on the top left and the silks to the right of that. And all fingering/lace weight except for the purple DK at the top right.

And the sewing patterns. 64, whittled down from 82 I believe. At some point this week, I'll put them on my pinterest board.

Back to work on some things I've already started before beginning something with my new yarn.

A switch, a finish, and some starts

I have it all this week.
First, I finished my dragon filet crochet.

I switched to a new cross-stitch.

And I started some new crochet. A necklace, A mandala, and a shawl (with marino wool!)

I also got a new catalog in the mail (for some reason it was addressed to my mom) from The Stitchery. Lots of lovely patterns but I'm resisting.

I also resisted buying anything at a local yarn store I popped into. Too much wool and unhappy with the colors of one yarn I wanted to buy.

However I've done practically nothing today because I've been fighting with the McCall website due to it's extreme sluggishness. The 99 cent out of print sale may have something to do with that. But it's made it hard to look at the patterns then cull them. In the meantime, I've made yarn lists on two other websites, one of which I will be purchasing. (Help me?) There are just too many lovely things I want to make.


I've made progress on my projects. Maybe not so much on the cross-stitch this week...

But definitely on the dragon filet...

And I even got the motif on the ocean vista dress done after realizing row 11 & 12 were not written correctly. Mainly 11.

Now to make sure my gauge is correct for the Tunisian parts.

A finish and something different

My progress on Dancing Couple.

The dragon filet.

And look! I finished the lacy cami.

A little too poofy for my tastes now that I finished it. Onto etsy it goes. Oh, if the 'skirt' looks different from the last time I posted it, it is. I ripped it out completely and redid it after realizing the 'v-stitch' directions were wrong. (They said ch 1, the remaining instructions always referred to ch 2) The change made the it a much looser, less poofy fabric. I still required an extra ball of yarn than the directions said I would.

I didn't get as much done this week as I usually do. I had a two day job as a videographer for an equestrian event. Up at 4am, be there at 6am, show started about 8am, done around 5pm. I've included some pictures I took of the course (in between horses). The first picture is of my company for the morning of the first day.

After this I'm really convinced I need to find a full-time job that's indoors. The sun doesn't agree with my sk…