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DWTS Season 25: Week 7

Halloween comes early for DWTS. Prepare for spooky and scary routines and the team dances.

Victoria. Pretty. Simple. I'll give her the score.

Jordan. I liked it but I didn't see his hips forward. I'll give him the scores.

Nikki. Not very good. Mostly tricks and the jive content wasn't good. Felt like she walked through it. Too high for me.

Vanessa. It felt stiff to me. Maybe because it was zombies? I'll give her the scores.

Terrell. Not bad. Frame wasn't bad but I think he needed to tuck his butt under more. A little high.

Lindsey. Pretty good considering the pain she must be in. I agree with the scores.

Frankie. Interesting concept I don't think he really did anything. Too high for me.

Drew. Cute. A little high for me.

Team round

Team monster mash. Cute. Nikki still can't jive. It was a bit hectic. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Team phantom of the ballroom. I love this play and the dance captured it. I agree with the scores.

And going home is …

An oldie

So I finished the peacock. Still have to finish sewing the body to the tail but it's done.

And I pulled out a really old UFO. The Accolade.

Something funny; after working on HAED's and Insanity, I could almost have done this like I normally do. I'm getting spoiled by the number of stitches of the same color next to each other. I am kicking myself for going across all six pages at once though. Makes it take a really long time for anything to appear as it takes me about 1.5 hours for each row.

That being said, I have six rows until the end of the 2nd row of pages. So almost have 12 pages complete out of 42.

DWTS Season 25: Week 6

It's a night at the movies.

I loved that opening. And the giant staircase is back (kind of). Ah, early Hollywood. 

Nikki. It was ok. A few iffy sections. I liked the glitter snow at the end. Or was it supposed to be rain? Don't know if I would give it 9s.
Drew. He was bent forward at the hips rather than his hips being forward. And he got off time at the beginning of the group section. High. Definitely not a 9.
Nick. It looks steampunk rather than western. That was awful. Hoppy and stilted. Too high. 
Victoria. It was a bit hard to see if she had the posture with all that padding. But I liked it. I'll give her the scores. 
Terrell. Decent. Definitely fun. His kicks and flicks weren't bad but other steps looked a bit flat. The spy theme helped control his long limbs. I'll give him the scores. 
Frankie. Fun. Got off a few times. I agree with the scores. 
Vanessa. Her frame wasn't quite right. Her skirt unfortunately fell off early. I agree with the scores. 
Jordan. I saw …

Page finish and switch

So I completed the first page (of my working copies) of Dance Me Out and started page 2. Unfortunately, I got bored very quickly with the almost single color.

So I switched to something I felt would be a quick finish. Say hello to the peacock doily. Oddly, it's done in DMC #5.

I kind of need quick because my boyfriend bought me a kit for a crochet tree skirt. And I should probably start soon so I can have it for my tree.

DWTS Season 25: Week 5

Disney night. This time they're going in chronological order through the years.

Victoria. Cute. But a very odd song. Sparkely bodysuits. I'll give her the scores. 
Vanessa. She felt behind and Maks had to drag her along. She also seemed to get stuck in her solo spins. I agree with the scores. 
Lindsey. Very pretty. Would like her to brush her ankles more as her legs look too far apart at times. I agree with the scores. 
Cute interlude of the mickey mouse club theme. 
Nick. I thought he was a little forward in hold and he didn't quite match Peta. Feet messed up a few times. A little high. 
Drew. Not bad. I liked her dress. It felt a bit slow for a Viennese waltz. He also had too much up and down so it felt more like a waltz. Tad high. 
Kermit is funny. 
Sasha. No hips. It looked like she could barely move at times and was always on her toes. I don't know what the judges saw. Too high. 
Terrell. Interesting. But I felt his upper body was frozen in one expression. Too hig…

New start

So I started Dance Me Out. I think I'm about halfway through the top left quarter of the design. Half stitches help with the speed.

I also seem to have gotten into baseball in the post season since I went to the Wild Card game. It makes Monday night's a little crazy. I end up starting to watch my recorded version of the game. Switch to DWTS at 8. Then go back to the recording during commercials for a batter. I then catch up with the live game after I post my blog. Hectic, hectic night.

Also am trying to expand on my outline for NaNoWriMo. Problem is my main characters are very sketchy and really the only things that are conclusive are one scene that started this whole plot, and the character of the usurper (not an MC).

DWTS Season 25: Week 4

Most memorable year, aka make sure you have tissues on standby.

Frankie. Not bad. His frame felt high. Too high. 
Terrell. He paused too much. Churches waltz is supposed to flow. Too high. 
Nikki. I didn't much dancing. Almost all tricks. Too high. 
Nick. He did good but that isn't really a ballroom dance. Still too high. 
Lindsey. Very pretty. First tears of the night for me. I agree with the scores.
Derek. I liked it. There were a few places he seemed to blank for a split second on the routine. A tad high but I'll give him the scores. 
Jordan. Very good. I agree with the scores. 
Sasha. I can tell she's hanging onto Gleb in hold due to her elbows. It was decent. Too high. 
Vanessa. Unfortunately I didn't see any hip movements. Better than some of the others that got that score. So too low. 
Drew. Fun but he needed more control over his limbs. I'll give him the scores for entertainment value and having his brother join. 
Victoria. Decent. A few iffy footwork p…

Some progress

So I switched projects to Fantasy Triptych, but didn't get much stitching done as I was at the Yankee wild card game on Tuesday and was displaced from my apartment Thursday and Friday due to the contractor fixing the wall that got wet from the leak. Spent that time at my parents making working copies of all the kits I have.

I'm currently bouncing between projects trying to decide on my next one so I don't have much progress on anything else.

DWTS Season 25: Week 3

It's guilty pleasures night and they seem to have opened it up beyond a specific song.

Opening was a bit all over the place. 

Drew. He still needs to watch his feet. Too high for me. 
Derek. Not very good. I saw heel leads and the lack of hips made other things look weird. Not much cha cha. Too high. 
Victoria. Not bad. But too far apart and head position was too upright. Not worth an 8.
Vanessa. Cute. Alan had an easy dance. I did see some differences between her and the troop but it wasn't too difficult choreography. I'll give her the scores for execution. 
Nikki. She was too upright in hold and didn't have enough body contact. Especially since it was 50 shades of grey inspired.  Too high. 
Frankie. Footwork wasn't bad but he only seemed to do half a bounce. Too staccato and no hips. Too high. 
Lindsey. Cute and fun. I would've liked her legs together a bit more. I agree with the scores. 
Sasha. She really didn't do anything. Funny at times but not much da…

Fall leaf shawl

This week's project was mainly this shawl that I had last worked on when I did overnights at News12.

Also worked on this scarf Monday/Tuesday, feather and fan stitch with a sparkly ball of yarn. Also started a long time ago. I had to rewind my yarn because my hand would ball was locked and wouldn't pull from the center. Oops.

Ended up with a leak in my ceiling/wall due to the top cap of the pipe that carries the hot water for the heat failing. Had two giant paint bubbles jutting out from the wall. Building will be fixing it in the coming week.