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Not a lot to show

I didn't get much stitching done this week.

Dancing with the Stars had a two night finale, and yesterday Onyx decided to lay on me.

And the other nights I was taking time to pack my craft closet.

You can actually see the back of it! Still have some to pack, plus the other boxes and bags that are stashed in other closets...

DWTS Season 22: week 10 night 2

It's the final night of season 22. All the stars are back (good and bad)
Good opening, but who messed up the hike? Doug or Karina?
Kim. She performs, but you can tell the difference between her and the pros very easily.
Paige. Still a good dance.
I love Kenny when he's not dancing.
And Doug is still bad just based on that 30 second exit to break.
Nyle. Still had a few things wrong with technique.
Love bloopers.
Why was one member of fifth harmony wearing a white jumpsuit while the others had silver dresses?
Nice save with the towel.
Ginger. Also still a good dance.
Antonio. Still a cute routine, but still not a fan of his dancing.
Yay Maks! And Val!
Jodie. Good routine.
And the game show was stupid.
A Viennese waltz done on a tiny stage, not easy.
Wayna. He should've been in the finals. But I still am irked by that leg position he always has.
Ah, gorgeous men dancing around.
Not my favorite Pitbull song.
Cute group dance (with the crab) and good for hidin…

DWTS Season 22: week 10 night 1

Here we are at the finale. Tomorrow night, we'll have a new champion. Redemption round
Ginger. I liked it. It felt a little held back, but given her injury I'm not surprised. I agree with the scores.
Nyle. It looked a bit frantic at times and too much side shuffling/cantering. Too high for me.
Paige. Fun. Sharp and a fair amount of basic footwork. It didn't rely on lifts. But she didn't have a lot of hip action. I'll agree with the scores.
Freestyle round.
Ginger. Cute. I like that song. I felt they could have done a bit more at the beginning. I'll give them the scores.
Nyle. It was good but I saw a few times out of sync. Apparently I don't get emotionally involved in his dances. A little high for me.
Paige. I liked this one better than Nyle's. Maybe it was the song. I agree with the scores.

Birds of a feather

Say hello to my sleepy night owl.

Still need to get the backing fabric and turn him into a pillow, but the stitching is done.

And onto another peacock. Once finished and framed, it will go in my kitchen as it goes with my dishes and pots.

DWTS Season 22: Week 9

It's the semi-finals. Trio round
Paige. Let the molting begin (feather joke). I liked it. She was a bit hoppy at times but I think that was the bare feet. I'll give her the scores.
Antonio. I felt it was a dance by numbers routine. His posture could be better. Too high for me.
Wanya. His legs were better. Really only saw them during the walks forward and back. But his posture wasn't right. Other than that it was a good dance. A little high for me.
Nyle. His kicks and flicks were a bit stiff. Her also got off time a few times. A little high for me.
Ginger. I liked it. A little too much switching legs near the end. She seemed to get spun around rather than be in control. I agree with the scores.
Round 2
Paige. Woo hoo. I agree with the scores.
Antonio. Clever choreography. But I wasn't that impressed with the dance. Too high for me.
Wanya. That was fun. I agree with the scores.
Nyle. Eh. His feet were bothering me. Too high for me.
Ginger. I liked it. A minor mish…

Something practical

A pillow is practical right?

I got pretty far this week. It was barely past the dark purple when I started.

I also started packing up my craft closet. I made some progress, but it's barely a dent when you consider how much I have packed into the drawers.

DWTS Season 22: Week 8

Nyle. The song wasn't very paso. His butt was sticking out so the shape wasn't correct. Too high for me.
Antonio. Better than usual worth the footwork. A few strange places, the fleckeral was shuffling. This was a good dance to concentrate on details. A little high.
Jodie. That was fun. I agree with the scores.
Paige. I liked the waltz. Could have done without the animation sequence. Can I have her shoes? I agree with the 9s.
Ginger. The lighting made it hard to see her feet at times. But I liked it. It had a good balance of frenetic and sultry. I agree with the scores.
Wanya. I love that song. I liked it but his kicks and flicks looked a bit off. He needs to fix his natural stance. Going with the western theme, he looked like he had been riding a horse all day. There were mistakes. I agree with the scores.
Judges round
Team Bruno. Interesting. Too high for me.
Team Len. That was cute. Not much bounce, but cute. Too high for me.
Team Carrie Ann. Powerful but Antonio…


It's done. I spent about 2 days on the backstitching. Also didn't really stitch for most of the week.

It's hard to see, but there's blending filament around each of the small 'squares' of glitter by the fairies.

DWTS Season 22: Week 7

Icons night
Jodie. Not bad. But he looked to be pulling her around the floor. Her butt was sticking out a bit, may have been corrected if their hips were connected. 8s yes, 9s no.
Kim. That song is not a samba. No bounce, no hips. Her knees were straight the entire time. The judges are being too nice. Methinks she's going home. Way too high.
Nyle. I liked it, but there were a few things off about his frame. That song wasn't a foxtrot. Wouldn't call it a 10.
Antonio. His butt was out and he was leaning forward the entire time. Messed up a bit. I liked the choreography. Too high for me.
Wanya. That was good. A few times he looked bow legged. I agree with the scores.
Ginger. A very pretty Viennese waltz with contact at the hips in hold. I agree with the scores.
Von. Eh. Song didn't help me envision salsa. The salsa part was very basic. No hips and footwork was iffy. Little too high.
Paige. I liked it. A little too much Tina and not enough jive though. Her fe…

To the back stitch!

Not quite the same ring as to the bat cave but...

All full and half cross stitches are complete. The 'grass' is going to be complicated as I'm doing black over black and the lines cross each other a lot. No TV for that part I guess.