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DWTS Season 21: week 3

The muppets are funny.
Carlos. Cute. But a bit frantic compared to the lyrical nature of the music. I'll give him the scores.
Paula. Eh. Not very good. Very repetitive and crowded. Scores are generous.
Tamar. I liked it but it seemed to be missing something. She was too stiff, the music had a bit more of a rubber band feel. I agree with the scores.
Alexa. Bit odd. Too high for me.
Cute outro with the male pros and miss piggy.
Andy. Cute. A little awkward. Also a bit repetitive with the actual Quickstep. I'll give him the scores.
Gary. He barely went anywhere. I was more entertained by the 'kids' in the background. Too high for me.
Alek. Very basic tango but done fairly well. A few too many viennese crosses though. I'll give him the scores.
Kim. Feel better.
Bindi. Have they changed the rule that you can't break hold in the middle of Quickstep? They got a little out of sync and she was too straight. I'll give her the scores.
Nick. Very good. Interes…

SFS2015 - September

Month: September
Spent: 48.65
Earned: 18

I went a little over this month again. Only by $4.
I finished Kitty Trio and started Mystical Unicorn.

So, yeah, My purchases. I was good with ABCstitch's 20% off sale. Stuck with the clearance page with minimal damage.

Although I think I need to get a full time job just to not have time to look at sales on Herrschners.

It's back...

...has appeared. Haha.

If you thought the title was referring to my craft closet (of doom), you get a point. Only because I need to fix that again.

I held off buying anything this week again, although I was tempted.

Also tried to sell some crochet at ta tag sale. Wrong crowd. No sales, handed out cards, and got a sunburn on my left arm (forgot sunscreen). I did get some free yarn though. DMC #10, Red Heart TLC, and some fuzzy yarn I've never heard of. All of which is currently hiding in a closet.

DWTS Season 21: week 2 night 2

Hayes. I liked it. But his hips were too far away from her in hold. Made him look like he was leaving forward. I'll give him the scores but maybe a bit high.
Carlos. Knees were bent the entire time. A no no in cha cha. Given his ability they could've danced more. A little high again.
Gary. He looked like he forgot the end. Too high.
Andy. She danced around him a lot and some of the tricks he did felt small. His lines could've been better. I would've gone work 7s.
Alexa. Mostly spins, few steps, and she was leaning forward the entire time. Only time I saw proper hip movement when mark's hand was on her hip. I'll agree with the scores.
Paula. Odd song choice. Which made it an odd tango. Too many pauses and not very sharp. I guess I'll give her the scores.
Bindi. I was having trouble picking out the waltz in that. Felt a bit more Viennese than regular waltz. It was danced well but... I guess I'll give her the scores.
Kim. Decent. She seems to take…

DWTS Season 21: week 2 night 1

Nick. Cute. Bit messy and not as sharp as it could've been. Footwork was muddy at times. I'll give him the scores.
Paula. Better than last week in terms of not being dragged around but I saw heel leads, bent knees, and lack of hips. New yorkers were decent. I guess I'll give her the scores. Bit high for me.
Hayes. Better than last week. He looked more comfortable. Theme didn't really go with foxtrot. I agree with the scores.
Chaka. She walked rather than glided. And she forgot her choreography. I agree with the scores.
Andy. Energy was a bit wild and he was pigeon toed for the flicks. A few too many tricks. A little high for me.
Kim. Much less careful. But very basic and somewhat repetitive for a short Quickstep. Frame needs work. I'll give her the scores.
Alek. It was a lot of lifting lindsay. A little high for me.
Alexa. Couldn't they have gotten leopard foot undez? the white band was odd. More of a street salsa them is usually seen on the show. Every …

Shaping up

I think it's a little more recognizable as to what it's going to be.

This post is going to be short as I managed to refrain myself from buying stash this week. Despite Herrschner's sale.

DWTS Season 21: week 1

It's back! Yay!
Victor. That was supposed to be a salsa? I didn't see any basics. Looke more like a hip hop video. 5s were being generous but we'll see compared to the rest of the scores.
Tamar. That was fun. She kept up but footwork could be sharper. Also the frame needs work. I'll give them the scores.
Chaka khan. She got lost towards the end. She was having fun but technique was bad. I thought it was better than Victor. I could at least see cha cha. Too low.
Hayes. Knees were bent, too much hip hop. Went off time a bit. Technique was lacking. Odd song. A little high for me.
Andy. She danced around him most of the dance. Jerky rise and fall. He has some potential. A little high for me.
Paula. Better then I thought it would be but not a stand out performance. But I think she'll have trouble with Latin. Ilk give her the scores.
Carlos. That was good. Still room for improvement. I'll give him the scores.
Alexa. Comparable to Carlos. Her chasses need …

New project

My latest.

Although I think I need to get a full time job just to not have time to look at sales on Herrschners.

The hummingbird, cat latch hook, witches' hats and the owl wreath are now sold out and I knew I got the last one of the doorknob hat. The slightly fuzzy picture is 'Train of dreams'. Most of these were heavily discounted.


I stayed up late to finish this. Time stamp on photo is 2:46am. The whiskers took longer than expected.

I had some frogs visit me while I was working on the shadow. That wasn't fun. They thankfully left fairly quickly. I also got a new phone, therefore, new camera. But today the blogger app wasn't working. So upload from my PC.

The right kitty reminds me of this book cover for some reason.

Off to crochet for a bit.

DWTS season 21: inital cast opinions

It's that time of year again. The cast of Dancing with the Stars, season 21 have been announced today. Time for pre-dance predictions.

Tamar Braxton w/ Val: Toni Braxton's younger sister and current The Real host. Toni was on a while ago and did fairly well. I believe Tamar can do equally well and make it into the latter stages of the competition.

Gary Busey w/ Anna: Anna's back, yay! But unless he's going to surprise me, I don't think Gary's going to stick around very long.

Nick Carter w/ Sharna: Be still my teen heart. My favorite member of my preferred 90's boyband is finally doing the show. I attended a show when his brother was on, maybe I can swing a trip to L.A. this season. Probably not. But as much as I love Nick, I will admit he wasn't the best dancer of the group. Let's hope Sharna can whip him into a ballroom dancer.

Paula Deen w/ Louis: Another pro returns to the floor. But he's going to have his hands full. And even if she's good, …