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2014 in review

This has been a strange year. Lots of ups and downs. Mostly down until near the end of the year when my luck seems to be picking up.

Here were my goals from last year.
Find a job. This is a must but I'd prefer sooner rather than later. The job hunt will start Jan. 2.Stitch only from my stash that I have at the moment. (see button on right and additional post here)Complete some sewing projects (my own additional stitch from stash)Reorganize my craft closet, again. It's nice for a while but gets messy after a bit. Will be easier to accomplish after #2 & #3 have been worked on. Clean up my facebook friends.Write something, or come up with an idea that I can produce myself without the backing of a major studio. My mom's goal for me is to find a boyfriend. How did I do?
Found a job. It's a freelance, but it's income I didn't have most of the year.I tried, but I ended up adding more to my stash than finishing things. See this post for a more detailed information.…

SFS2014 - Wrap Up

Well, the year is over. I know I did a December post, but I felt like I should do a bookend post to mirror this one.

So, I stitched from my stash and really didn't buy anything new until November. That's when I used the exemption and went a bit crazy. In my defense, I did finish 6 things I bought at that time.

Beginning of the year I had a run on fabric, and the summer was a major yarn haul.

Bold = current WIP
Italic = kit
Strikethrough = finished
Red = started this year

Cross-stitch and other needle crafts:

Argentine Tango - RTOBeauty From the DeepBest FriendBlack StallionButerfly Pillow (needlepoint)Cat Purse (plastic canvas)Cat stockingCats... Cats on the Quilts (longstitch)Celestial DragonDance Me OutDancing CoupleDragon CarouselFairy MelodyFairy SpellFantastic LandscapeFantasy TriptychFelted PenguinFlowersFoxtrot - RTOFrog PileGrand BallHorses of the ApocalypseIn the Garden'insanity'Kitten RecitalLegend of the DragonsLegend of the SpellcastersMillenniumMystical W…

Back to regularly scheduled crafting

I finished my final Christmas ornament on Christmas Eve. Just in time. All 6 of the ones I made this year are now on my tree.

So, I went back to Peacocks. Almost done with the first page.

I had a lovely, quiet, Christmas. My gifts this year seemed to have a 'beauty' theme to them. I knew I wasn't getting any craft supplies. My parents believe I have too much already.

SFS2014 - December

Has it really been a year since I started this challenge? I think I did pretty well, with the exception of my "exemption month". It's probably a good thing next years edition doesn't include one of those. Anyway, this is what I've worked on this month.


Divine Hat

Two Mill Hill Ornaments

3 dimensions ornaments with one still left before Christmas. 

"Hoot" the owl.

And part of my threads that I ordered on Black Friday arrived.

Still Christmas-y

I finished more ornaments. One more to go!

And the stuffed animal I showed a partial preview of last post. Say hello to "Hoot".

And (most of) my sparkly/specialty threads arrived. Left is Looking Glass, right is Christmas Tree V.

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I worked on a lot of Christmas things this week. Completed the other Mill Hill ornament kit.

Finished the stitching on a dimensions kit. Just need to cut it out and add the hanger.  Made two hats and a scarf as presents. I can only show one hat here as it has been given to the recipient.

Put up my tree.

And the one non-Christmas thing was started a stuffed animal.

Light Week

I was surprising busy this week. Either that or I kept switching crochet projects that are meant as Christmas presents and can't post photos.

However, I didn't work on Insanity this week. I did a bit of work on Peacocks because I have other projects planned for my overnight.

3 of my orders came on Saturday, finished this guy last night and almost have the other similar ornament finished as well.