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A page finish

Amazing how much I can get done when not working all week (aside from trying to find a job). Page 2. I'll fill in the border when it's farther along.

As such, this will be my last stash purchase for a while. (Damn you Herrschners) And I shall try to not start anything new until I've finished at least 2 wips. An afghan I'm making for a wedding present being the exception.

DWTS Season 24: Week 10 Night 2

Last episode of the season. Who will bring home the mirrorball?
Simone. That was a short little dance.

Heather is probably the only female celebrity that could've blended in with that routine. Maybe normani. Heather should be in the finale. 
I have no idea who this singer is. I liked the dance. 
Love seeing the boys dancing. Although it could've used more Maks. 
Thankfully Charo and Mr T. didn't dance during that number. 
Bonner. He seemed a little stiff but seemed to match the boys better than the last time. 
Nancy. Still no bounce. She also seemed to get a little lost on the battucatas.
That was a silly produced piece. Hehe. 
Nick. Still not enough hips. 
David. Still a bit of an uncomfortable routine.
Charo. Thankfully her guitar playing is better than her dancing. 
Yay. Another pro dance. 
Rashad. How did he not clean up his footwork? 
Heather. I said it earlier. She should've been in the finale. 
Still have no idea who that singer is. 
Now one republic …

DWTS Season 24: Week 10 Night 1

The redemption dance. 

David. He looked rushed and flat footed. His butt was under better. They gave him one of the easiest dances to redo. Too high. 
Normani. Interesting outfit choice for a quickstep. But it was good. I agree with the scores. 
Rashad. Much better than decks although I felt he was a bit blank in that face while in hold. His footwork was actually good in this dance. I agree with the scores. 
Why did the guys get the easiest ballroom dance while Normani got one of the hardest? 
Freestyle round. 
David. I found it kind of entertaining. But very simple and a bit repetitive. too high but I'm not surprised. 
Normani. Thank you for basing this dance around a ballroom style. I agree with the scores. 
Rashad. Fun. His feet were back to being pretty bad. A little high for me. 
We shall see who wins tomorrow night.

I've had a bad week.

This week has been pretty cruddy to me. It started off with me having to find a new job. My LinkedIn profile if anyone is interested. I also had to say goodbye to Onyx. She suddenly went downhill starting on Wednesday. I had her for 12 years and I miss her.

As for crafting, I started to get bored with Insanity.

Switched over to an afghan I had started a while ago that I found tucked away in my closet (of doom)

And have pulled out TW's Romeo and Juliette. Which I don't think I've worked on since I started this blog.

I did end up going on a tiny bit of a stash spending spree just because I was miserable.

Got the last peacocks and also bought some yarn. I had to order yarn anyway because I'm making an afghan as a wedding present.

I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures of my Onyx.

DWTS Season 24: Week 9

Judges challenge 

Normani. I want her dress. It was good. And they got a good song. A little low. 
David. He's still stepping through it and was a bit jerky. He could've been smoother with all his movements. Butt was under better but it still stuck out a bit at times. Too high. 
Yay! Pro dance. Although I've never heard of the singer or the song... Need to listen to more radio. 
Simone. That looked like she was having fun. She looked like she was a little off balance but I blame the boots. I'll give her the scores. 
Rashad. While he led Emma, he pretty much stayed in one place. I didn't see much hip action. His foot placement and technique still need a lot of work. Not worth 10s. 
I was expecting a bit more ballroom from Cheryl. 
Round 2
Normani. That was fun. A lot of lindy hop in the jazz routine though... I agree with the scores. 
David. His butt was out again. He looked flat footed during the dance. Too high for me. 
Artun's facial expressions were a bit od…

Page 4 is complete

I have a page finish. Only 149 to go. haha.

Good news is the sky will take almost no time at all due to the large blocks of single colors. As you can see below, I've managed to get a lot done today because ~30 stitches per row with no color changes.

Also felt I should probably show you my Monday night project.

DWTS Season 24: Week 8

Yay, pro opening! 

Rashad. Fun. But flat footed which made it feel very heavy. Too high based on his feet.
Normani. It was good. I felt her hair was preventing me from seeing her expression. I agree with the scores. 
Bonner. There were places where he seemed to not know what came next for just a beat.  He just stopped, which made me come out of the performance. Too high. 
Simone. A bit fast for a foxtrot. I would've done cha cha to that song. Wasn't too much foxtrot until the end. It was ok. A bit high for me. 
David. Probably his best dance. Still some suspect footwork. I'll give him the scores. 
Trio round
Rashad. I liked it. Props to the lighting crew. I almost think he needs a higher heel to help with the flat feet. I'll give him the scores. 
Normani. That was good. Thank you for two shirtless men by the end. Cute cameo by Bonner at the end. I disagree with Len. 
Bonner. He really didn't did much... Too high. 
Simone. It felt busy to me. She tried and mostly su…

10 rows left

62/72 rows completed

I have some blue!

Also got some stash. 5 yards of 25ct lugana to do my HAED's on.

Also got the fabric and a specialty thread for the dragons.

DWTS Season 24: Week 7

Nice opening. The guys look very nice in tuxes. 

Bonner. Story was cute. But I really didn't feel Paso from that. Too high. 
Nancy. I want the dress. I think she could've tucked her butt under more in hold.  I'll give her the scores but a bit high. 
Simone. Cute. I agree with the scores. 
Nick. He was sticking his butt out too much. He tried to channel Maks but it didn't work at times. Some connections looked fumbled. Too high. 
Rashad. The first Paso tonight that sounded and looked like a Paso. A few weird things but I could attribute it to being a zombie. Too high. 
David. Very stiff through the entire dance. No hips. Way too high. 
Norman. Why are they using an American rumba for an Argentine tango? The dance was good, but the music has been off tonight. I agree with the scores. 
Dance off 
Simone vs Nancy. Cha cha. Simone was sharper but didn't actually do as much cha cha at the beginning. I agree with the decision. 
Rashad vs David. Jive. Both need to work on …