Monday, April 29, 2013

DWTS season 16: week 7

Latin night. It can be good or bad. There are two dances that can point out weaknesses, samba and rumba. Is Brooke trying to wear the mirror ball? How many did she kill to make that dress?

Jacoby. A few too many places where Karina was spinning around him. It was entertaining but salsa is a club dance, there is technique but that's not the emphasis. I don't think it deserved 9's. The transition between positions were choppy. I'll agree with the scores.

Ingo. Hips were trying to move but were awkward. Too much of him standing in one place. I think he had heel leads in the rumba walks at the beginning.

Kellie. No bounce, she was on straight legs nearly the entire dance. No hips, but the steps didn't allow for it. Too many grapevines. I think Len and Bruno were watching a different dance than me. Too high.

Andy. Similar critique to Ingo. I'll agree with the scores.

Ali. I don't like the color combination of the costumes. That looked like it was thrown together at the last moment. More shaking and shimmying then much of anything else. Too high.

Sean. Same problems and Ingo and Andy.

Zendaya. Interesting choice, but I think she pulled it off. I think she needed to pick her chin up a bit. I think she at least the same scores as Ali and Kellie.

Cha cha dance off. Neither were particularly good. Both were unsure of the steps. I like Sharna's dress. They chose the right couple.

Jive dance off. Zendaya was the better technician. Jacoby once again, walked through the steps with high knees. They chose the right couple.

Rumba dance off. They're even. But I'll give the advantage to ingo.

Sean, Ingo, or Andy could go home tomorrow.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Start the foxtrot

I started "Foxtrot" this week and almost have 1/4 of it finished.

On another stitchy note, I won a door prize from the online needlework show. A custom banner from DebBee's Designs. :)

Today, Onyx decided to curl up in a strange place. A box on my Dad's desk. She saw me and picked her head up for the photo but she hates the flash.

Finals are coming up and I have two projects to work on. I need to buckle down the rest of the weekend and not get lazy and stitch.

Monday, April 22, 2013

DWTS season 16: week 6

Love Stevie.

Zendaya. Not bad. I think she could have kept her knees straighter when she turns. Her walks could have been sharper. Lots of fringe on her dress. I'll give it to her.

Andy. Cute routine, but no visible samba. I think he was scored on entertainment value.

Sean. He was disconnected the whole time. I think he was bouncing on the wrong beat. I could at least recognize the steps. Too high.

Ali. The dress doesn't look good on her. Her back is arched too far, her butt is out causing her stomach to stick out. I guess I'll give her the scores but maybe a bit high.

Ingo. He spent almost the entire dance looking at her. Parts were decent, others not so much. I don't think that song was too tango-ish. I'll give him the score.

Kellie. Her chin needs to be pointed to the ceiling a lot more. I'll give them the scores.

Victor. That was a step, stand rather than a rumba. No hips. I would've scored them lower.

Jacoby. Interesting choreography. Her dress is weird. I'll give them the scores.

Team paso. The song works better as a swing. They were a bit off. Victor was probably the weakest. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Team samba. I could have done without Andy and Sean dancing another samba. They were more in sync but they used simpler moves. I don't think it deserved a nine.

Victor is most likely going home.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Waltz finished

It's done! I stayed up late last night to finish it. Which ended up being a little harder than I thought as part of the backstitching were not marked on the chart and I had to go off the picture. The entire right side of her dress and her mouth were not there. I'm going to send them an email on that.

Next cross-stitch project will probably be foxtrot.

Monday, April 15, 2013

DWTS season 16: week 5

I love pro numbers. Tonight's format makes it easy to compare how the celebrities should be doing things.

Ingo. His feet were sloppy and he got a bit lost during some of the side by side. His foot placement was strange during the lock steps. Kym's dress is interesting. I guess I'll agree with the scores, bit may be a little high depending on the rest of the competition.

Jacoby. He stepped through the dance. There was no bounce in the flicks and kicks and his feet were flexed. The performance was good. I don't know if it deserved 9's.

Victor. He gets pigeon toed at times. And at one point he seemed to be rushing through it. It wasn't bad, but it was an improvement over his paso. I'll give him the scores.

Ali. The choreography avoided a lot of moves that required the bounce. It just felt off from a samba. Too high. That was not a 9.

Sean. I felt as if the passes across the floor were really repetitive. He didn't do them badly. I don't know if it was with straight 8's, but I'll give them it. I enjoyed the beginning, but why was Peta wearing pants?

Kellie. That was good. Her hold could have been a bit closer. I thought her dress was a little loose on her back. I'll give them the 9's.

DL. I don't think I've ever seen someone bounce through the tango, foxtrot, yes. I'll give him the scores.

Zendaya. Quick at times, sultry at others. Very good Argentine tango with a lot of different moves. Darn you Len, why not a 10?

Andy. I wasn't feeling the same intensity from Andy as I did from Sasha. And he had trouble with the cape. I'll give him the scores.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

3/4 timing

A little waltz reference there.

Got more done than I thought and less crochet than I expected. I ended up with an irratition on my pinky finger which made it difficult to crochet. I'm almost done with the 3rd page.

I've started the interview process for internships although I don't know how many more I'm going to get. Here's hoping it's a good one.

My excitement for the night was trying to find and catch a spider that decided to crawl all over my bed. Even Onyx helped. I really hate spiders, they're creepy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

DWTS season 16: week 4

I wasn't expecting Wynonna to go home last week. Either her fan base was smaller than I had assumed, or they were smart enough to not make her continue her misery.

Sean. The fog obscured his footwork a lot, which in his case is a good thing. I felt as if he was blank in expression. And he really doesn't know what to do with his arms when there has no specific choreography. I think the scores were a little high.

Victor. He didn't dance it as aggressively as he could. His legs felt lackluster when he did remember the steps. The rhythm of the song didn't help with the Paso feel. Scores are a bit high but I'll allow it.

Jacoby. Not bad. The song being odd for a foxtrot was distracting for me. I'll agree with the scores.

Ali. I didn't get enough emotion from her. I was eh about it. Scores were too high for what I saw.

Andy. They kept it simple and that was his best dance. His footwork wasn't bad in hold, out of hold, a little awkward. I like her dress. I'll agree with the scores.

Zendaya. The song is just barely a samba. As for the dancing, that was one of the better sambas I've seen on the show. Could have been a bit more bounce and the black pants hid her hip movement so I can't comment on it. Should have been at least as high as Jacoby.

Ingo. Pretty good. Enjoyable. There wasn't really anything wrong but it wasn't fantastic either. I'll agree with the scores.

DL. He walked through what little foxtrot he did. Cheryl danced around him, and he was not smooth. I like Cheryl's dress. Too high.

Kellie. It was pretty, but she stopped her moment. You have to continue to move through the pause even if your feet don't move. Not much hip movement either. A little too high.

Lisa. Her lock steps suck as most celebrities' do. She looked lost in the choreography. Too careful in her dancing. She didn't do her dress justice. Maybe a little high.

Lisa could be going home tomorrow.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little more waltz

I've completed the top half of waltz.

I may not work on it too much this week as I want to crochet some of my summer tops.

Finals are coming up soon. I know there are two final projects that I should start working on, one for after effects, the other for video editing. All the while still trying to find an internship. I applied for another 10 today. Then I went shoe shopping.

I got both of these. Cute and comfy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dwts season 16: week 3

Prom week. Apparently DL's fan base is bigger than I thought. The group dance was interesting.

Ali. She swung her arm a little too much during the shadow position. Last week her frame seemed better. I didn't connect with this piece. I guess I'll agree with the scores. I would've gone a tad lower.

Andy. I have an outfit like Sharna's. Sharna danced around him. He did cuban breaks, and that's about it. And the first time he messed up. Too high.

Ingo. He looks like the 9th Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston, with the leather jacket. I like Kim's dress, except the skirt. There are times when he stands still he loses the style in his body. There are some other strange things about that dance. I'll give it to them.

Lisa. It was a bit jerky, mainly in her arms. it should be fluid. There is no rise and fall in Viennese waltz, not enough time. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Kellie. Lots of kicks and flicks. But other then the drunken sailors there really weren't many other basic jive steps in that routine. I would've scored a little lower.

Victor. It was pretty good, but a lot of lifts, not much else. Unfortunately not a style I can really comment on. Maybe a little high?

DL. Salsa is probably the easiest dance on the show. That was not good. The song didn't help either. I think Carrie Ann is being too generous.

Jacoby. He actually moved his hips in the cucarachas. He could've 'walked' better. At times he looked like he was leaning down to Karina when he shouldn't have. I'll give them the scores.

Wynonna. No bounce, no hips, walking through the promenade runs. Not good. And that song is not a samba. I have to adhere with the scores. Unfortunately.

Sean. How do Peta's tops not fall down in practice? I can't dance in strapless tops. He hopped and didn't close his feet. What were the judges looking at? Too high.

Zendaya. Ah, circles. The main idea that should be your head when dancing a Viennese waltz. It was the best of the night for me. I'll agree with the scores but I don't know if Kellie's jive was better than this.

Lisa, Victor, DL, or possibly Andy may go home. Wynonna's fan base will save her for another few weeks despite not being able to move. Like Cheryl's partner Wayne Newton.