I've had a bad week.

This week has been pretty cruddy to me. It started off with me having to find a new job. My LinkedIn profile if anyone is interested. I also had to say goodbye to Onyx. She suddenly went downhill starting on Wednesday. I had her for 12 years and I miss her.

As for crafting, I started to get bored with Insanity.

Switched over to an afghan I had started a while ago that I found tucked away in my closet (of doom)

And have pulled out TW's Romeo and Juliette. Which I don't think I've worked on since I started this blog.

I did end up going on a tiny bit of a stash spending spree just because I was miserable.

Got the last peacocks and also bought some yarn. I had to order yarn anyway because I'm making an afghan as a wedding present.

I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures of my Onyx.


  1. She was a lovely kitty...and your needleworks are gorgeous!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you lost Onyx, that is awful. I love the last photo of her.

    I don't think I've seen Romeo and Juliet before, a beautiful project, but difficult, like most TW I bet. Nice work on Insanity before it needed to be switched out.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your job and Onyx. I'm sure you'll miss her.

    Romeo and Juliet looks great.

  4. So sad to hear about Onyx. She looked like a great cat. I missed this post back in May and didn't realize you'd lost her until you posted the pictures of your new baby.


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