Monday, September 30, 2013

DWTS season 17: week 3

Hollywood night

Leah. Lots of step, pose, and spins. Not any astral steps. She had the passion but it was a bit stiff and careful. The shoes didn't help. It made her almost step on her heel first instead of the toe. The dress almost looked like a ballroom dress rather than Latin. Scores are too high for my liking.

Corbin. It was a bit too up and down and in place. It didn't travel enough. He lost his posture a little bit. I guess I'll give it to them but it's a little high.

Elizabeth. Oh good, she can do ballroom. Smooth, fluid and not bad in hold.   Compared to others, it should have scored higher.

Brant. The variation on that song was majorly distracting for me. A bit odd. They traveled more than Corbin. Don't know if it deserved straight 9s.

Valerie. She completely lost track of the choreography. And that song was not really a cha cha. The dress isn't that flattering. I'll agree with the scores.

Bill e. Another odd song. A bit stuttering in the pacing. He's growing on me but he's still not in the top of the pack. I would have given 7s at best. He tries.

Amber. Like the song, they took some Charleston and put a lot more modern moves to it. Her shoes are still a little too flat for me. An odd mix for me. I think I'll let them slide this week.

Jack. It felt stomping/stepping to me. There was no hop action which made it look a bit awkward. I'll give it to them.

Christina. I like the song, but the band butchered it. It's from the off Broadway play the wild party. I liked this one better than Amber's. just a tad. Too high.

Snooki. Much better but it felt like she was riding over rough pavement. Very bouncy. Maybe because she's so short? Too high.

Bill n. I know they did that because of his leg but it wasn't good. It was more a bad animation rather than jazz. Well Tyne was doing jazz. too high.

Well that was a new way to tell who is its jeopardy. Very quick.
Bill n is eliminated. Probably good given his injury. I don't know if the production made the decision and superseded the votes.

Once again, the judges are overscoring a lot of people.

A change up

No cross-stitch this week. Well, I did work a bit more on Grand Ball but I couldn't keep my mind interested in it. I found myself watching the TV more than stitching. My next few random numbers brought me to new pieces or once that really needed my attention. I didn't quite feel up to that so I pulled an afghan out of the closet.

I made several of these. I also remembered why I put it away. I had to make 32 of them. I have 11 now. 21 to go. Oh joy.

But I made most of this guy today in a few hours. Isn't he a cute little octopus?
If he's anything like the cat I made, he'll be joining my household for a while even if I put him on Etsy. Which reminds me, I need to take a better photo of that shawl I made and put it on there...

On the dance front, I have a partner now so I'll be getting back into competitions soon. Yay!

Monday, September 23, 2013

DWTS season 17: week 2

Another cute opening where they didn't just walk down the stairs.

Elizabeth. ooh a proper Samba song. Probably the best samba I've seen a celebrity,  especially this early. The bounce was not choreographed into the dance but it wasn't filled with shimmying and fluff steps.  I'll agree with the scores.

Christina. Didn't wow me although she danced it well. Interesting dress. A little high possibly?

Bill e. He looks like he's having fun. He picked his knees up but at times he did look like he walked through it. But not that much. A lot to work on with technique. Scores are ok but maybe high.

Jack. The fog couldn't hide the fact that he was doing heel leads in Latin which is a big no no. Cheryl danced around him a lot and his hips were non existent for the most part. Too high.

Keyshawn. This is a hustle song not a samba. He had no bounce, he was stomping when he did move. It was not good. I'll give them the scores but too high for me.

Snooki. It looked careful and very stop and go. Her face looked flat. She had the figure 8s but she didn't settle into her hips. Too high.

Leah. The dance didn't live up to the opening poses. It was careful. She had some bounce but the carefulness brought down the possible impact. Too high.

Bill n. Not good, but the song didn't help. I like her dress. But the scores are too high.

Corbin. Yeah... he can dance. I'm having trouble finding a critique. I'll agree with the scores.

Valerie. She attempted the attitude but her body didn't follow the way she probably wanted. She worked her skirt pretty well. I think the judges are being generous.

Brant. whenever there's fog I think it's to hide the horrible footwork. He has potential and had the right attitude but he's not in the top pack this season. A tad to high for me.

Amber. More content than last week. Her feet could've been more pointed for the kicks and flicks. The completely flat shoes are not helpful when dancing.  I'll give them the 8s.

The elimination. I'm not surprised with Keyshawn going home.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Little progress

Didn't get much done this week. I made a few more ruffle scarves but probably spent too much time on my computer and not enough crafting.
I did however get a nice picture of Onyx and my first pumpkin of the season.

I spent today walking around Times Square dressed in a sari for a promotion of Diwali at Times Square at the request of a friend of mine. Took pictures with a lot of random people. I think I've spent more time in the sun this year than the past 10 combined.

Monday, September 16, 2013

DWTS Season 17: Week 1

These posts will be later than in past seasons because I have class on Monday nights.
Loved the opening number. Very different than usual. Let's get the season started. 

Brant. Good looking. But stiff and was walking or not doubt anything for most of the dance. Hip movement was w vote awkward.  I liked Peta's dress. I think the scores were to high. But week see how the rest of the night goes.

Leah. Odd music for a foxtrot. She seemed to mess up a little bit. She has some potential. Needed to be smoother. There's something off about her dress that isn't that flattering. The belt is too high?  I guess I'll give them the scores based on the standard for the night so far.

Corbin. Well, he can dance. How will he can take on the actual ballroom dances is left to be seen. I'll give them the scores but only because he was the best of the night so far.

Jack. Song was more swing than foxtrot. He wasn't bad. Could be a bit more fluid. He did heel leads! Latin may be more difficult for him though. Cheryl's dress is a bit odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. Very little cha cha. But I always hear that song as a quickstep. It's too fast. But she can move. Too high for lack of content.

Elizabeth. Another one who can dance. Why did they give them contemporary? Why is that style still around at all? She'll be good with ballroom. Well see how she fares with Latin.

Bill n. A bit stiff but I'll give him c for content. He had now than Amber and Brant so why is Len calling him out for lack of it? I like her dress without the pink feathers. Scores are a bit too low.

Keyshawn. His feet are horrible. The cha cha parts were not very good. Better than bill though. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Christina. Um... mark did a bit of an odd peeve of choreography. Not a fan of flexed feet. I guess I'll agree with the scores.

Bill e. Better than I was expecting but still nowhere near the top. That stunt was a cha cha rather than a foxtrot. The music is really off this season. I like her dress except for the crazy ruffle. I'll give him the scores.

Valerie. the odd music choices continue. She really needs to quell in the transitions between moves. It looks awkward. I'll whew with the scores.

Snooki. Better than I thought. But it looked odd to me. Too bouncy for a cha cha? The cuban breaks are ok but there were too many grapevines and why was she lifting her left foot so high. To high for me.

I like Tom asking the questions. There's a clear line between the top and bottom of the pack this year. Lots of good dancers.

When I get an idea in my head...

It can take over even if I know I'm not going to execute it right away. First my progress on Grand Ball, then to explain the latest diversion my brain seems to be preoccupied with.

Almost done with the first 25%. Tried to finish it today but couldn't. If I hadn't made a few scarves this week and been bothered by a cold, I probably would have done it. Also ended up cutting some fabric strips for my first quilt earlier.

Anyway, recently I got a whole bunch of patterns. Of the costume patterns I picked up, one was based on 'Brave' and two were based on 'Once Upon A Time'. Now combine this with the fall season starting up, a show on Syfy I've been watching called 'Heroes of Cosplay', and the fact that I look bad in white, I ended up wanting to make one of the outfits the evil queen wears on the show.

So, take this pattern:

Which when compared to the screenshots from the show, are pretty close to what she's actually wearing, and the wheels start turning.

View A which is what they made is the following outfit, complete with cape. (pants and bodice not included for any pattern.

I didn't find these until later but I crossed it off my list due to the fact that it is a lot of fabric, more so that even the others. View B is this fancy little number, which I love.

Now, upon sourcing this material online, I found a purple flocked taffeta with almost the same pattern, and is relatively cheap, but I would really love brocade (which is about six times as expensive per yard)

Even then, this is the one that seems to call to me.

She wears it a few times and the only difference seems to be the neck and lack of a hat. I like the black choker. Needless to say, I need to somehow pick up the following:
  • 6 yards dark red velvet
  • 1.5 yards embroidered netting preferable with sequins/rhinestones
  • 1.5 yards black brocade
  • 5 yards of black lining
  • pink to go under the lace at the neck and sleeves
  • lace for the cuffs
  • 'leather' for the bias binding
  • cameo brooch and a few other things
Why does my brain do this to me? Why can't it get stuck on good story ideas for short films that don't require a multi-million dollar budget to film?

In addition, I already have a quilt I want to make, a dress I may want to wear to my 10 year reunion at Thanksgiving, a Halloween wall quilt and placemats, and various other items that I already have the materials to start. Plus I have school and looking for a job.

Thank you for somehow managing to read all my ramblings and make it this far.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Too many crafts

Not enough time. First up, my progress on Grand Ball. I have some more heads that may or may not be attached to anything.

Now for some crazy reason, I've decided to add quilting to my already long list of crafts that I do. I picked these fabrics up at Joann's labor day sale.

I think the cats are cute and I'll probably use the other packet in conjunction with a safari panel that I picked up months ago. As for the jelly rolls. The multicolored one will be used, with black to create the basketweave-ish pattern below on the left. Minus the flowers of course because they don't go and I don't have enough fabric. I also picked up fabric to create the Halloween wall hanging quilt and two of each place mat.

Is there a AAA for crafting addicts?

On a non-crafty update, school started again this week. One more semester, three classes and I'll have a Masters. I should start looking for a job...

Onyx was being cute. My comforter had skewed off my bed and left a little cave. She decided to curl up in it for a few hours.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DWTS cast for season 17

I know I'm very late on this, but I was busy most of the day. Onto the cast!

-Valerie Harper, with Tristan MacManus
She's the soft spot of the competition with everything she's been going through lately. She may stick around a bit.

- Bill Nye the Science Guy, with new dancer Tyne Stecklein

I used to watch him on PBS a lot. While I don't think he'll be the best dancer, I do think he may be the goofy charmer that sticks around a bit. Of course, being paired with a new pro may be a handicap.

-Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars, Army Wives), with Peta Murgatroyd
 I don't watch either of the shows, but he's hot and he's with Peta so he'll probably go far. If he ends up with two left feet, he'll probably still stick around more due to his looks.

-Jack Osbourne, reality TV star, with Cheryl Burke
 He may surprise us with like his sister did. But with MS there may come a point where he may be underprepared.

-Bill Engvall (The Bill Engvall Show) with former troupe member Emma Slater
 No clue who he is. I hear he's a comedian. They don't do well. Maybe the first to go?

-Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL wide receiver, with Sharna Burgess
 Football players do well. Even if they're not the best dancer. Massive fanbase.

-Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), with Karina Smirnoff
 Token Disney kid. I know he can dance, I did watch the movie (mainly because there was really nothing else on and I didn't have netflix at the time). But let's see how the hip hop translates this time to ballroom.

-Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (Jersey Shore), with former troupe member Sasha Farber
 Why? Wasn't the situation on the show enough? Never watched the show. Proud actually that I've never seen an episode. But can these people and the Kardashians disappear now?

-Christina Milian, singer/actor, with Mark Ballas
 I'm pretty sure she's done some sort of dancing with her music videos. But those are usually hip hop so we have two this year.

-Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls), with Val Chmerkovskiy
 I know her better as Jesse from Saved by the Bell. But that was a very long time ago (I feel old). I hope she's able to keep up.

-Amber Riley (Glee), with Derek Hough
 I liked Amber on Glee and although she's used to choreography, she wasn't exactly dancing the harder bits. That was left to Brittany. Derek may have a bit of a challenge this year but I wish her well.

Leah Remini (King of Queens), with Tony Dovolani
-Another who? for me. I pray she's good just for Tony's sake.

Hard to tell who's going to win. But once again there are people who do dance, or have danced as part of their main job. Then there are the complete noobies. We shall see.