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SFS2014 - May

Welcome to the May update.
First, I have a finish. Tada!

I worked on Insanity, In the Garden, and I started Frog Pile.

Also picked up this lovely pile of (mostly discontinued) yarn for under $20.

Frogs and a finish

First the finish.

One of my travel patterns that lives in my purse. Came with 'dog' charted and 'cat' as the alternate.
Now for my frogs.

I started on the 2nd page of my working chart.

And as a bonus photo, Onyx doing her imitation of a hobo.

For some reason she had been lying like this for a while. Silly kitty.

Dwts season 18: week 10 night 2

It's the final show. Tonight we find out who wins and are also reminded of the stars who left at the bringing of the season. Anne the reason they left so early. Just a warning, I've only slept 2 hours after being awake for about 24. I may be a bit snarky/sassy.
Guess James' fans had nothing better to do but get them the encore.
The team loca encore was a really good look at the differences between the final four girls. Candace is still the weakest.
Drew. Entertaining but technique sucked. Especially when compared to the pros
The clips with Erin were funny.
Charlie and Meryl looked like they took their ice routine and danced it on wood.
Nene. She stood in place and shook. That was not a dance.
Danica. Why isn't she in the finale?
Cody. Can the chorus to that song have any fewer unique words?
Charlie. As good as the original performance. Even he had to laugh at that malfunction. At least he didn't drop it.
James. Still don't like how he dances cha cha.

Dwts Season 18: week 10 night 1

Round 1 (switch-up redo)
James. Interesting dress, odd hair. Why did she break hold? Why didn't they call her on it? Better posture tonight but there was something missing for me. Not 10 worthy for me, barely 9s.
Meryl. Yay! Better song than last time, not as sharp. I agree with the scores.
Candace. She forgot the routine a few times, her frame was too upright. She didn't look comfortable until the very end of the dance. Odd hair on her as well. Too high.
Amy. No hips, which may be a balance thing with her. And too many swivels. She has improved but the actual steps used are minimal. Too high for me.
Round 2 (freestyle)
James. Not that found of hip hop. Lost synch in a place or two. It was cool in some places but didn't really do anything for me. I'll agree with Len.
Meryl. Yay! Again. That I enjoyed. Beautiful dance. I agree with the scores.
Candace. It was cute, but some of the transitions were awkward. A bit too cheesy for me. I agree with the scores.
Amy. I…

Not much progress

Not much has changed since last week. My job took up a good chunk of the week. Barely had time to sleep by the time I got home and then had to get up again to return to the set.  Had a lot of downtime on Friday and worked on one of my travel kits. I'll post that next week.

Something I forgot to mention last week. I started to look through HEAD's website, and make a wishlist. I somehow came upon 505 charts I wanted to stitch. Yeah... Not going to happen. I will eventually make it through and bump some higher on the list but didn't have enough time.

Although, I did convince a co-worker to try cross-stitch. She bought a kit and I'll teach her during some downtime on our final day Monday/Tuesday.

Dwts season 18: week 9

Candace. She looked uncomfortable and was forgetting the routine. Viennese Waltz is one of the simplest dances and it came across jerky. The timing between the two got out of sync near the end. Too high. Not worth 9s.
Charlie. I liked that one. It was smooth and jazzy like a proper American foxtrot. I'll agree with the scores.
Amy. Cute. Switching feet helped. I'll give them the scores, but the feet can be a unfair advantage. It's not like changing shoes. Too high for me, it was good but not that good.
James. Eh. He was Pigeon toed slightly and was hopping into the new yorkers. His feet were sloppy during the cha cha steps. Back foot shouldn't be just the toe in the floor. Too high.
Meryl. Fun dance. A few places she could improve but not many, small details. I agree with the score. Round 2
Candace. They almost felt like a dancing equivalent of paint by numbers. Felt disconnected. Too high.
Charlie. That song is not a samba, his shoes looked like that had to much…

What a difference a week makes

This post can alternatively be called. I have no luck lately.

Last week, the tops of the frogs were barely visible. This week, you can see four and I've started on the fifth.

I also broke down and bought some yarn. I got everything pictured for under $20 from Goodwill. All cotton, a combination of Glace, Cabled Mercerised Cotton, and Nice, the latter two are discontinued. My best haul was the six balls of blue cabled pictured at the top.

As for the no luck, for almost a month I've been dealing with the ramifications of being caught in a fraud scam. That reared it's head again a few days ago and today I got rear-ended while stopped for a light. That's on top of still not having a job. I do have something this coming week, but it's unpaid for five 12-16 hour days, including two overnight shoots. So my current mood is a combination of depressed and annoyed.

Dwts season 18: week 8

Charlie. I want her dress. I liked it. Better than he has been doing. It looked a bit odd when they first got into hold. They also got a good song. I'll give them the scores.
Danica. Interesting dress. I felt as if Val was dragging her around while they were in hold. I don't like the boots on her feet. I agree with the scores.
Meryl. Some technique was lost due to the lack of heels, but they wouldn't have fit with the story. I'll agree with the scores.
Candace. Meh. The routine was cute but I didn't care for it. There were some good moments, but there were a lot of places that needed work. And there were a few positions at the end that weren't pretty. A little high for me.
James. Felt a little jerky and looked a little off kilter during the spins. His knees being that bent the entire time didn't help with how odd he looks in hold. Not worth a 10. A little high for me.
Amy. It helped that they stayed in hold when she was on her feet. Some of the tricks …

I started another one

I started the week by going back to In the Garden.

By Thursday, after working on it a bit. I realized I was tired of the color scheme (grey/blues) and decided to switch. I went to my next random number and it was one I hadn't started yet.
Say hello to Frog Pile.

Nice bright colors. Not bad progress for about two days of work.