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SFS2014 - October

Didn't I just post about September? Where did this month go?

Anyway, made progress on Fantasy Triptych.

Finished several crochet projects. Two I'm not that happy with. The hat looks odd and the shawl I'm going to redo in a larger hook.

And started two others.

Also worked a bit on another afghan but I don't have photos of that one.

DWTS season 19: week 7

Tommy. It was muddy and he seemed to forget some of it. As usual. I notice they didn't mention the break in hold during the dance. Too high.
Lea. It felt careful. It could've used more power, controlled power. It felt like she was walking through it. Not worth 9s.
Bethany. I liked it and her dress. I think she missed a step during a side by side but got caught up. There were moments she could've filled instead of just pausing. I don't know if it was 10s definitely 9s.
Antonio. Not a lot of actual Viennese Waltz. He didn't do much. I agree with the scores.
Michael. Just, no. 5s are generous.
Janel. A tad slow for a Viennese Waltz. But it was interesting. A little low.
Alfonso. She danced around him a lot. I didn't see too much hip action. Technique needs work. I'll give him the scores based on performance.
Sadie. The character didn't work with the dance. She was too loose. I'll give them the scores.
Team dances
Itsy bitsy. Good choice to hide…

My week

My progress so far on Fantasy Triptych. So happy I get to work with a colors other than gold/brown and "stone".
Started another afhgan. Have to make 98 of these spirals before joining.

Also picked up the cathdral rose window afghan and ran out of gemstone. It's sort of discontinued. Pick up a skein on Ebay, it's close enough even with the longer color changes. Thankfully, it's going to be used on 'heptagons'. I can intersperse the newer yarn with the older and hopefully no one will be able to tell. (kinked yarn in the newer one)

Also started the Leaflines shawlette. I have tried this one twice before and finally am happy with the yarn and color changes. Ideally the color changes wouldn't be quite so long.

Saturday afternoon, there were 3 deer, a mohter and two babies eating mushrooms outside my house. I took a few pictures through the window.
I then went to work. Came home the following morning to this guy walking up the road.

Is this wild creature we…

DWTS season 19: week 6

Jonathan. The lifts were more controlled. But the dance didn't really do anything for me. Maybe I'll agree with the scores.
Janel. A bit of a different samba. Voltes could've used more hips. A few places were a bit too loose. But this was one of the better sambas I've seen this season. I'll agree with the scores.
Tommy. Can I have her dress? The song is a hustle but it wasn't that much of a distraction from the foxtrot. He forgot some of it and was keying off Peta too much. A little too high for me.
Antonio. Why were his knees so bent? I hear samba with this song rather than salsa and at one point it looked like he had the samba bounce. A little too high for me.
Sadie. It was pretty, but she had no hip movement. And the little I saw looked awkward. I agree with Julianne and Bruno on the scores.
Lea. I liked it but felt she was leaning forward with her upper body. The basics looked a little odd to me but that may have been partly her posture. I'll agre…


It seems my shift for my freelance job will be the Saturday overnight shift. Which may cause me to shift my weekly blog post...
Anyway, I've finished a page of the triptych. I have done a little more than this, I now get to work with green!

I also finished the shawl, but I went down 1mm in hook size to get the 'gauge' right, but it's left me with about 1.5 balls left over. It's also about 42" across rather than 60". I'm contemplating frogging it and redoing it with the recommended hook because I have no idea what I'm going to make with the rest of the yarn.

And here's Onyx, loving my fuzzy comforter. She's on my bed more because of it. Can you believe she's 10?

DWTS Season 19: Week 5

Antonio with Allison. He looked stiff, like he was tensing from trying. Which in turn held him back and base the movements small. I'll give him the scores.
Bethany with mark. Compared to the choreography I see in SYTYCD it was soft hip hop.  Some parts looked a bit odd. It wasn't a bad routine but it didn't do anything for me. At one point I found myself looking at Henry behind the bar. Don't know if it was 8s but she danced better then Antonio.
Jonathan with Peta. I felt he landed a bit flat footed. There was energy but it wasn't always properly placed. Therefore there were places he either went off or just barely made the connection to lift or flip Peta. I'll give him the scores.
Alfonso with Cheryl. Not a style I'm all that familiar with but I think he pulled it off well. He should do well with Paso after this. I'll give him the scores.
Janel with Artem. Definitely sexy. But not what I think of as burlesque. I'll give her the scores.

That went fast

Has it really been a week since my last craft update? Apparently working has shortened time for me, maybe because I'm not getting as much crafting done. I was working yesterday so I didn't have time to post.

This is where I am on Triptych. The castle is getting more filled in, but it's still a lot of almost confetti work.

I also started this shawl. I'm on the last round and will take a better picture later.

And here's a strangely shaped apple for amusement.

If anyone hasn't figured out by now, I'm not getting the dress done by Halloween. I will be wearing my back-up.

DWTS Season 19: Week 4

Welcome to Most Memorable Year night AKA Make You Cry night.
That was one of the more exciting openings. And it was actually choreographed by a ballroom dancer.
Janel. Too staccato for me. I liked the choreography but it could have been executed smoother and she could have used her hips more. A bit too high for me.
Jonathon. No bounce, no hips. Bad samba. Didn't see it from Allison either. I'll agree with the scores. On an unrelated note, his eyebrows bug me for some reason. Too thick?
Betsey. Low energy beginners east coast swing. She messed up a bit and was careful through the rest of the dance. Really slow song. I agree with the 7s.
Bethany. That didn't look much like a rumba. I saw strange hand movements and swivels. Song was fast for a rumba. Too high considering the lack of rumba.
Micheal. He got through it. But seemed very stiff. 6s were generous.
Lea. Very pretty. One or two moments she could've filled up more but that's being picky. Her ballet traini…

Small update

I had two days where I worked only on my cross-stitch and two where I did nothing because I was exhausted after work. The castle is slowly coming together.

I finished this afghan earlier in the week. I had been working on it on and off for quite a while. Noticed while doing the border there were 3 places that were missing a stitch but I wasn't about to figure out where they were.

I also made a hat but am not happy with how it turned out and will most likely frog it. The pattern and the yarn aren't the best match.