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DWTS season 19: Week 3

Randy. I felt as if he was trying to dance it well but there was a disconnect. His body position didn't have the tension to be strong. His footwork didn't have the drive to support it either. He seems to do better with the ballroom. 7s were generous.
Alfonso. That song is a hustle first off. He didn't look as comfortable in hold. But they stayed close in the hips which is rare. And you support your shoulders with your back muscles. I'll agree with the scores.
Betsey. There were times her feet could have been pointed more. It seemed to be lift she tricks and not much in between. Too high even getting rid of Kevin's score.
Lea. She looked like she forgot the choreography a bit. Knees were a little too bent at times and she seemed on her toes rather than being grounded through her hips. Jive was better. I'll give her the scores.
Michael. Why is he safe? And where was the rise and fall? And the fluidity? And what were the judges seeing? Don't think it was w…

SFS2014 - September

Eek. 3 months until the end of the year. Let's see what did I do this month. I worked on some cross stitch

Started sewing. Made a cat, intended to make a dress by Halloween, don't know how well that's going to go.

Crocheted a Love Bug

And finished my Petals Wrap Cardigan.

And just for good measure, I reorganized my stash located in my Craft Closet of Doom. Which got it's own post.

End of September

My (slow) progress on Triptych. The castle may drive me nuts.

I finished my Petals Wrap Cardigan! White shirt was for contrast due to the similar nature between my dress form and the yarn used.

Sleeves were a bit tight at the shoulder when I initially tried it on, but it could have been a bit twisted.

I spent an entire day reorganizing my stash. Which you can see on my latest post on my Craft Closet of Doom.

DWTS Season 19: Week 2

Interesting opening. I was correct in picking the eliminated couple last week, although that wasn't hard to figure out.
Randy. He didn't do much actual cha cha. But he was entertaining. Bit flat footed. Did better with the foxtrot. I'll give him the scores. Barely.
Janel. I give them props for doing a foxtrot to that song. A tiny bit jerky at times, mainly when they weren't dancing actual foxtrot. I'll agree with the scores. I'm not completely convinced on the 9s.
Lea. More memorable than last week. Her posture looked a bit hunched. But footwork was good. Don't know if it was 9s.
Michael. Uh... Most uncoordinated hip rolls I've ever seen. He walked the dance. The judges are being really generous.
Tavis. Where was the cha cha? And that song is a hustle. He looked at Sharna for the choreography almost the entire dance. Way too generous again.
Alfonso. For samba, that was pretty good. Some transitions looked a bit rushed in his feet but he had 3 weeks…

Bits and pieces

Well, I switched cross-stitch projects. So this...

Plus this...

Will eventually equal TW's Fantasy Triptych. Why did I start this piece? It was the next random # after I did skip two that I knew I didn't want to work on.

Onto the crochet update. My Petal Cardigan has both sleeves and the right side edging. Looking at the picture, I could've focused a bit better., but I think you get the idea.

A close up of the edging, which is very focused.

And finally. The progress on the dress.

Which at this point is just a muslin version of the midriff. I've been a bit lazy on this project. I cut it to size 14 and it's a little big. I most likely will have to lengthen it as I feel the skirt will be too high to be flattering on me at the moment. Also must remember to mark the top of these pieces properly as it's very easy to confuse which side is which.

DWTS Season 19: Week 1

Cute opening. Nothing amazing. 
Antonio. Heel leads in Latin is a no no. Especially Locksteps. he'll stay around for a few weeks. I guess I'll agree with the scores except Bruno.
Lea. Not bad. It was a fairly basic routine but pretty. Her position in hold needs work. Hmm. I was just reminded Carrie ann and Artem dated for a while. I'll give her the scores.
Janel. Not much actual Jive, but the song didn't lend itself to it. Some of her static positions looked a little odd. Over rotated and leaning back? Good performance. I'll agree with the scores.
Lolo. Very stiff and awkward. Didn't match Keo in anything.  She's in a dangerous position if she doesn't have a big fan base. I'll agree with the scores. Antonio had a better performance.
Betsey. I'll give her that she's flexible. But that's about all she had going for her. I'll agree with the scores.
Tavis. A bit bouncy. Foxtrot is smoother. Entertaining but technique needs work. No…

Stuffed finishes

My progress on my cross-stitch. I've gotten to a point where I'm working in that cream/beige coloring and I'm thinking of switching.

So, one guess that those fabric scraps from last week became a teapot cozy. Nope. Maybe this will be helpful.

No? Maybe these?

Still no guesses? Well, here's the finished product.

A stuffed kitty cat!
And this mess of parts...

Became this.

A love bug.
And my cardigan has sleeves. Well, 1.5 sleeves. I'll go finish up the other one now.

Not the best photo. I'll get to work on the dress this week. I was worried I had lost two pattern pieces but they were stuck at the bottom of the envelope.

And Dancing with the Stars starts Monday. Yay!

Restarting my sewing

I think you can finally tell that there are people in this piece. I have *drum roll please* Two hands! Belonging to two different people! Is that a shirt collar too? (Ok, I'll stop)

And this is the crochet I've been working on. The pattern was not written clearly at all for the joining round. They didn't take into account the lack of a double shell. It should be joined in the ch2 of the shells but to make everything else work, I had to join the front to the back between shells. Several times as after I figured out how to join them properly to get 8 unworked shells on each side, I realized I skipped half of the shell earlier in the round (thankfully I caught the mistakes before I got too far along with the sleeves. That would've been disastrous.

And now for the title of the this post. I've started sewing again!

Well, I've cut out pattern pieces to sew something. Still need to get out my machine(s). Any guess as to what this will become? I'll give you a hint,…

DWTS season 19 cast

Well, the cast for the upcoming season has finally been (officially) announced. Here are my pre-season opinions on the cast and their partners.

Antonio Sabato Jr, 42, General Hospital (partnered with Cheryl Burke)
The 'hot' guy of the season. He'll stick around for a bit just because the ladies want to see him with his shirt off. If he can actually dance, he'll make it far.

Alfonso Ribeiro, 42, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (partnered with Witney Carson)
Carlton! He has rhythm, I think, and I'm pretty sure that famous dance of his will make an appearance at some point during the show. Hopefully he's a better dancer than his character was. Pretty sure this will be a fun partnership.

Bethany Mota, 18, YouTube sensation (partnered with Derek Hough)
I think I've seen her in the recent youtube commercials. No clue what her dancing ability is but she has a large fan base. Whether or not they'll vote it a different matter. Given she's partnered with Derek there'…