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Busy week

I didn't get that much done this week as my main stitching day (Sunday) was taken up by the competition at the studio. Monday after work I had a dentist appointment, and Friday evening I was also otherwise occupied. I am up to 62 rows, 10 more until the end of the page.

Friday, my crochet kit order came. In addition to the snowman and the pumpkins I had posted about I added a gingerbread house. The pumpkins are made out of Mary Maxim's 'prism' yarn which has an interesting look to it. Felted may be the word I'm looking for. Also the ball itself kind of has a pumpkin-y look to it.

Today I signed up to participate in the September 29, showcase. This gives me 5 weeks to put together the routine with my teacher and to try and make a new dress. I'm hoping my fabric set comes fairly soon.

Results of the end of summer invitational

I believe I did well at the competition on Sunday. I don't know if I'll see the score sheets, I think they may have mainly been to decide the placements for top studio. Of my 12 smooth dances, I danced 8 in a row at one point. I did the same thing with latin but I kept switching between two partners. I danced 40 dances in total. 3 each of waltz, foxtrot, tango, viennese waltz, and paso doble. 6 each of cha cha, rumba, and samba, 4 mambos and 7 jives. My feet were killing me shortly into the latin section. The longest break I had during the latin section was 10 dances, with the average being 3. Not much time to get off them but I managed.

For those of you who follow Maks on twitter, you probably saw this picture (I nabbed it from his instagram account):

That would be me in the foreground with the purple/white dress on. (You can view my blog for the making of this dress starting from here.) He had taken a picture (I think anyway) while he was standing slightly in front of me th…

I have a square

Well, almost a square. It's 52 stitches across and 53 rows. I have now more than doubled my previous effort and have 19 more rows until the end of the page. I realize it still doesn't look like much due to the size of the pattern.

Tomorrow is an interstudio competition. I have 40 dances to do. I've been wearing my latin heels rather than my practice shoes and I've forgotten how different the heel height is. I think it may be a factor of them not being broken in enough. I have a pair 1/2" lower and I can move so much better in them. I can't wear those tomorrow because they're black instead of tan.

Season 15 pairings

I was right with the majority of my guesses. Go me.

Apolo and Karina. This was one of my misses. Don't know why I didn't think of these two together. I think it should be interesting to see the dynamics between them. Karina and Julianne's personalities are not very similar.

Bristol and Mark. I realized I hadn't filed in alternate or most likely with her. Oops. I sort of feel bad for Mark having her again.

Drew and Anna. I was correct with my alternate pick. Should be an interesting match up. Anna the task master may show up this season.

Emmitt and Cheryl. I didn't think they would be paired together, let's see what they can do this year.

Gilles and Peta. I was right with the alternate. They should be good together, Peta being taller than Cheryl should allow a better connection in the ballroom dances and argentine tango.

Helio and Chelsea. Chelsea is probably the closest to Julianne in terms of height and personality but has a different edge to her. Helio, desp…

A restart

I have restarted my 'insanity piece' on 18ct aida. So much better. In a little under a week, I finished the 20 rows I had previously completed and added four additional ones. There's still a lot of thread on the back but not so tightly woven that I'm having trouble getting the needle through.

On the dance front, yes I realize I don't post about this aspect a lot, I'm participating in an interstudio competition next week. Somehow I've managed to be dancing with four different partners. That should be interesting. I don't know if I'll bring any video or photos back but at least it's a chance for me to try out the routines I've been working on.


I got my Mary Maxim catalog the other day and this guy was on the cover. So cute! I may have to order the kit for him. At the moment he seems to be on backorder. Still cute. The pumpkins are the other thing I may order. I like soft squishy things.

Tired of brown

I completed 24 rows of page 6 and as I predicted, I'm now tired of stitching brown. Once I get past this first row of pages it should be more interesting I hope. But for now, I'm switching over to the restart of my insanity piece. One good thing, I got the face of the 2nd monkey done.

My larger storage drawers arrived this week so I'll be putting away my larger pieces of fabric later today.