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Dresses for sale

Due to my impending move into a smaller space, I've decided to sell three dance dresses I have.

The first one is a smooth dress. I wore it in two competitions one summer. It's a very basic dress. I'm looking for ~500. Price can be negotiated.

Here's a video of me dancing in it.

The next dress is also a smooth dress. I used this the next year at the same set of competitions. It is actually a prom dress that I modified slightly. I attached a halter strap just in case the straps fell off. There is a little bit of tanner that I will try and get off if anyone is interested. It can also be used as a normal dress. It comes with the gloves that I glued sequins on. Some have come off but I believe I can supply you with the extras. ~200 for this one.

Here's a video link:

The third dress is a turquoise latin fringe dress. I absolutely adore this dress but due to losing weight last year and 2" off my hips, it no longer fits me properly. My measurements at the time I had…

Not much to show this week

I realize there's not much difference between this week and last week on this project, although there's some new pink. I haven't gotten much time to stitch this week. I made an extra blog post on DWTS which did away with Wednesday's usual stitching and Friday I went to look sign the deal on my new apartment. Yes, I'm moving out of my parents house into a place of my own. To commemorate this event in my life, I've started a new blog which can be found here: A Princess On Her Own. There's only one post on it so far but it should give you a good idea of what will be posted. I'm excited.

Dwts season 14 finale

Yay for pro numbers.

Sherri. I enjoyed the number. It was fun and she was enjoying herself as usual. But she was pigeon toed on her new yorkers. I laughed at how Maks and Tony descended from the ceiling.

Martina. Still as bad as I remember and she's wearing the lowest heels I've ever seen.

Jack. Could have done without the hip thrust. no bounce.

Gavin. They added balloons. I think he's worse then I remember.

Gladys. she's picking up her feet too much again.

Jaleel. Not a song I'd pick for a paso... They seemed to mess up a lift. Not very paso-y.

Melissa. Looked about the same as the first time. Cute alternate ending.

Roshon. Cute, but I can't critique hip hop.

Another pro number. Makes me happy.

Maria. I just noticed how low her heels are.

William. Oh look, he's mainly shaking his body while awkwardly doing steps without the proper hip movement. Over scored.

Katherine. Clean, but I preferred the first jive she did for some reason. I'll where with the…

Dwts season 14 week 10 performance

It's the finals! Onto the redo dances.

William. Chasses in cha cha shouldn't have two bent knees. In fact both knees should never be bent. It was much better then his first one but his hip action in the cuban breaks looked off. Also all steps looked walking rather than sharp. Almost looked like his heels were hitting before his toes. Over scored a bit but I have a feeling everyone is going to get 30 for this round unless they screw up.

Katherine. Competition paso music with a competition style routine. Not the best version, kind of bland. It was clean if not flashy. I'll give it the scores just because of my prior prediction.

Donald. His partnering was solid but I don't think I can say he actually did much in terms of number of steps. Hmm. Not a perfect score...

Freestyle round!

William. He can lift Cheryl and shake hits butt, but when it comes to actual syllabus steps, he looked awkward. And there really only one tiny part where he wasn't doing one of the first t…

Mid may update

The latest update on Dew Drop Fairy. I wasn't able to post yesterday due to the showcase. I'll get the video up on youtube as soon as my teacher sends it to me. Unfortunately the one I asked someone to record using my phone didn't save.

Does anyone remember the picture of the closet I planned to organize as one of my new year's resolutions? I may be cleaning it out sooner than I thought as I'm planning to move into my own apartment later this year, hopefully mid-June. For now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to organize it there as I'll have significantly smaller space.

Dwts season 14 week 9 performance

The ballroom round.

William. His butt was sticking out. The ballroom dances force him to move. Some of the foot work was a little funny. His left arm could have stayed more still, moved a bit too much during transitions. A little over scored. Don't know why Cheryl chose pants.

Katherine. Slight stumble. I think her shoe stuck on the floor. She got back on track quickly. I'll agree with the scores, it was better them William's.

Donald. A few transitions has rushed foot work, could have been cleaner. It was a good performance. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. The steps she moved on were repetitive. And she was in a lunge half the dance. I don't think it was steamy enough and I don't remember ever seeing the twisting of the legs as a step in this dance. Over scored.

Latin round.

William. No bounce. Looked awkward. He shook his butt but those steps should have been battacattas. Over scored again.

Katherine. Didn't look much like a salsa. I also attribute it …

I'm running out of purple

As the title of this post suggests, I'm running out of purple thread for Dew Drop Fairy. Below is what I have left to do 70 stitches in  a combination of several sections.

Here is what she looks like currently. I have finished the top half of the design. I have a bit before I get to the areas with the sparkly purple again.

And here's the fabric I ordered. Now to figure out what to do with it. I know a nude bodysuit is a given, but what to put on top of it is eluding me at the moment.
Oh, I finished the catsuit. The performance is next week so I'll have picture and possibly video of the showcase then.

Dwts season 14 week 8 performance

What is with the thing on the shoulder of Brooke's dress?

The ballroom round begins.

Donald. Well, that's one way to have a leather dress. I think I have enough fabric for the top left. This song is a jive, not a tango. It was sharp in the upper body, but the feet looked a tiny bit sloppy to me. They also had too much distance between their hips. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. She did two passes of basic Viennese waltz. The rest of the time they stood in place and did some filler. And a trick or two. The fog made it hard to see if she was doing heel leads. I like the style of her dress if not the color. over scored. I may argue that all 8's would over score it too.

Melissa. Yay for tiger print dresses. She seemed to have missed a step our rushed one at the beginning but got back on track after the over-sway. The judges actually complimented her? I'm shocked. I'll agree with the scores.

Katherine. Now that was a much better Viennese waltz. She moved the ent…

Cinco de mayo

Here's the update on Dew Drop Fairy. The top half of the border is almost complete and I've started filling in the right side of her wings. I did find that while i was adding the purple metallic in the last section that I'm running close to the end of the spool. I have a feeling I'm going to run out before the piece is complete. I'm crossing my fingers I have enough.

Sunday I drove into the city to get a pair of black latin heels. Found a pair that fit well thankfully and have started to break them in. Unfortunately the dye seems to be coming off on my heel from the suede on the inside. Suggestions on getting it off prior to it coming off on my feet? Wet paper towel?

My fabric should be arriving Tuesday. Unfortunately I was outbid on the red lace at the last second. Darn. Total weight of the box is 21 pounds. That should hopefully keep me busy for a bit.

As for the catsuit, I did cut out the main piece of the pattern in my fabric. It happened to have the greatest …