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2012 in review

I started this blog one year ago today. I figure I might as well sum up the past year. While I feel 2012 was a bad year for me in general, it was a good year for my crafting.

These were my resolutions for last year:
1. Lose another 10 lbs.
2. Finish at least one cross-stitch project that I have in my stash.
3. Organize my craft closet.

While I didn't complete #1, I did lose a few pounds. They all came off the first two weeks in December while I did nothing but work on my crafts in my bed while watching Murder She Wrote via Netflix. Go figure.

As for #2, I exceeded this goal by finishing five cross-stitch pieces. Granted three of them were acquired after I made that resolution and weren't in my stash... I really outdid myself if you count all the scarves I made.

I did complete #3, everything was nicely organized and put away. Then I got more yarn and it got messy again. Oh well.

As for my blog, I got over 7,500 views. My most popular posts were my opinions on Dancing with the S…

Christmas update-A week of eclectic projects

I was going to post this on Saturday, but it got too late. Sunday I just forgot about it. Then it was Christmas Eve so I decided to delay the posting just in case I got something crafty for Christmas. I didn't, but I did get a donut maker. Maybe I'll get something for my birthday next week. Anyway, onto the craft updates.

I was working on this felt stocking for the beginning of the week until I got another order of scarves that needed to be done for Christmas presents. Its close to being finished. I'm planning on selling it on Etsy for next Christmas. So the name at the top and the back will be on hold until then.

I had to pick up a few colors for the scarves I didn't have so I decided to get the yarn to make an afghan. I had seen a pattern for on the back of of homespun label. A preview of it is below in the colors I chose. I ran out of yarn and will have to buy some tomorrow. It's a simple circular afghan in four colors.

I then pulled this counted needlepoint ki…

Another finish

Well, actually I have two. I finished Leopard Shoe Kitty.

Then I managed to start and finish Queenie.

Today I also made two Christmas stockings. Here's one before I added the name in silver glitter glue. Please ignore the crazy background of the couch it's sitting on.

I also added a bunch of items to my etsy shop. Lots of different scarves and a few other items. Amazing what I can get done when I have lots of time on my hands.

I may not have found another job, but I am going to go back to school for a Masters degree and a career change. So I will be looking for part-time work in January so I have some sort of income. I also need to think of other items to make as soon it won't be scarf season for a while.

I got back to my cross-stitch

Well, I finally got back to my cross-stitching. After selling my scarves at my mom's work, and finishing up some special orders (I still have a few that I need to start), I decided to take the past two days to work on my leopard shoe kitty. I got pretty far on her.

I had finished this guy up on Thursday. Isn't he cute?

Also put my tree up today.

I haven't danced since the competition but I do have some leeway and have scheduled another lesson this week. By my next blog update, I hope to have more items in my etsy shop. I just haven't taken the time to photograph most of the other scarves I've made.

Good news and bad news

First the good news.

I danced in the (delayed) Fall Classic this weekend. I swept my smooth categories. Final medal count was 12 first in smooth single dances, first places in smooth scholarship and 3-dance, 13 firsts and 2 seconds in latin single dances, and third places in latin scholarship and 3-dance. I've linked my videos below.



I also got a picture with Tony and his mirrorball. Not the best picture of me, but oh well. I had been dancing for a while.

My hair for latin. I think there were 30 bobby pins to hold it all in place.

Now the bad news.

I was let go from my job on Monday. I was planning on leaving there anyway but I had been hoping to do it on my own terms. So my dancing will be put on hold sooner than I had thought. This is an expensive hobby and with no income (my etsy shop hasn't really taken off yet) I can't pay for my private lessons. It also cuts down on adding to my stash on whims as I've taken to doing lately. Only good thing that ma…