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Slightly annoyed

You would think sending me a new pattern because they made corrections would be error free, but no...
I actually have 3 copies of this pattern and all of them still had the same error on the first strip, so I'm second guessing things that look odd.
Finally got through, but I really don't feel like dealing with 3 more strip 3s (the one with the squares). (side note, I'm already dreading the number of ends on the strip) So I switched projects.

This is the start of my Annie's Lace Throw.

And here's a close up of Clyde.

Another finish

Another afghan finished. It was a little boring at the end due to the repetitiveness, but it was still small enough that I toughed it out without switching projects.

So, did a swatch of the marcelle afghan with a smaller hook and have decided to frog the entire thing and start over.
Pulled a kit out of my closet to start and couldn't find my K hooks. Metal and Tunisian... I think I know where the Tunisian one is...
I had another that was in progress that I was having issues with gauge that I contemplated.
But ended up finally starting the Ripples and Waves Afghan. Not sure the instructions were correct for the last row...

Got some stash. One of the kits from HAED. Remote for size on the package. Free gifts of a needle threader and needle case. This is for Secret Carousel MC. Given the size of this, I can only imagine what the SSMC I ordered will look like.

Also got some pretty fabric. Not quite sure what no background design will go on them, but the one on the right is sparkly.

Getting close

Just 5 more rows of the Bavarian stitch before the border. Messed up a bit on the last blue round and fudged it with the purple. Had already frogged two previous rounds to redo some less fudgeable mistake. And I didn't feel like frogging.

Round and round I go

So this is my next project. A slightly modified Bavarian stitch called the waterlilies reflection afghan

My new shower curtain. Hehe.

And Clyde has reached 50 followers on Instagram. Go Clyde! @ClydeWildHousePanther