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Last hurrah?

So, started off the week knitting.

Then it got cool enough that I wouldn't overheat with this on my legs.

Might have to go back to knitting for a few days even though I'm on the 2nd to last part of the CAL.

And I made one last purchase of stash. Not that I didn't have enough to keep me occupied through potential unemployment, but they were just so pretty, and on sale, and you have no idea how much I didn't buy...


So this is all I got to for Waterfall Dragons before developing a crick in my neck for a few days.

Which led to going back to this until it started getting a little too warm.

And then starting this which is a wedding present for a former co-worker. She chose the yarn and pattern. I was worried the pattern would get lost in the yarn, but it's turning into a nice gradient.

So, not sure what Clyde was looking at here.

But I did get him on TV for Black Cat Appreciation day.

Speaking of work, I will no longer have a job by the middle of November. A contract was not renewed so my services (along with about 150 other people) will no longer be required. The closure many people, including governors in two states, weighing in as a local TV news outlet will be disappearing.

That being said, I've started job hunting again. Any help would be appreciated and I will really have to stick to my "no stash buying" rule I tried to implement earlier this month...

I did sign up to be …

That didn't last long

So I finally started the Study of Planet Earth CAL because it was cool enough to have my window open at night for a few days. In the middle of week 3, but not sure if/when I'll pick it up again. I don't want to get overheated working on it.

And participated in the 24 hour challenge. Tried to stitch for 24 hours over a 48 hour period. Got to 22.5. Would've made the 24 if I didn't have something to do Tuesday. Ate into my stitching time.

So before...

...and after. 36 rows, 2,880 stitches.

As for the title of this post, remember last week when I said I would try to not buy anything for a while? So that lasted like a day.

And these are not helping reduce what's in my craft closet (of doom)

Milestones complete

So I finished part 2 of the Under the Sea SAL.

And managed to finish my coastline for the M.A.P.

Have started a river since the pic was taken, might add one or 2 more.

No stash. I'm going to try and be really good this month. I went a little overboard last month.