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Dwts season 14 week 7 performance

Katherine. Very odd choice of song for a rumba. She didn't have much hip movement and she never settled into her hips. There was only a little side to side. Lots of turns and poses. I would have expected more from her. I'll agree with the scores, but maybe a little high for lack of hips.

Melissa. Another strange piece of music. It made it a bit hard to get into the dance. Judges were pretty hard on them. I saw a few blips and at times she did look like she was concentrating rather than acting the dance. I have a feeling this will be the lowest score of the night.

William. At least this song was a Viennese waltz. He looked a little hunched over. Probably could have stood up a little straighter. His feet looked off as well. Not smooth, jerky. Scored much too high.

Roshon. Bad romance? Seriously? I still have trouble seeing him as something other than a boy. Trying seemed off about the flicks. I preferred this over William but I'll agree with the scores.

Donald. Much better …

End of april

It is almost the end of April which means this month's 'blue' theme is almost over. The next chosen color is purple. I'm probably going to keep working on Dew Drop Fairy as there is purple in this and I'm not quite tired of the design yet. I did finish the first two pages of the design, the third page is skinnier than the first two so it shouldn't take as long

The sewing pattern I ordered was still on backorder and would possibly take up to three weeks to come. My performance is in three weeks. I called the local fabric store and thankfully they had it in stock. So I have my pattern, I cut it out and made the modifications for my length and have everything downstairs to cut the fabric tomorrow. I may make a modification to the sleeve pattern to make it more suitable for lifting my arms.

We finished the choreography for the showcase today. It ended up being a combination of waltz, cha cha, rumba, paso doble, and jive. It's not easy and I was tired by the en…

Dwts season 14 week 6 performance

I know a lot of you visiting tonight are following a re-tweet from either @dwtsgossip or @dwtsmaksimfans. I thank them for doing that. Please follow me on twitter @khascat to know when I update my blog.

Gladys. No hip action, her feet were flicking up off the floor when they don't be. Footwork looked odd and her ones were bent too much. She looked like her arms were a bit lost at times. She enjoyed it but she isn't the best dancer. I liked her dress. Way over scored.

Maria. Not fond of the hopping in the choreography. Foxtrot is usually smooth. still too straight in hold. I had trouble seeing her feet long enough to tell if she was doing the heel leads. I don't know if I would have given them 9's.

Roshon. He had hip action, at least the figure eights, and Chelsea didn't dance around him while he took two steps. Kudos for him. It was however not smooth enough for a rumba. More movement through his body would fill up the time more. He also needed to settle in his hi…

She has a face

I've added more to 'dew drop fairy'. Her upper body and hair are done. I may move on to adding the metallics on the page I'm working on next week. You can sort of see the ones I've already added sparking on the wings on the left.

In terms of my dancing, rumba and paso sections are mostly choreographed for the showcase. Also, my pattern hasn't shipped yet though I ordered it a week and a half ago and the company said they usually ship next business day. It hasn't been charged to my credit card though. I find it a bit odd.

Dwts season 14 week 5 performance

I love Santana. That reminds me I need to put some more of his music back on my phone... Just a note, like the quickstep, I've never danced argentine tango, but I know what it's supposed to look like.

Jaleel. Little hoppy with his voltes but he had more hip action then I usually see fun a make celebrity. Kym's outfit is interesting. I'll agree with the scores so far.

Melissa. Her arms looked a little dead and like she was slipping on the floor a bit. She was trying, she didn't mess up the steps but it looked a little off. The dress is interesting, but I've prefer to wear Kym's. I'll agree with the scores.

Maria. Why is she dressed like brazilian samba but dancing salsa. Her laugh is still annoying. Salsa is not hard and she was doing basic steps with tricks. She could've used more hip movement, no rounding as she changed direction, just to the side if that. Hard to tell from my angle. It just looked odd to me. Scored too high.

Katherine. Clean, int…

Another change and lots of pictures

I'm giving up on insanity until I get a new piece of fabric. Luckily I found a piece of 18 ct large enough to fit it without having to splice two pieces.

Since I have to get the fabric, I figured I'd look at the charts and kits on the site and I found this.

It goes on my list of, I'm definitely buying this list along with the other there John Clayton dancer series I have yet to get. Cheaper to buy it directly from England myself. I'll probably buy these within the next month or so. Ordered the fabric today along with the following HEAD charts that were on clearance.

This is the piece I'm working on now, 'Dew Drop Fairy'. It also fits with the blue theme. On the top is where I was when I picked it back up, bottom is where I am now.

Mainly worked on the leaves above her head. I was going to work on TW's Romeo and Juliet, but the working copy of the page I was on was not with the rest of the kit. I have an inkling of where it is, but I didn't feel lik…

Dwts season 14 week 4 performance

Rock week. Prepare sure lots of leather, chains, eyeliner, tango and paso doble. I know some Viennese waltzes that would fit but I'd be surprised if we see one. And if they use a song by Adam Lambert I well cringe. The singers botched the last one horribly.

Sherri. She looked tentative with her steps. Maybe it was the boots. I have a similar pair, but higher heel, but can't dance comfortably due to lack of flexibility in the ankle. Seemed like they walked through it, not much was sharp. Most emotion seemed to be in the table. Val looked good. Sherri's top kept her contained. I agree with scores.

Katherine. I like how they did her make up. Not bad but a little too much time with the 'skirt'. The shoes may have been a factor like Sherri. Can I have the outfit? I'll agree with the scores.

Jaleel. He had the heel leads and his frame seemed to stay put, but his butt looked like it was sticking out a not. Better tango than Sherri. I agree with lack of aggression, bu…

some updates

I know I usually do my updates Sunday but I wanted a little spacing between these types of updates and my weekly posting of DWTS opinions.

Well, I managed to only get 3 rows done on 'insanity' this week. I wasn't expecting much and it's not enough to take a picture of. It took me almost two hours to do the first row, granted I was distracted slightly by TV. Upon nearly completing the next row, I realized I had gone down several stitches as 2x1 and had to redo them. Not easy with the stitch size and amount of thread already on the back. I had time during the week to work on it more given I was home sick from work, but I wasn't able to give it the amount of concentration it would need. I tried to but managed to only find I had messed up on the last stitch, another 2x1 but the other way then some conflict with the blends that I didn't want to deal with. Oh well. This piece is going to take me a long time even if I didn't screw up. I'm very tempted to scrap…

Dwts season 14 week 3 performance

Jack. Samba, oh boy. One of the hardest dances to get right technically. What's with the odd color choices for this couple? He had a little bounce on a very sort section. No hip action (what were you looking at Len?), hunched over, looked strange overall. I predict over inflated scores. And I was right.

Maria. It wasn't too bad technically but the steps she took looked flat. She didn't have much time to use her arms as Derek had her in hold almost the entire time. It was more steps then I'm used to seeing in a rumba on the show by a female celeb. Too high of scores once again.

Gladys. Song is more an American rumba than a foxtrot but they only follow international Latin on the show. I'm not seeing heal leads. It was smooth like the foxtrot should be but a bit underwhelming. I like the dress, reminds me a bit of my dress. I think they were judging on something other than her dance.

Roshon. Not bad but I could pick on improper technique with this dance all day. Song…

A change of projects

First off, I reached 1000 views on my big. Not bad for just three months. Now when I was stitching on 'cats...' on Thursday, it wasn't really holding my interest. I figured it would happen eventually, the style doesn't fit with most of my projects. So up comes 'stitchers hangout' monthly theme SAL of 'blue.' First thing that came to mind was GK's 'mountain landscape with a castle'. The first route of pages are mainly blue sky. I took this picture before I started working on it again.

This is 17 rows of 52 stitches on the first page. Below, is a picture of the fabric I'm stitching on.

You can barely see the section I've done. I estimate the back is 1/8" thick with thread. I have to use size 5 embroidery needles and an adhesive leather thimble pad to push it through. I estimated a while ago that at the rate I can stitch on this piece even if I work on it 24/7 it will still take me over a year. I have a feeling it's closer to …