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Why doesn't my camera like purples?

I started my HAED. 14 rows so far and the picture doesn't do it justice.

My boyfriend's hat kind of fell to the wayside. I did everything up until the last increase round. I'll get back to it soon.

I spent money on stash this week. I bought 25 ct fabric for future HAED's as I know I'll need it. I also bought a 500g cone of black. It's approximately 264 skeins. I think it'll last me a while. Also picked up this chart and charms pack.

And Herrschner's is sending me extra yarn to finish the coasters. They shipped it to my parent's place  though...

So close to a finish

But the kit for the dragon coasters didn't provide enough thread for the colors needed to overcast the dragons.

The castle is put together, but I ran out of the blue. And I had 3 full lengths of the gray left for the dragons, but each will take at least an entire length. I emailed Herrschners to see if they could send me the missing yarn.

In the meantime I've started crocheting a hat for my boyfriend and kitted up a HAED for their Challenge #4, Alternative Reality.


I continued to work on the dragon coaster set this week.

But now for the reason for the title of this post. I love HAED patterns, even though I've yet to actually complete one. But that's lack of time and wanting to do other things. I digress. I have over 800 patterns on my wishlist. I ended up down to 21 after much debating. First pass through I still had over 80... So this is what I ended up with:

No idea when I'll find time to stitch all of these...

Different projects

So I started to make the other owl pillow. Managed to get one side done after modifying the ears slightly. But doing plain rows was getting annoying to me.

So I switched to plastic canvas coasters.

And since I have a code for 20% off a HAED purchase, I need to figure out what patterns of my 800+ wishlist I want. Oh boy.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Today is the start of a new year of craft projects. And I already have my first finish.

A round crochet owl pillow. Isn't he cute? Not too happy he took up nearly 3/4 of a bag of fiberfill to stuff him though...

Currently working on the square sibling. May buy a pillow form and stuff around that.