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Dwts season 14 cast opinions

My pre-season opinions of the new cast.

1. Sherrie Shepard & Val Chmerkovskiy. Sherrie's well known from the view. She's been coming to the studio events the last two times and knows her partner prior to jumping into rehearsals. I believe she should be able to entertain the crowd with her dances even if she doesn't end up being the best dancer.

2. Melissa Gilbert & Maks Chmerkovskiy. I personally don't know her, maybe I do but right now I can't recall anything I've seen her in previously. Other people know who she is though which helps with fan base. Her apparent back injury/surgery (from the blurb I read) may prove a hindering point though. I love Makes and hope they go far.

3. Jaleel White & Kym Johnson. Urkel! Way too long since I watched that show. The character he played is iconic so fan base is there. I hope he has some dance ability, but like Sherrie, I believe he'll entertain the crowd.

4. Martina Navratilova & Tony Dovolani. I don&…

Frederick's finished

Tada! He's done. Now I have to figure out which one I'm working on next. But first, back to that dress, which is wearable and Srdjan approved with no changes. Yay!

Frederick's almost done

The cross-stitching on Frederick is finished! All that's left now is the backstitching. That shouldn't take me too long. As this project is nearing an end, any suggestions as to which WIP I should work on next? Also, when does a WIP become a UFO?

I managed to get all four sides of the fringe sewn on my dress. Tomorrow will be spent hand stitching the strands that didn't secure themselves under the needle and the top of the sides to try and get them even. May need to add extra loose fringe on one side to get them to look the same.

As the new season of Dancing with the Stars will start soon (cast announced Tuesday) I will be blogging my opinion on cast, dresses, dancing, and the drama that will most certainly prevail throughout the season. The performance shows should go up that night, but as I'm dancing myself Tuesday when the results show is on, I'll post that Wednesday when I manage to watch the show.

Almost there

Frederick is stitched, even if the whole design has yet to be completed. Have to finish the books and bottom shelf. Then off to the back stitching. I've also included a picture of Onyx, my little black fuzzball who happened to be laying at my feet while working tonight.

As for the dress, I've taken it off my dress form and have started to sew the cut ends. This is giving me trouble. First I've been evening out the fringe. Then I cut it, then I have to take those cut ends, held together buy just one flimsy strand of thread which will unravel if pulled, and arrange it under the already stitched down part. I've done the front and back, which were even on both ends. Now I'm working on the sides. One which is going short to long, and the other long to short. And somehow I have to get them to look even. *sigh* I did order the stones I need for it today.

I probably should update you on my actual dancing. We have choreography for foxtrot and Viennese waltz. Yay! I have ab…

Getting there

I have attached the fringe. Didn't expect it to drape down the dress like that did you? Also, you can see the back of the dress isn't nearly as puckering around the zipper as it was in my previous photos. I probably should have fixed that before adding the fringe but alas. It worked out in the end. Below are the pictures of how I'm going to drape the fringe. I was playing around with it today and did remove some of the interstitial string that you see but overall I'm still playing around with it.

Then there's Frederick. I have finished page 3/4 as seen below.

Onto the fringe!

Well, here's the dress so far. Back isn't as smooth as I would like, but it's not really going to be seen once I put all the fringe on. There are other little flubs but as it's not meant to be stared as closely, it should be fine. But I've decided to redo the zipper anyway after starting to attach the fringe. I just don't like how it looks, and I want the back to be tighter, easiest way to do this is take it in at the back seam.

Odd scan

Upon starting page 3/4 of Frederick, I noticed something odd. Somehow my working scan overlapped two lines. You can see the original on the right and the scan on the right. So that was a bit of an oddity

I spent most of the week finishing the top shelf, as it was straight lines across the entire width of the piece, it was kind of boring. But you can start to see another bird joining Frederick, the fish and the owl.