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Afghan complete

I finished the afghan, just in time for the weather to be in the 60s and 70s here. Hehe.

I didn't know what to work on next so I rolled a (digital) 3 sided die, it landed on other, so latch hook it is.

I also bought a new pattern because it was clearance.

And if you've gotten this far, congratulations, you get to meet Clyde, my parents new kitty.

He's adjusting, still skittish if you walk near him (does better when you're low to the ground), but loves to be petted. Skinny little black cat with pale orange eyes who can really jump.

Getting closer

I just have a few more rows to do before I get to the border. So close.

I'm already thinking of my next project, not sure if it will be crochet or cross-stitch. Or maybe I'll do a latch hook for a change. I know there's another HAED challenge starting in August, so may go back to Alternative Reality.

Although I'm currently in the middle of a resume overhaul as my current one is not doing me any favors. Also working on my LinkedIn profile. Hunting for a job is hard.


I've finished with the middle panel and have reached the halfway mark on the afghan.

I also picked up work for 1 day a week and decided to treat myself to two Character Creation charts from Ebay.

New things

So I've started working on the Aran Hearts Afghan for the wedding present in September. Probably best I started this early because I keep dropping stitches. Got through the entire popcorn section and half of the 2nd arrows when I realized I had dropped 2 after the first arrow section.

Say hello to my new floss organization system. I had outgrown my old one of snack bags on rings (I'll still keep those for projects rather than my master set) and got the cabinets this weekend. Ran out of labels so I had to stop on that part of the project. Boyfriend is currently sorting the floss I had in plastic bags. The cabinets are a bit wobbly at the moment, but he'll probably make me a frame we can anchor them to.

On another note, I've started contributing articles to

Lazy daisies aren't lazy

It's complete. There were a lot of lazy daisies.

Now to pick something that isn't green.