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Ah, normal finishing time

1 week is much more normal for me to finish an afghan. Love how quick my crochet is.

And Clyde in a box top.

That took too long

Finally finished. I don't think there are any major mess ups in the pattern. So I can now declare myself an intermediate knitter. At least in terms of following a pattern. Don't have cast-ons memorized yet, but that's what google's for.

Now back to my crochet to get something done in a reasonable amount of time.

And back in my apartment now that my bathroom is done. Yay!

So close

First, it's folded because it's too long to really get a good photo of. Second, I'm finally on the last repeat of the pattern. I have that, a partial, and then 18 rows of seed stitch and I'm done with this. Back to my crochet for a while.

Clyde was my valentine, but he kept running from me...

Past the mid point

Over 50% done and onto the third ball of yarn. Yay! I've kind of figured out why this is taking so long, it's the equivalent of doing a blanket in single crochet. Knitting has not way (that I've seen so far) of adding height to stitches to make it go faster.

Random photos of Clyde who has decided he doesn't like my bed after the two days he slept with me.

And I don't know why, but I bought 3 material packs from HAED because they had a sale... Soul Mate, SSMC It's only forever, and a last minute impulse because it got added, Secret Carousel MC.
Not that I have a plan to do much cross-stitching this year on top of the who knows how many I have in progress/kitted....