Monday, October 28, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 7

Elizabeth. When they first took hold and before they really started I feel as if she was leaving over forward. It felt a bit frantic but it may have been set up like that to give them a reason for it not bring as tight in hold. I'll give them the scores. 

Brant. Clean, but needs work on his kicks and flicks. But it seemed to have the same timing throughout. I didn't see many 'and' steps. Little too high for me.

Leah. She tried but she got off time and a bit lost at times. Her spins seemed slightly off balance. Too high.

Can I have Sharna's dress she was wearing for the Quickstep with Gleb?

Jack. The usual critiques, flicks and kicks need to be better. The rhythm was more varied them Brant's. I actually saw triple steps. Too high.

Amber. Not bad. I felt like she had her skirt too much when she wasn't in hold.  Derek may have been forcing her into place during the in hold parts. Too high.

Bill. I feel like he was stiff. He looked like he was bending over slightly during most of the dance. Don't know if it deserved 8s.

Snooki. She looked timid and tentative during the samba sections. The bounce was kinda off. She went in and out of the dance in terms of comfort level. Too high.

Corbin. Interesting. I liked parts of it but others not so much. the parts that were cha cha were sharp and clean. But the song was a bit odd for a cha cha. Also saw a fair bit of samba moves. I think I agree more with Len in the scores. 

Team dances.

Spooky Bom Bom. Some of the individual parts looked almost like an after thought. Interesting concept though.

Foxing Awesome. That is one of the stupidest songs I've ever heard. I just couldn't get into it. I don't know if I can give it a prefect score but it was better, technically, than the other team. But they had the majority of the good dancers.

I would have thought Bill would be going home not Snooki.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NaNoWriMo eek!

And I'm back to a Saturday update! Let's see how long that lasts. I have two mid-terms this week. One test is Monday. The other is to have five pages of a website done and have them link together. And that needs to be ready for class on Thursday so we can critique them.
Anyway, I finished the back to the sweater.
And got fairly far on the left side.
But will have to take a short break to work on a baby blanket that needs to be done by next weekend.

Onyx looking cute but getting hair on my sheets rather than my comforter.

And now for the content dealing with the title of this post. NaNoWriMo starts on Friday. And I don't have a plot! Rather I have too many plots or inklings of ideas, none of which have a definitive ending or are fleshed out very much.

Plot #1: Gotten from a 7th Sanctum generator:
This story starts in a military outpost on a prairie world where magic is part of everyday life. In it, a dungeon delver with demonic blood gets a job with a drunken gladiator. What starts as carnal interest quickly becomes obsessive love.
I've decided to modify this plot a bit. It will no longer be purely a prairie world. The dungeon in question will have been created by a demon and will be set up kind of like Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken land. The half-demon delver is female, the gladiator male.

Plot #2: Takes place in a Victorian-era-ish city where prostitution is legal. Rebels are plotting to overthrow the corrupt government. One has managed to infiltrate the 'club' house but has not been able to get any info to help the cause. Until he sees Evangeline stay for a meeting. Evangeline is considered the best prostitute in the business, and therefore one of the highest paid. Our spy takes a new approach.
I have the beginning in my head up until she agrees to help but after that I'm drawing a blank.

Plot #3: A young girl, Clarice, grows up in the castle as her parents are both servants there. She's the same age as the bratty princess. Everyone loves Clarice except the princess and her father, the crown prince. Eventually the old king dies, and the princess' father takes over. The kingdom goes to ruin and there's rumors of people trying to usurp the throne from the horrible king. There's a legend in the kingdom that the large pearl that sits above the throne is magical and upon the right 'key' being used, will open and help save the kingdom.
Clarice opens it, the pearl becoming a young wizard. Some backtalk ensues and the bratty princess having enough banishes Clarice to the dungeon. The 'pearl' rescues her.
Yeah... Don't know where this one is going.

Plot #4: This one takes place in a hot, arid land populated with a mercenary race. The crown princess and sole heir to the throne is rebellious. The king finally hires a bodyguard to watch her. This bodyguard is mute. He does his job well. Despite her initial annoyance and distaste for her new bodyguard, eventually she falls in love with him.
Eventually her father holds a tournament/challenge to determine the next king. She's not happy. The challenges are inconclusive as no one man wins the majority of the tests. The princess proposes one last one and has it open to all who wish to try again.

Plot #5: Twin sisters who are total opposites. One is Hollywood's golden child. Top model and starting to break into film. The other has always been in the shadows.
Hollywood sister gets the other one a job on set. The male co-star ends up taking a liking to the 'shadow' rather than the 'light'.

Plot #6: Takes place in a future world where the laws are very strictly enforced. If you break one, even a minor one, you are automatically taken away and never heard from again. Someone decides to break a rule on purpose, to see behind the curtain, and find their lover who was wrongly accused.

Help? Suggestions? Comments?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 6

Love the opening. 

Bill. The song is a swing, not a Tango. Nothing even resembling a Tango. That being said, it wasn't a bad Tango but it felt like he had one tempo for the steps instead of quick and slow steps. Little high for me.

Elizabeth. There wasn't too much actual cha cha. Lots of spins and Val dancing. Her knees could have been straighter at times. It was well executed otherwise. I'll give it to them but not quite perfect for me.

Leah. It was a slower Quickstep. It was underwhelming for me. She held her frame pretty nicely. Too high for me.

Brant. Interesting dress. Sharp and intense with decent footwork. Little bobble at the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. She had the bounce to a better degree than most bit other parts needed more work. The middle section was not samba. Footwork was messy. Not 10 material.

Jack. He tried, but hips were not forward enough and the flinging of his arm did not make it feel strong. Feet looked flubbed near the beginning. I think the scores are a tad too high for me.

Snooki. cute but a little too bouncy for my taste when out of hold. I'll give it to them but too high for me.

Corbin. I want to do a show dance to this song. Or the theme to Sherlock. Interesting choreography. A little low for me but I understand the reason why.

Switch up challenge. Or as I call it, social dancing with the stars. Interesting challenge. I like it but would have liked a bit more actual ballroom steps from the first group. I don't know if I agree with the order for the second group. I like Emma's dress.

No elimination this week? Well the technical flub is a good reason.


I skipped a week. I know. I knew I was late last week because I was trying to finish the sweater. I did that on Tuesday but figured I'd wait until the weekend to post the update. I had completely forgotten I was going to be busy all day Saturday with rehearsal for the benefit concert for my old summer theater program which has been dark for 10 years. Then I ended up needing Sunday to recover and therefore only took pictures today. Eek.
Anyway. Here's the purple circular sweater.

And my next crochet project, another sweater. Well, cardigan.
It's a cable 'knit-look' cardigan. This is the back, I also have two front panels, sleeves and buttons. I did make a modification to the pattern as the Fpdc were too short and were pulling the middle, worse than the bottom row currently looks.. I should probably get another ball of yarn. Or two. I may make the sleeves longer.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 5

No stairs again this time. Wonder if they're ever going back to them.

Christina. Her knees were too bent. In back breaks the knees should not be bent unless you're doing American rhythm, which they're not. Some of the choreography I didn't care for. I don't think of it was worth a 10.

Jack. Not bad. The rise and fall could have been more fluid. It looked like he just feel into the down. I'll give them the scores but think it should be a bit lower. I feel tonight's am over scored night.

Leah. Strangely I think the part I'll remember best is the crew taking away the chair. It just wasn't that memorable. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Corbin. I liked the choreography but the Ryder abs fall was a bit jerky. Maybe it was the speed. Why did they put him in tails for a smooth foxtrot? Tails is a standard thing. I'll agree with the scores.

Bill. He was leaning forward too much. He kept up with the footwork for the most part but it was a slow Viennese. A little high but this is one of the simplest dances.

Snooki. I feel like it was simple but energetic. It was more side by side except for the lifts. I think it was scored a bit too high.

Brant. It was ok. I felt there was a disjoint between the choreography and the song. A little high for me.

Amber. What the heck? that was not anywhere close to a foxtrot song. It was more a hustle. The only foxtrotty part was in hold and even then it was rushed. I agree with Len's score. Don't know what the other two are doing.

Elizabeth. She kept up. Kicks and flicks could be sharper. A few other tiny little things felt a bit off to me. I'll agree with the scores.

Christina going home is a bit of a shocker.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dwts season 17: week 4

The Stars did less than usual in the opening. And that was the splashiest judges intro ever.

Jack. I felt like his butt was sticking out a bit. feet and frame could be better. Cheryl's dresses have been a bit odd this season. Tad high in the scores.

Elizabeth. The closed hold is a little too loose compared to what I've been seeing at my dance socials lately. Still one of the styles I don't really know technically. I liked it. I'll agree with the scores.

Brant. Why is Peta's dress so low on the hips? All shaking came from his upper body. He barely moved during most of the dance. His lack of hip movement made his basic look odd. I still think they overscored him but this week is a little better in the scores reflecting what he did.. 

Valerie. I know she's trying but she got lost a bit, not add much as the cha cha and she was severely off balance. I'll give them the scores.

Leah. Careful, not full out, and her knees were bent nearly the entire time. It wasn't as sharp as cha cha should be with the leg action. Ok, but maybe a bit high.

Corbin. It was danced well but something felt off to me. The hips maybe? I'll give it to them.

Snooki. The way she just picked up her knees with no other movement looked odd. The kicks and flicks need worked. Felt a little lindy at times rather than jive. A bit high.

Christina. Footwork looked a bit hesitant and part of marks choreography was not very foxtrot-y. There wasn't too much in hold. Overall I think it's too high, but based in the night I may give them the scores.

Amber. Pretty good. She looked top straight for Tango. The song was odd for a Tango.  I'm still undecided on whether that was worth the scores.

Bill. Um... Were those supposed to be voltes at the end? At least Emma didn't dance around him like some other routines we saw tonight. I don't know if it was that good or if it should tie with Valerie.

Person going home is Valerie. Which is probably for the best.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

New project

I stuck with crochet for the week mainly. I tried on Thursday to work on a muslin for a new dress but I was just too brain dead. I did make several more of those round pieces for the afghan and am now up to 15. But then I saw a really cool pattern and had to start it. I have two sleeves done and am working on one side right now.

The second picture is a better represenation of the color. For some reason my phone doesn't like the color purple much.