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More colors!

I have color other than gray and yellow! I don't think I'd ever be happy to stitch green. Oddly, I think Insanity it next up in my rotation.

Here's some stash I got, still more on it's way, the holiday delayed some packages.

And I went to the Yankee game on Memorial Day. They lost, but I don't think this photo is so bad. I did get a tad burnt though.

Halfway through page 1

Making progress on this piece.

And Clyde is completely healed from Christmas. First time he's been able to get up here since hurting himself.

Also bought more stuff on Ebay. Pics coming next week of stash.

DWTS Season 26: Week 4 finale

Finale. Two dances including freestyle. This went quick.

Tonya. I felt she was a bit loose and off balance in her turns. Very simple choreography. Way too high.

Josh. Not his best dance. He went through too many steps flat footed and the knees bent looked like he should've been doing tango. Way too high.

Adam. Best dance of the round. Cute, entertaining, and acrobatic. I agree with the scores.

Freestyle round!

Tonya. The leaps were a bit weak at the beginning, but credit for being flipped like that. Too high especially given what I think is coming up.

Josh. Powerful. Better than the first dance. A little high but i'll give him the scores.

Adam. Beginning was a little slow but the whole dance was definitely Adam. I'm really surprised they didn't do 10's but I felt it would've gone over better on SYTYCD.

Best part of the final dance number was the pro part at the beginning.

The winner is Adam. I agree with these results.

Lots of gray

I'm happy when I get to do some light yellow, but mostly stone gray. At least I have a lamp.

Also bought a few things, including 5 ornaments not pictured.

I still haven't been able to get into a posting rhythm...

DWTS Season 26: Week 3

Lots of former contestants are back tonight. Some were better than others.
They really slowed down that opening song.

Mirai. Not bad but I think Alan was pulling her around the floor at times. My focus was pulled to the pros at the opening. Hip contact wasn't maintained. Little high for me.

Meryl. Good, but not quite what I remember as her standard.

Jennie. A bit hiccupy during the basic steps. Other times it felt stepping through it rather than dancing. Bit high.

Nadia. Interesting routine.

Chris. It looked more Quickstep than foxtrot. He was ahead at the beginning and it was just too frantic. Way too high.

Von still can't dance.

Tonya. Step, pose. Step, trick. I didn't know that was a rumba until the banner came up. I think I saw heel leads and barely any hips in the one actual rumba step. Way too high.

Adam. That was good. I agree with the scores.

Josh. I liked it. I agree with the scores.

Ballroom battle round.

Jennie VS Tonya. Tough decision. Both were not very good. I…

I knit a hat

My first knitted item. It even fits. I kind of jumped in.

And here it is in progress on double point needles. Those were a challenge at first.

Onto my next in my rotation, which apparently hadn't been started yet. This is Stroke of Midnight by Teresa Wentlzer.

And I had a visitor on my car one night after work. Stubborn bird stayed on my roof as I pulled away. It then sat on my trunk a moment before it hopped off.

DWTS Season 26: Week 2

Week 2, two dances including the team dance.

Josh. He had the character. But the posture was more lean back with upper body rather than forward with the hips. A little high but i'll give him the scores.

Jennie. She reminded me of a dressage horse. She kept picking her knees up to move like she was prancing. She never straightened her legs. Too high.

Kareem. Once again, he barely moved. And no hips. Way too high.

Chris. Not bad but he seemed to be looking up which caused his neck to look short and I think he could've tucked his butt under better. Performance and steps were good. Not a 9, I'd give 7s and 8s.

Tonya. What was with the bear? It was upbeat but almost felt too bright. Too high.

Mirai. That song does not scream foxtrot to me. It was danced well. I want the shoes. I agree with the scores.

Arike. She stood still too much and seemed way too careful when she moved. Too high.

Adam. Very good. Quick and sharp. I agree with the scores.

Team dance round.

Team 50s tennis. …

Page finish

Page finish. I am done with the brown tree (for now).

Last 4 rows were annoying because my bulb died and my back up was a dark yellow. This photo was taken under it's light.

I also started trying to knit a hat. I've already started over once. First time through I kept doing 2 knits or purls in a row. Then I realized I was wrapping my yarn wrong for the knit stitch. Hopefully I've corrected that.

My ebay haul. Still waiting on 2 patterns and I also ordered some sewing patterns.

And here's Clyde enjoying a box today.

DWTS Season 26: Week 1

And we're back with a 4 week athletes only edition.

Chris. Points for the open shirt and lifts but the basic salsa was a bit flat and almost nonexistent. Smoke obscured his feet too much at the beginning. I'll give the scores to him. For now.

Kareem. He barely moved. Too high.

Jennie. Not bad. A little hoppy and her frame needs work. A bit freeze and smile then move. I'll give her the scores.

Jamie. Too upright and tight. And that song is usually a foxtrot...

Mirai. I didn't see any hips during the basics... Tricks were good. A little high.

Arike. More hip hop than salsa. Wasn't great footwork or hips. Too high.

Adam. Sharp and clean. Best so far. I agree with the scores.

Johnny. Hoppy and game wasn't good. He looked down at her too much in hold. Stayed too high. Too high.

Tonya. Got less stiff as she went through the dance. Not bad. Too high. Not as good as Adam.

Josh. I liked it but there wasn't much cha cha and his feet were sloppy. I'll give him the…